After taking over LinkedIn by Microsoft: The Social Recruiting Revolution

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The large careers networks on the Internet have already made it a long time: they are revolutionizing the recruitment market. In the economically relevant sectors and functional areas almost every employee or job seeker is registered with one of the large portals.

Career networks

Here writes for you:

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26 billion dollars for the careers network LinkedIn

The global IT giants know about the importance of the networks and the power that comes from them. Microsoft recently acquired LinkedIn for over 26 billion dollars. On Company with an annual loss of around 165 million US $. For the nearly 100 million members of LinkedIn so about 260 US $ per capita were paid.

What potential is hidden e.g. B. for Microsoft behind the job networks? What are the effects of the “revolution” on the recruitment market? The answers to these questions make it very clear to applicants why skilful self-presentation in their own profile on job networks is of the utmost importance for the application process.

User data is the digital gold

In addition to Microsoft, the SAP competitor Salesforce and allegedly also Google and Facebook for LinkedIn were interested - why? Everything revolves around the data of the users, especially in relation to the interests of business customers.

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The goal of the new Microsoft LinkedIn unit is to sharpen user profiles by integrating information from contact networks, industry and job profiles. In principle, every company in the world needs digital recruiting - a gigantic market. Incidentally, for LinkedIn users could soon also increasingly individualized advertising for Microsoft products.

Benefits for recruiting

What makes job networks so valuable in terms of recruiting? While “analog” attempts to poach workers have been frowned upon in the past, LinkedIn nowadays allows companies to use the digital approach to specifically woo employees to send messages individually.

What looks at first glance like old wine in new hoses, simply works better: unpleasant situations and disturbances in the workplace are avoided because of the more discreet approach. The professional, unobtrusive appearance of the advertising company provides a better basis for the fact that the employee actually decides for the new employer.

Transparency creates security in the search for personnel

In the more dynamic job market, applicants can switch faster, the offers flutter - digital - faster into the house. It is therefore all the more important for HR decision makers to consider all available information about potential employees in the search for the right candidate. The job history is used as an indication of career development and length of employment; in some cases even the branch of contacts is illuminated to predict the successful integration of the candidate in the company and thus a longer residence time.

The transparency of the applicant's data allows staff managers to check how plausible the information of a candidate is: if he has a large number of contacts from a company, he is more likely to believe that he has actually done the job. In addition, the fact that the employee continues to maintain good contacts with old colleagues is a clear indication of social skills and loyalty to the employer.

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Job network plays with the power

Through the acquisition of Lynda, an online training company, LinkedIn has not only expanded its reach, but has also acquired additional sources of revenue. User profiles can be checked for missing qualifications and these deficiencies can be displayed.

The only thing missing is the indication of how many users with a similar profile already successfully completed a certain advanced training course and have thus become more successful in the workplace ... the user is almost a bad conscience when he is not active - and the parallel training offers booked!

Clear path for applicants

If candidates are not present on relevant job portals, they will at best surprise people, but they are often not taken into account in selection processes for specialist and management positions. Social media skills are required. Lack of presence on relevant platforms seems unprofessional - in the worst case gives the impression that the candidate has something to hide!

Conclusion for the applicant: Who puts the price of 26 billions on the table, will also ensure that it is worthwhile. Job networks will continue to gain massively in importance. Recruiting companies are just beginning to understand the digital potentials. Candidates are well placed to place their profiles in relevant online job portals, depending on the target company / sector, and to proceed just as carefully as on the creation of classic application documents. The focus should always be on the way in which information is assessed from the point of view of a company, or how the best possible fit is achieved.

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