Laws of Success in Business & Sport: Also 3's place is good

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In business as well as in sports, today it is often about being the first and the best. What is often forgotten in the whole competitive thinking: Even a third place is still very good.

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The laws of success from the stretch rod

A fascinating book by Fabian Hambüchen. The artistic gymnast impressively describes the ups and downs of the professional athlete. For those who believe that they have already given so much, very instructive. There's something else going on. But also for all others a captivating biography!

When I get books of athletes in hand, I immediately remembers Nassim Taleb with his black swans. In the book of the same name he describes that the cemetery is full of nameless daredevils. Thousands of miserably drowned sailors come to a Columbus. Caution is therefore required if one wants to learn from his individual success universal teachings. Especially if, like the author Fabian Hambüchen, he is only thirty.

A good combination between professional athlete and professional author

But the book surprised me positively. This is also because Kai Psotta was a first-class sports journalist at work.

Psotta hat den Lebens- und zu Teilen auch Leidensweg des "Turnflohs" Fabian Hambüchen toll strukturiert und spannend in Szene gesetzt. Deshalb ist das Buch "Den Absprung wagen" weit mehr als das, was man von "schreibenden" Sportlern oft geboten kriegt, weit mehr also, als eine launische Aneinanderreihung von Anekdoten und Geschichtchen.

A hollywood life story

Hambüchen, who is not yet sure which direction he wants to move in the future, has already tried as a lecturer. The fact that he opens with a success guide is therefore logical.

Und tatsächlich liefert seine Biografie sehr guten Stoff, um über die Bedingungen von Erfolg zu reflektieren. Sein früher Start als Kleinstkind in der Turnhalle, die "Familien-AG", die frühen Erfolge als Jugendlicher, die Hybris nach den ersten großen internationalen Erfolgen, der "Absturz" in Peking auf Platz drei, die Häme und der Neid von Kollegen, der Krach mit dem Vater und schließlich die Goldkrönung in Rio.

Between failure & success

Hambüchen tells this in a team with Psotta so exciting that the book reads like a thriller. As a reader, we can cheer. We experience the seconds of twirling on the horizontal bar like hours. We hope to land safely after the daring turns, screws and somersaults.

Hambüchen provides open insights into his soul life, his sometimes enormous self-doubt, his tormenting sleepless nights. He also shows with which exercises his uncle and mental trainer showed him ways out of these emotional valleys.

Diligence & Mental Strength

Absolutely exciting, to learn in which condition the athletes move through the competitions. And fascinating to read how much discipline, diligence and mental strength it takes to reach the top in the world with a less than a minute of practice.

Fabian Hambüchen hat in seinem Sport erreicht, was man erreichen kann. Er wurde für viele zum Idol. Zu lesen, wie hart der Weg war und welche Techniken und Strategien er verfolgt hat, wird alle weiterbringen, die selbst etwas erreichen wollen - egal in welchem Bereich.

Also a third place is a good place

This works so well with this book, because Hambüchen and his co-author never pull compulsory parallels, but let the story speak for themselves. This allows readers to get to know some of the key success factors in an exciting way.

Und die Leser können noch mehr lernen. Sie können mit Hambüchen lernen, dass auch ein dritter Platz ein guter Platz sein kann. Wenn es am Ende dann doch noch für ganz oben reicht - umso schöner.

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