What companies can learn from StartUps: Dare to be more agile and creative

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One of the most fascinating phenomena of recent years is the coworking movement. But coworking spaces are no longer just a place where small business owners and freelancers can work together - even for Company they are becoming increasingly attractive. Here are the reasons.

Coworking space New Zealand

Here writes for you:


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The idea behind coworking

I have numerous Coworking Spaces viewed worldwide: in Latvia, France, Canada and New Zealand. What they all had in common was that they were cool spaces, where mostly young people practice a new form of colloborative work.

After all, coworking is not all about low-cost offices and workplaces: the idea is that people from different industries and with very different ideas and ways of thinking work together in one place - and that results in completely unexpected synergy effects.

Creative concepts - also for Company interessante

In Auckland, New ZealandFor example, the coworking space had just one workshop attached to it: designers were thus able to produce their products at the same low-cost, live and in color. In Riga, LatviaHowever, coworking consists of an additional service in a mixture of bookstore and cafe.

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It is no wonder that such creative work concepts are also increasingly exciting for established companies. They admire the agile mentality of start-ups and would like to cut a slice of it.

Feelgood culture in established companies

Pitches, lunch, beer and lots of meet-ups - the betahaus offers many formats matching both sides. In Talinn, Estonia, the start-up culture has been firmly anchored in Skype:

There is, among other games, a sauna and numerous Feelgood activities. What is really surprising is that the General Manager works with everyone else in the open-plan office - for creative exchange, such as he told in an interview.

StartUp safaris and working world 4.0

In Berlin, on the other hand, large corporations such as Deutsche Bahn organize start-up safaris to take a closer look at how the “young wild ones” work. Deutsche Bahn has also set up a network of internal and external experts for the “Working Worlds 4.0” digitization initiative.

Internal meetings met well-known representatives of business, politics and science with the goal of shaping future working environments together. Divided into five working groups, the experts used the scenario technique to identify possible development paths and generate prototypes for the work of tomorrow.

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Branch for innovation

And in Duesseldorf you can watch the garage Bilk, which will soon be called Factory Campus and move to a factory ground, to see how startups and established business companies work together and organize events together.

In the meantime, many companies used coworking spaces as a sort of branch of their business and hired individual rooms or a desk.

Innovation departments and investment programs

“Some appreciate the non-classic corporate environment and send their innovation departments here, for example, which are supposed to work differently than they used to do. Others specifically go to the Berlin location because they may reach people who don't want to work in other cities, ”says Maximilian von der Ahé, founder and CEO of betahaus.

It is always about integrating your own employees into an innovative community. In addition, there are a number of specific Accelerator programs, with which companies can also invest in the StartIps.

Synergy effects in human resources

Such synergy effects are particularly exciting in the human resources sector: in many companies, there are so-called top talent programs and entrepreneurial thinking to promote.

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In principle, established companies are one step ahead of start-ups when it comes to personnel development, says the Ahé: “In a fast start-up culture that is constantly growing or changing, there is little time for this. With all agility, it is important not to lose this know-how. ”

What companies need to look out for

However, in order for the cooperation to be successful, employers have to consider a few things. "Every company should know that it takes perseverance to achieve an innovation transfer," said von der Ahé. Each organization functions differently and has to find out what fits its own corporate culture.

"It is important to have firm capacities that do not have to be too result-oriented." You also need a start-up rule catalog to clarify from the start which purchasing conditions, rights or data protection regulations apply. Long, frequent meetings where the decision-makers are not at the table, on the other hand, are poison for cooperation.

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