Career Opportunities and Career Opportunities for Millennials: 10 Tips for the First 10 Professional Years

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Millennials and also the next generation Z have a difficult start into the professional life. The constant growth and professional security that their parents have yet experienced are no longer valid for them. But the first years of professional life are decisive for a successful career. 10 tips on how to master them successfully.

Career Opportunities for Millennials: 10 Tips for the First 10 Professional Years Career Opportunities and Opportunities for Millennials: 10 Tips for the First 10 Professional Years

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Dan Rogers is Founder & Managing Director of Peakon in London. Previously, he worked for JP Morgan and completed an MBA at the London Business School.


Why are the first years of 10?

In the first ten years of work, the salary increases by up to 70%, the employee mobility is highest, there are most job changes and the career path finds its foundation here.

If the economy develops poorly during this period, the young workers lose many opportunities and often do not find jobs that correspond to their good education. They start their careers in smaller companies and with lower salaries than previous generations.

How do Millenials assess their career chances?

Based on this observation, we asked ourselves how millennials in Europe and the US assess their job prospects themselves and what you can do to make a successful career start possible.

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Of the German Millennials, only 24% believe that they have worse career prospects than their parents. The supposedly rather grim Germans are the optimistic Europeans. In England, 37% fear worse chances. In Spain, almost half (46%) of young adults are pessimistic - as in France.

High youth unemployment in the south of Europe trims the prospect of a good career

The Spanish economy was hit hard in the last crisis, with youth unemployment leveling 2016 at 42%. After the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, it even exceeded 50%. Our survey shows the scars of this brutal economic crisis. Nearly half of young Spaniards rate their job prospects worse than their parents.

Astonishingly, the French are just as pessimistic as the Spaniards, although unemployment among young people is almost half that in Spain - at 26%. Here, obviously, the low economic growth is crucial for the gloomy assessment. An OECD report from 2016 cites low growth in France as worrying. In an international comparison, the US with 32% lies between Germany and the UK.

Emerging markets

But there are also emerging economies in the upturn. For example, our survey data from Mexico are surprising. Young Mexicans, despite Trump, do not spoil the mood - only 19% believe that they will be worse off than their parents.

The country has recovered from the economic crisis of the early 1990s, so the bulk of the Millennials there is optimistic. The statements of the US government that the Americans would have to protect their southern border are contrary to the migration figures. There are more Mexicans returning home than leaving the country. This was the case before Trumps election victory.

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10 Tips for the first years of 10: This is how the career style for Millenials will work

  1. Diversity replaces continuity: After two or more years, millennials should ask themselves if they still have enough to learn and gain experience in their position. If not, it is time to change or negotiate with the employer a training or a new position.
  2. Lifelong learning: Diverse experiences pay off in the long term, as the working world is changing faster than before. Technologies revolutionize every conventional industry, and the expertise that has been learned in training is often quickly outdated. Therefore, lifelong learning is becoming more and more important. :
  3. Away from specialization: Especially in Germany, long specialists were in demand. While the generation of baby boomers could focus on their specialty in the long run and stay in the same company for life, the career path today is much less predictable.
  4. Set up Multidisciplinary: For the future better prepared is, who could get to know several departments. A good example is the technology for self-driving cars. The auto industry, traditionally a domain of mechanical engineers and mechanics, is being driven by software developers today. Those who gained experience in both fields are in great demand today.
  5. Get to know job requirements better: If you have identified a profession that really interests you, it is best to seek someone who already practices it. It quickly becomes clear which requirements the profession actually has in everyday life. In addition, recruiters are a good place to find out more about a job profile.
  6. Expand your skills! Be realistic about assessing knowledge gaps. What separates you from those who already occupy the desired position? Close as many of these gaps as you can by learning the skills, knowledge and qualifications you need.
  7. Keep goals in focus: Keep your focus in view despite all the possibilities and do not get bogged down in the multitude of options.
  8. Switch clever: Think about whether a change of position within your organization or a volunteer activity could bring you closer to your goal.
  9. Customize the CV: Each application is individually and just as individually your CV should be tailored to the respective spot, so that your employer in special recognizes that you fit the new job.
  10. Away from the Chronological Curriculum Vitae: Here's a simple trick that works against what we've learned about chronological CVs: highlight relevant skills and experiences on the first page of your resume and put your professional history second. This allows the prospective employer to immediately see how you can meet the job requirements.

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