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6 Tips for Business Trips: First Aid for Missed Bookings!

The fact that flights always fail on business trips is almost a daily routine - but what happens if the plane leaves, but you have the wrong ticket? Tips for an emergency.

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Wrong booked at the airport - and now?

I was recently invited as a blogger to a product presentation of the mobile phone manufacturer Huawei in Berlin. In addition I had return flight for the 27.6. booked at German Wings but on the side of Lufthansa, which was already the first mistake; the second was that I was sure of that. For in fact the return flight was on the 27.7. been booked.

However, the handling of ground personnel at Berlin Tegel Airport was difficult. At first they were looking for a half hour after the mistake, telephoned with their hotline, but could not figure out why I was not booked for the flight to Düsseldorf at 20.40.

Everything except customer service!

Only at the second! Call with the German Wings hotline turned out the error, the wrong date out. That was 7 minutes before the flight closed. From that moment on, employees stopped trying.

I was told that I should go to the ticket counter to change the ticket. There was a long queue at the ticket counter, and although five to six people were standing in the background, only two of them were looking into the air or filing their nails. No one was willing to take care of my urgent concern.

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At the end: train ride instead of flight

One of the employees gave me the number of the German Wings hotline. There I was told that I could not help because I booked the ticket through Lufthansa. A new booking was also not possible because the flight was now closed - and thus no way to fly to Düsseldorf.

Since I could not expect any help from the staff at the airport, I jumped into a taxi to the Berlin Spandau station and took the last train connection to Dusseldorf - 6 hours with IC via Hamburg - and was finally at home at 3 clock.

6 tips for bad bookings

It happens quickly: when booking in the booking calendar slips or even by mistake in the booking system and already you have a flight ticket for the wrong route or the wrong date. And now? The following tips I have gathered from this experience for appropriate situations:

  1. It sounds simple, but necessary: ​​Check the flight date and connection several times - except for the last letter and the last number. It sounds banal, but such a wrong date is sometimes booked faster than you can say "beep".
  2. Looking for alternatives: Even as a willing customer who would like to have also bought a second ticket one is left by an airline in such an emergency in the rain. Therefore, it is advisable to look in time for alternatives such as train connections - and ideally before you begin meaningless discussions with the airport staff.
  3. Cancel ticket: If, as with me, the actually booked flight lies in the future, you can cancel the ticket if necessary or at least get back taxes and fees - that was with me about 70 Euro.
  4. Costs reimbursed: I was self-referenced for this 150 Euro additional costs for taxi and train arose, I complained about this and got reimbursed by the Lufthansa 100 Euro. But respect, that is a pure goodwill regulation, there is no right claim on it.
  5. Travel cancellation insurance does not help: I ​​have now completed a travel cancellation insurance, which Lufthansa offered without further explanation in the booking process. The money can be saved as well, since the complex conditions of such insurance cover only in emergencies, in situations like this however not.
  6. Do not book the last flight: Perhaps the most important precaution: If you can, you should take a flight earlier.

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7 responses to "6 tips for business trips: first aid for incorrect bookings!"

  1. Robert says:

    If the flight you have to cancel, you will still be booked, you can get more than taxes and fees. The same is true if the airline refuses to make a statement of what costs it has saved. More information is available at rechtecheck.de/flug-stornieren-kosten

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Robert,
      thanks for the helpful hint. How do you know if the flight was booked? And you just ask the company for a billing?

      • Robert says:

        You can (approximately) determine whether the flight was fully booked by making a booking request a few hours before departure. However, the airlines like to sell more tickets than there are seats ...

        In theory (and according to Section 649 of the German Civil Code) it is actually sufficient to ask for such an accounting. If the airline refuses, you can charge a flat rate of 95%. In practice this is difficult without a lawyer ...

  2. Thomas Eggert says:

    6 Tips for Business Trips: First Aid for Missed Bookings! from
    Simone Janson

    via @berufebilder - Recommended contribution V8AbynjLyU

  3. REGIS GMBH says:

    6 Tips for Business Trips: First Aid for Missed Bookings! from
    Simone Janson

    via @berufebilder - Recommended contribution JmAzvqsZ4K

  4. Job college says:

    6 Tips for Business Trips: First Aid for Missed Bookings! by Simone Janson - Recommended contribution f5wfU5AiiU - Recommended contribution 4S7PU1N6iY

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