Career in Management - 10 Leadership: Can I (already) boss?

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Sometimes it comes faster than imagined, the chance for the first leadership job. But many a candidate would do well not to have thought without thinking. For those who have not yet done so far and fail, are more likely to harm their careers than to give them impetus.

Management careers - leadership or not

Here writes for you:

Mario Neumann Mario NeumannMario Neumann worked for Hewlett Packard for 15 years and today advises companies such as SAP and Microsoft.


From the author:



Caution: treacherous guide

Of course, the new challenge lures. Last but not least, there are greater opportunities for design, exciting new areas of responsibility and, not to forget, a higher salary. Nevertheless, the guide patch is treacherous and who slips, takes a long time to get back on its feet.

Young management talents in particular should be honest with themselves here: “Am I actually ready? In addition to my technical skills, I also have social skills, my own Team . Do I have natural authority and do I have the balancing act between empathy and consistency with which I can lead my employees successfully?

Can you learn to be a boss?

Anyone who embarks on adventure guidance should be sure that he / she can trust it and really want it. After all, anyone who is experiencing problems with the unreliable employees at the Assessment Center, or who have too little fingertip sensitivity for the people under his direction falls through - even if all other tasks have been solved successfully. Whoever, on the other hand, rises without a selection process and makes decisive mistakes, will not get rid of the reputation of the unsuccessful.

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Can bossiness really learn? Yes, but not by the way. Representative studies and practical experience prove this. For the barely 90% of all unsuccessful executives, the technical requirements do not pose any insurmountable obstacles. Rather, it is the social competences at which they fail. According to worldwide investigations, the success of a management depends only on 50% of the professional competence. Social skills are responsible for the second half of their success or failure.

Social competency is indispensable

How to win the appreciation of employees, solve conflicts successfully, bring recognition and criticism to the woman and the man sovereign and packed unpleasant news properly - this and many other leadership skills you do not learn in the lecture hall.

In order to become an effective leadership personality, there is only one way: to develop personally and to grow on the challenges. After all, certain strengths are indispensable not only professionally, but also socially.

10 necessary leadership

  1. Presence: Can you get involved in the leadership job with conviction? Are you an open person and like being approachable? Can you actively listen?
  2. Openness: Do you appreciate hearing all the relevant opinions of others and evaluating their opinions before making a judgment or making a decision?
  3. Integrity: Are you behind your words? Are you able to represent your attitudes internally in the team, but also to the outside of colleagues and superiors?
  4. Readiness for conflict: Do you remain firm under difficult conditions to convince yourself of your opinion?
  5. Conflict resolution skills: Do you recognize goals and values ​​that lead to conflict? Are you able to overcome these conflicts and arrive at constructive solutions in employee interviews?
  6. Knowledge of human nature: Do you have a confident look for your employees and colleagues to quickly assess them and identify their respective strengths and weaknesses?
  7. Empathy: Do you already have the necessary empathy to properly understand your team and convince them of something?
  8. Fault tolerance: Are you addressing a problem when there are errors in the process? Do you also stand behind your team when it comes to mistakes and do not let anyone fall over prematurely?
  9. Loyalty: Are you committed to unconditional integrity and are always fair to your employees and colleagues?
  10. Team Competence: Are you able to actively control interactions and group dynamics processes within your team and to work efficiently with and with teams?

Please be honest!

Of course one would like to affirm all this, but in reality you should be absolutely honest with yourself. Sometimes it can be smarter to wait a few months with the ascent to gain some experience. Because whoever stumbles in the lead before he can run properly must know that the collective memory of employees, colleagues and supervisors is extremely pronounced.

Even in the first hours as a boss can decide whether one his team is sympathetic and socially competent or not. Those who are capable of engaging other people in order to work constructively with them remain capable of acting even in difficult situations. If this asset is not yet developed, conflicts and bad results are the result in the team - a hard school that costs the fun of running and can affect the career.

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