Applicant tracking: Recognize successful recruiting

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Company recruit their new talents online and offline. But they often underestimate an important component: tracking the various channels. Which channel is attractive for which applicants? Which tracking options are the most suitable for companies? What mistakes should be avoided?

Applicant Tracking Recruitment

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Online recruiting as an integral part of any recruitment strategy

The numerous opportunities for online recruitment have long been an integral part of their recruitment strategies for many companies. Whether career websites, online job exchanges, social media channels or matching tools - the possibilities of HR managers to attract new employees online are diverse. The advantage is that online-based measures are resource-efficient, reach the target groups precisely and can be traced quickly and without much effort.

The crux: Just once 41 percent of HR professionals actively in job interviews, through which channels the candidates have come to the company and almost a third of companies (30 percent) track their recruiting success not at all (Source: Social Media Recruiting study 2015) , Candidate tracking is not rocket science. Properly applied, it can sustainably optimize the results of the recruiting channels used.

What brings applicant tracking?

Applicant tracking makes it possible for companies to see which online channels have been applied by many candidates. In addition, the tracking provides a qualitative statement of how much per cent of the incoming application has risen or decreased over a certain platform. The three main advantages of applicant tracking are therefore:

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  1. Checking for success: Only those who check their applications can ensure that the tools they use are also successful.
  2. Adaptation of the tools: Many tools and / or platforms are paid for the companies. Who would not want to know whether the deployment is worthwhile or whether you have to make any adjustments in the use?
  3. Avoiding litter loss: The more closely you can track your application, the better the job offer or the company offer can be adjusted for the respective target group.

Since most platforms, job boards, or recruitment tools are chargeable, applicant tracking provides an important measure of whether and how successful the collaboration with each channel was. At the same time, this number provides information on how to position yourself in the field of recruitment in the coming year.

What forms of applicant tracking are there?

Depending on the application, there are different tracking options. But in general, one is recommended reference, which can be assigned to the respective channel. This is seen and used by the applicants, as it is considered important. In addition to the reference number, there is also the option own contact: , which is only used for job advertisements that are displayed on the particular channel. A good option, as candidates usually use the contact person, but they rarely state which platform they have been aware of.

For applications per eMail We recommend a excluding eMail-Address, for postal applications Abteilungssuffix, which can be assigned to the channel. If companies use online application tools, they should ask for a tracking link in their IT department. This can be entered at many job boards. He gives at least one statement about how many students were led to the online assessment tool via the respective job market. With an appropriate tracking tool - many of which are on the market - you can even measure how many students have actually applied for a channel.

What are the most common mistakes when tracking applications?

No tracking at all is certainly the biggest mistake. In addition, it is problematic if companies do not question the sources differently enough. In other words,Casting to indicate how applicants have become aware of the company, the channel in question can not be selected, but only "Homepage" or "Internet" is offered as a choice. Missing tracking links or missing contacts are also common mistakes.

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