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Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter have been consultants in top management for 20 years; Dorothea Assig, expert for outstanding careers, and Dorothee Echter, Topmanagement.Wissen.weltweit, have specialized in advising top management worldwide for over two decades. They lead outstanding management personalities with their organizations and companies to a sustainable reputation. With their ambition management theory, they ensure that top management offers direct and effective orientation and initiates leaps in success.

This is how great careers succeed: 5 dynamics you should know

Great careers in top management often arise after a very specific dynamic. What do successful people do differently? 5 mechanisms for success in work and life.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

How are great careers created?

Ambition is the decisive factor for great careers. It is not talent nor skills but the strong will to improve the world, the company, the society with the own unique ambition. These are the XNUMX dynamics of how top positions are achieved and a fulfilling work of life is created:

  1. Recognize and follow your ambition
  2. Develop your unique expertise
  3. Stabilize your psyche
  4. Generate positive resonance, always
  5. Design your own stage.

5 dynamics for success

Having a great career is not a matter of luck. It is all about attitude. Sustainably successful personalities are determined to follow their own ambition. 5 dynamics lead to success.

  1. What is the perfect task and position for me to develop and show my talent and my personality? This is the all-important question in every person's professional life. If you know that, then you feel fulfilled by Sense Fulfills. How do these careers come about? Why do some reach the top management league and others stay in their middle-level position, even though their biographies, qualifications and career opportunities are the same?
  2. Fate is not involved. Any great career follows an exact system. This career system defines what happens between the beginning and the completion of a great career, regardless of wether it is in arts, politics, science, culture, sports or business.
  3. The greatness of a career is defined by other successful people in the same field, even if a person`s reputation later radiates far beyond. What is this “field” where the great career is defined? Someone stands out in one area, this person sets the standards there, is an authority there. Competitors, customers, the public, the public, everyone knows what this person stands for. Her ability is unique and she keeps pushing it forward. In top management, it is the international community of successful supervisory boards, entrepreneurs and top management personalities, and of course the media and associations. We also individually define a career in such a way that sustainable professional fulfillment is experienced and a renowned life's work is created.
  4. What do successful people differently? A big ambition is crucial. Definitely wanting to bring something very specific into the world: the best road surface for hot temperatures, the most delicious whole grain bread, the perfect football team, the belief in the right values: substance. All people have an ambition that can develop. If someone has a great career, this ambition will eventually become the guiding star of all life, and that's where the difference between mediocrity and excellence begins. The focus is no longer on money, status, fame, but what the person wants to bring into the world. This is being perfected, work is being done on it, and people are always talking about it. That is the 2. Dimension of a great career, but that is still not enough. Because 3. your own psyche must be stabilized, for example to learn from failures instead of blaming others, or to properly manage crises and great successes. The 4 is very important. Dimension: always trigger positive feedback. This means the indispensable principle of appreciation, such as never speaking badly about others, always saying thank you, triggering a good mood with bosses and ultimately with everyone. A big challenge. And finally, after all the efforts, it is - unfortunately disappointing for many - that the surroundings finally discover and reward their own quality. As 5. We have recognized dimension: your own stage, your own role must be designed yourself. Am I rather number one in the company or one of three board members, am I an entrepreneur, consultant, supervisory board member? Does my ideal stage already exist or do I have to invent and design it?
  5. Failure and failure are part of a great career. Without mistakes people learn nothing, without crises, difficulties, failures, traumas there are few occasions for learning. Crises can trigger learning spurts and always lead to new approaches, to creativity, innovation, to perfection, to growth - and thus to joy and success.

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