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Career choice and application: 5 tips for job search and further training

The times when you did an apprenticeship for your whole life are long gone: Today you not only have to deal with your career choice at the beginning of your career, but also later you have to reorient yourself again and again. 5 tips for job search and further training.

Career choice - a topic for life

There may be several phases in life in which considerations about a career choice are made. Obviously, in this context, the last time in school should be mentioned.

But such questions can also come up again during your studies. After all, there are quite a few degree programs that offer a variety of different career opportunities. And even in later years of life it can be necessary to think about a new job again.

Checklist: Why do you have to change jobs?

Quite a few people still decide to reorient themselves in their job, sometimes even after decades. The reasons that may make a new start necessary at a later date are diverse:

  • Newly created job profiles
  • Lack of demand for previous occupation
  • Unemployment
  • Personal change in preferences
  • Health aspects
  • Occupational disability
  • Want to realize yourself
  • Return to work after a break

How do you find the right job? 5 tips

Whether it is the 16-year-old school graduate or the 45-year-old career switch; the key question always remains - how do you even find the right job? Here are 5 tried and tested approaches.

Tip 1: tap into strengths and weaknesses

The most obvious tip is first of all to ask yourself questions about your own strengths and weaknesses as honestly as possible and to gear your career choice as precisely as possible. For example, those who always have problems getting up early should perhaps not aim for a baker's career. After all, that is exactly what is essential in this profession.

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Perhaps in this case it is more advisable to orientate yourself towards certain retail directions. After all, many stores don't open until 9 a.m. or later. Those who like to work with people, on the other hand, will probably not be happy in a job in production in the long term, but should rather consider a career in the social field, for example. The key point is to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and to find out exactly which job descriptions play your own attributes on the cards.

Tip 2: visit trade fairs

In order to inspire those interested in a certain job description in general and of course also in a certain company in particular, there are all sorts of things to do at job fairs Company from all imaginable areas. Often these companies bring elements that are typical for the respective profession to the trade fair and / or demonstrate on a small scale examples of already common activities that are part of everyday life in the profession. The Calendar of trade fair of the publisher Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

On top of that, the employees who are responsible for the respective exhibition stand are patiently available for all kinds of information and accordingly provide valuable information about fields of activity, career opportunities and income opportunities. Trial days and the like can already be arranged on the spot in order to get an even more detailed picture. Trade fairs of this kind are ideal for finding out about job profiles, making initial contacts and often even for discovering jobs that were not even on the radar before.

Tip 3: complete internships

Following on from the previous point, anyone who is still unsure which professional direction to take in the future can already arrange various internships at such a trade fair. In principle, you can also apply to different companies with the request for an internship. Of course, companies should preferably be selected in as different industries as possible in order to ensure a small cross-section across several industries.

Such internships get you across unadorned insight into everyday life and the reality of a particular job and are clearly preferable as a source of information to the pure theory of various job descriptions on the Internet. In this way, it is possible to find out in an effective way whether the requirements of this occupation or the corresponding industries can be reconciled with one's own ideas and personal strengths and weaknesses.

Tip 4: Use the trade press

In the course of digitization, a whole host of new professions have emerged that one would not have thought of a few years ago. This development has still not come to a standstill, but continues unabated. Ultimately, new requirements and novel processes also require new training focuses.

In order to always stay up to date in the thicket of different professions, various specialist magazines are recommended. Digitization in particular is constantly presenting employers and training companies with new challenges.

Tip 5: Internet portals

In order to find out which profession is best suited, taking into account your own ideas and strengths, it is also advisable to take the help of various Internet portals. The world wide web has lots of useful pages on which, with the help of a kind of questionnaire, one's own wishes and needs are compared with the requirements of many different professions.

The portal no fraud.de is, for example, a good place to go to compare different educational offers (especially with a view to seriousness) and to get tips on changing careers. Even the Federal Employment Agency offers on its online portal a corresponding quick check

Such pages can already provide information about where the journey could go by identifying professions that are particularly suitable according to personal circumstances. Such an assessment makes it much easier to sound out a career direction. Unnecessary efforts in unsuitable job profiles are nipped in the bud in this way.

Tip 6: Find the right training

Having the right qualifications for your dream job is important. This is where the right training, which ideally should be recognized by the state or at least relevant chambers and associations, helps. Unfortunately, many names for qualifications are not protected by law, so that researching the desired training can be very difficult.

This can be remedied, for example, by further training databases, further training consultants or even the book Find the perfect training, published by the publisher Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

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