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Many young people base their career choice on role models - mostly on the parents, but also on celebrities. That doesn't make sense, because the job opportunities of the future look very different

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb.


Why are they oriented at all on models?

The ideal is that especially young people choose their profession according to their personal abilities. In reality, a number of studies show that this is not the case - much more is looked after as role models in one's own family or - as a substitute - for celebrities.

It is also logical: Hardly anyone can estimate at the age, in which he is to decide for a training, which job he wants to do all his life. Since one is inevitably oriented on what one already knows.

The facts

Several studies, for example from the German Institute for Economic Research, the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy or data from the PISA study, show that parents make a major contribution to the career choices of their children.

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But also the media and the internet are important - for example, the young people want to become a doctor like Dr. Do house or "something with media".

Who only trots after the herd ...

The well-known saying that I do not have to reproduce completely here is also and especially for the career choice as a foundation for the later life path.

For those who have only known in sight, lose sight of the unimagined possibilities still exist. And the studies also show that the young people would like to be able to pick the right out of the immeasurable mass of training courses.

Lifelong learning

It's just a shame that most parents and teachers primarily have “safe” 9-5 jobs in mind, of which there will be fewer and fewer in the future, instead of specifically promoting new ideas.

Much more should help the young people to lay a secure foundation on which they can then build more experience - keyword lifelong learning.

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The training is just the beginning

Because that's where the journey will go: No longer is training required for one, a lifelong job or even a career in one Company .

On the other hand, the aspect of lifelong learning, for which a good education can be the starting point, is becoming more and more important - according to the motto: First of all, lay a good foundation, then later you can do whatever you want.

Descending from the dead horse?

Because successful career changes and career changes are almost always possible and more meaningful today than ever - even if the path is not always easy.

Again and again one reads about these more or less prominent examples of people who get out of their previous jobs and do something completely new. Or who, after successfully completing their studies, can enter a non-specialist industry. The following applies: The fact that so many others have made it gives many courage to change hands themselves.

Panel discussion on the topic of career changers

But who wants to do that, should pay attention to a few things. I recently discussed this on a podium at the ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin.

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Because of a lack of knowledge of the industry and because they are said to be volatile, such applicants are gladly sorted out. They can offer companies a lot: New approaches, for example, that drive innovation, or urgently needed language skills and intercultural competence.

Diversity management

Larger companies and consultants in particular rely on sophisticated diversity management when selecting their employees. But the IT industry is also permeable for people who have the appropriate skills instead of a relevant degree, because here the technical development is progressing faster than appropriate training is created.

Nevertheless, newcomers to crossbreeding, especially in Germany, often have to make a double effort to show that they really mean it. They need to know what they want, and convincingly represent it. Earlier gathering of practical experience and good contacts are very important - as well as additional qualifications.

Further education and postgraduate studies

The acquisition of the necessary specialist knowledge can help in further education. In the meantime, there are increased degrees in economics studies, which can be used to supplement a course of studies in the humanities.

It is precisely this interdisciplinary network that Gianna Reich deals with on her blog “Geisteswirtschaft” and advises career changers: “Get out of the comfort zone!” In the end, it is about convincing employers why you are not only somehow suitable, but simply the best candidate for the job. "It only works if you put yourself in the best possible starting position," she explains.

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Universities soon superfluous?

At this point you can also ask the question: will classic education soon be superfluous and will it be replaced by self-taught learning? Do we still need universities or should we not develop new, more flexible and self-taught educational methods in the course of the rapidly changing technical development.

Because technical development is progressing so quickly that universities are hardly able to keep up with the creation of degree programs. Do we still need educational institutions or are they far from antiquated? The topic has already sparked heated discussions among the comments in the world article and on various social media.

In IT, it almost does not matter if you have studied

Follow the headhunter Dr. Ole von Mensching, in industries like IT it doesn't really matter whether you study or not. With his personnel consultancy Careerteam, he is looking for IT specialists for companies and finds:

"Many employers are not looking for university graduates at all, but specialists with practical experience." Applicants should therefore “be clever, open up content themselves, learn missing knowledge self-taught and thus establish themselves as experts.”

Self-responsible learning in the social network

Likewise Dr. Anja Wagner is convinced of self-taught education: “We acquire 20 percent of our knowledge in exchange with other people, and only 10 percent we develop in educational institutions. But learning by doing makes up 70 percent of the personal experience - because it is fun and has to do with one's own living environment. ”

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Wagner therefore founded the social learning platform ununi.TV and explains: “Independent learning takes place much more today in the personal network or in online communities. This way you can collect your individual know-how step by step. ”

Proof to employers?

It is understandable that the one who learns best, who follows his interests, is understandable - but what about the proof against employers? Although blogs, social media or even the Klout score give an impression of an applicant's abilities - at least in self-marketing - they are difficult to replace.

Because there are still no reliable methods for measuring competence, known in the specialist jargon as large-scale assessments. This is currently being worked on at the Federal Institute for Vocational Training. Until you get there, autodidacts have at least the problem of proving their knowledge, so whether and when autodidactic learning will ever be as important as studying is still unclear. We will probably need universities for a while longer.

What are the working models of the future?

But what you should always have in mind are new forms of work. The key question is: are new working models better or worse? And what has to change so that we can work more efficiently and better in the future?

The Swedes have shown it again: Here, working hours were recently reduced from eight to six hours with the same pay, while in Germany employers still struggle with part-time solutions and flexible working models. But a lot works, you just have to do it.

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Jobsharing: The transfer is important

Job sharing, for example: Ursula Wischgoll and Isabel Stöckl have been sharing the press and public relations work of Berchtesgadener Land Tourismus GmbH for eight years. Wischgoll convinced her boss at the time by referring to advantages such as dual competencies and permanent representation during vacation or illness. "With good organization, this works in every job and brings all advantages," Wischgoll is convinced.

What is important is a meticulous handover protocol and a lot of trust: "For us, no one takes more than the other, success goes to a common account" And Stöckl adds: "Part-time jobs are often not very appealing, job sharing enables me to take on a responsible position in an internationally known region.

Participation and family friendliness: trust counts

Trust is also an important aspect for Monika Hobmeier: Her Bader hotel in Parsdorf near Munich leads her democratically: "When I was working in Sweden, I had to swallow at first that employees disagreed with the boss or brought their child with them."

Back in Germany, she implemented this in her own company: "We discuss a lot, but decisions are implemented faster and employees assume responsibility because they are behind it," is Hobmeier's experience. She sees herself more as an organizer than a boss and is convinced: "This is the only way teams can master complex tasks in the future." She has had positive experiences with mothers: "They are particularly flexible and can organize well."

The examples show how even extraordinary work models work. And they are forward-looking because more and more companies understand that motivated employees are an important competitive factor. To all the others said: Just try it out.

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