Career choice and career opportunities in Germany: dream job unknown

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Career choice in Germany usually works very traditionally: children want to be what their parents or similar caregivers set an example. This overview shows that there is another way and that you can actually find your dream job - with a little courage and research.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


What is a dream job actually

Tourism, the media, art and, more recently, blogging are obviously a long-term industry for many people, but far too few people are aware of the occupations and the perspectives. Not that I think these industries are absolutely worthwhile. Rather, I am more concerned with promoting a broader discussion of career choice.

Because nowadays it is becoming more and more important to develop your own profession based on your own wishes, ideas and skills. However, the child should not be thrown out with the bathwater: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the absolute dream job in which everything is always great and exciting. Even the travel blogger in Bali does not necessarily indulge in the hoped-for bliss - if, for example, the money is missing or one has to work off the orders. But that's exactly where the hare is in the pepper: Perhaps our demands on modern career choices are simply too high?

Are our demands on the job just too high?

In fact, according to a Forsa study, 69 percent of employees feel well prepared for their job through studies and training. Three quarters feel that they are sufficiently qualified for their professional activity. The reasons are often elsewhere: Many people are so dissatisfied with their job that they would like to throw everything where it would often help to change a few little things.

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Other colleagues, other bosses, other customers, more flexible working hours, less stress, regularly going for a walk or questioning your own fears - I realize that not everything is immediately feasible, but it's easier than changing your job. And it's not so much a matter of choosing a job as working conditions - homemade and given by the employer.

Career choice: As with nuts

But also when it comes to choosing a career, which is usually made at a very young age without any life experience, a lot goes wrong: role models who explain what stages and career paths someone has had are urgently needed. Because most children and adolescents still orient themselves towards their parents when it comes to their career aspirations and their later career choices, as my colleague Svenja Hofert once remarked with irony.

“Today, the most modern parents are - at most - SAP consultants or product managers. On the other hand, nobody can discover completely new jobs because they have no name at all. The new jobs have more to do with topics, often with highly complex ones. Hardly anyone has really understood this fundamental change, with its effects on career orientation and job search (not even the online job markets). ”

New professions? Wrong!

The only problem is: Many new professions, especially those that have to do with technology, simply didn't exist in mum and dad's time. Another Forsa survey that I came across some time ago proves this thesis impressively for the tourism industry - and is just one example, as it is in many other industries.

Travel agent and flight attendant are well-known professions that already existed in Mama's time. For 82% of the 1.004 respondents, however, new professions such as aviation manager and destination manager are a blank slate and only 38 percent can imagine anything being a spa manager. In any case, the study specifically asked about the following professions:

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  • Aviation Manager: Only six percent of those questioned know very well what the job title of aviation manager or aviation manager means. At least 12 percent know the name, but not the tasks that an aviation manager takes on. The profession offers versatile career opportunities in an international work environment. Airport marketing, quality management, fleet planning and aircraft financing are just a few examples of fields of activity for airlines or airports. There are specialized courses in "Strategic Air Traffic Management" that prepare students specifically for these challenges.
  • Destination Manager: Destination Manager is also a largely unknown profession: 82 percent of the surveyed workers cannot imagine anything about it. Specializations such as "Strategic Tourism Management" train future destination managers who have exciting fields of activity: They work in management at a tour operator, plan the travel routes of cruise ships or take over the management of a club complex or a tourism association.
  • Spa Manager: Spa management is a relatively common term among employed people: 38 percent of those questioned believe they know what is behind this job profile. Spa managers work in large hotels, spas or wellness facilities and are responsible for various areas from marketing to guest care. They ensure that everyone feels completely comfortable.

New start: just change your job?

It's a shame, because how are you supposed to set professional goals when your head is no further than your parents? And that especially in an industry that is chosen less for reasons of earnings and status than for personal motivations and inclinations. In addition, the question must be asked: do we really need separate training for each activity? The answer is “no” - there are plenty of examples of people who later in life do something completely different from what they actually learned.

For example, I was told at the time that you should do what really interests you. That's why I studied a humanities subject where, from today's perspective, I would have found law more meaningful for me. But the advice outside of the usual professions (teacher, medicine, bank training) was rather poor, the digital change was not on the horizon and then you do what you think what you can. And how do you even know what suits you and what you are suitable for if you have not tried it? Therefore, I find the matter of “really interested” rather double-edged. And sometimes the appetite comes while eating. Although I'm doing something similar to what I had in mind back then, the design is very different.

A problem of measuring competence

There is only one problem with such individual career paths: that of measuring skills. Because, of course, everything in Germany has so far worked extremely well with training and further education and that's why it will not change so quickly - even if that would be urgently advised, because the world is turning faster than our educational system is changing.

Because the fundamental question is about the competence assessment - how are the poor supposed to be HR and employers realize what someone can do when people are constantly changing jobs and cannot produce the appropriate certificates? Attention irony! At a Expert round with the veteran union Ursula Engelen-Kefer and ladies and gentlemen from BIBB and Bitkom I discussed this a few years ago and there are actually research approaches, so-called large-scale assessments, in which the actual skills are put to the test. But there is still a long way to go before this is actually implemented and there is nothing left than to feel your way through the trial and error process. Let's do it!

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An overview of new job profiles: Get rid of the clichés

But how can you actively contribute to improving your career choice? Present, show and talk about new job descriptions and career paths. Like Ellen from Elmastudio, for example, who not only made the design template for this blog, but also helped me out of many design problems with many excellent tutorials in her blog, now in a video podcast numerous questions about blogging and WordPress answered. In this podcast article she explains what is important in the job and talks about the personal training sewing box.

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And then there are the berlin episodes that the production studio 2470media produced in collaboration with TAZ. Extraordinary professional and life images in Berlin are presented in slideshow form. Really a great idea that I would like to present here. And it shows that it is time to dispel common role stereotypes and false job role models. All examples show: the road to your dream job may be hard and rocky, but it is worth following your own ideas and creating your very own, personal professional profile.

The blind educator

The story starts with the blind educator Silja Korn, who was born 1966 in Berlin and from a young age a strong visual impairment.

With 12 she loses sight of a car accident. After the school for the blind, she completes a training as an educator and fights as the first blind the state recognition. Korn works today as a speech educator in a day-care center in Berlin Tempelhof.

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The country singer

Coming to the popular Art and Music Department: Laura Bean is born 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky. She and her three sisters grow up in a family of musicians. Early on the grandfather teaches her to play the piano. She studies geography and geology.

2003 goes to Heidelberg. An exchange semester is planned, it will be a permanent residence. 2007 moves her to Berlin and starts with street music. Later she plays with the Runaway Brides for a while. When not making music in pubs, she works on the record she wants to bring out, or arranges concerts with her new band.

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The politician

And finally a rather unpopular job: Hauke ​​Stiewe is born 1971 in Bremen. After school, he works for a year and a half as a deckhand on a barge. 1990 he goes to Berlin.

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He is involved in the squatter scene, runs pubs and clubs. In the mid-90s, he founded the first small party. He is the owner of the “Lovelite” club in Friedrichshain and deputy chairman of the mountain party. Stiewe is one of the people who invented the “water battle” taking place on the Oberbaum Bridge between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

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