{Replica} Will New Features Save The Business Network? Xing does on Facebook

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While the triumphant advance of Facebook continues unabated - over 500 million members one already has - loses the German business network Xing clearly to ground. Apparently trying to save now, what you can and Facebook wants to become more similar. But the shot could backfire - there are already first deregistrations. {Replica} Will New Features Save The Business Network? Xing makes on Facebook {replica} Will new functions save the business network? Xing does on Facebook

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Rowing back to pick up members

The fact that Xing does not go against Facebook is shown not only by the membership numbers - a comparison of user numbers from the year shows, for example, that Xing ended up in 9th place - but also by Xing's strategy:

Only certain features like the message function and the status messages were also usable for non-premium members.

Keep members at all costs?

A clear sign that you want to keep members at all costs. Now Xing has built in a commentary, as known by Facebook. It is to save the sleepy network. But whether that still helps?

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Honestly: I never really got to do much with Xing. Sure, you can accumulate contacts, I even moderated a group. But I never found really good contacts, exciting people, interesting orders there. The Sense I first discovered social networks with Facebook and later with Twitter:

Facebook is more communicative, Xing is clearer

"Are you on Facebook?" I ask today if I want to stay in touch with someone. And people who have more to do with the Internet, I ask "What's your name on Twitter?" For professional purposes, Twitter is much more useful, because there you can communicate much faster and more precise than in the sedate Xing groups.

But I'm perhaps just not the right target group for Xing. More conservative industries are likely to appreciate this more cohesive communication style. And they probably guess one thing above all: the clearer handling and the data protection, which can be very questioned at Facebook.

"A reason to finally cancel my premium membership"

And this is exactly the advantage that Xing could use with the new comment function. Apparently some users feel overwhelmed with the new ad. Some may even be bothered by the fact that they now have the status messages directly on the presentation plate, while others may find that you are now facing a constant compulsion to communicate.

Because the calmer ease and privacy was something that made Xing for many so far attractive than Facebook. And so were the first complaints and threats of exit "... a reason to finally cancel my premium membership" not enough.

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Xing should not be a second Facebook

The anti-maintenance has surprised me, but shows just why the people are on Xing. On the other hand, I was also quite confused when I opened Xing yesterday and discovered the new function.

When I discovered Facebook, I was wondering why there is not this great pinboard feature on Xing. Now that they are at Xing, I find it simply superfluous. ME comes the year too late: Facebook, and for respondents Twitter, as well, have established themselves as exchange media.

Xing, on the other hand, is the quiet address book backup where you can conveniently export contacts and appointments, and for many, this is the number 1 page if you want to learn about a resume. And now that!

The end for Xing?

Trying to adjust to Facebook so belatedly is just another strategic mistake Xing makes: after the IPO, with which the company slowed down its growth early on. And after the unsuccessful international expansion, in which, for example, cultural customs in Asia were simply overlooked and where one looks old alongside competition like LinkedIn. So it is no wonder that the Xing start-up scene is one of the German companies that will no longer exist in this form in 2015.

After all, there are also setbacks. The business network gave up its “topics” feature again. This is also connected with a social signal: The users apparently did not want to use another feature. There was a modest message from Xing, which describes itself as Germany's most popular business and recruiting portal. It was written succinctly:

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The area of ​​XING topics is below our expectations, so we have decided that End beta phase of XING topics and no longer offer this function.

What's behind it?

I found Xing Themes one of the platform's more innovative new tools. A kind of blog in the social network with extensive tagging function. And one on which I noticed real interactivity on Xing for the first time when I looked at the reactions to my postings.

But that was exactly the problem: I only used Xing topics at all because at the beginning you could still import blog posts via RSS feed. A practical autoblogging function that went far beyond the possibilities of Facebook with the automated tag function.

The goal of "as many clicks as possible" was not achieved

Xing apparently did not want his users to simply simply download their blog posts; it wanted interaction, activity and as many clicks on the page as possible. Like all social networks.

The RSS import function was soon closed again. “That doesn't make Xing more attractive for bloggers,” someone said at that time. He should be right. Apparently, users simply don't feel like using another feature.

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Social signal

Saying goodbye to Xing topics is also a sign of general social media fatigue, especially among business networks - a social signal, so to speak, that the social media hype is losing a lot of water.

Time for the subject to be steered more calmly instead of being constantly chased from one gadget to the next, which we think we have to try.

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  1. Mario Döring

    Good day,

    In relation to the prominent networks, I would like to draw attention to the social network specializing in business startups. The social network XanXi.de is growing in popularity and is now used by many start-ups, entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

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  3. Alma Mater

    RT @simonejanson: Xing makes on Facebook - my comment, why the little helps & the changes come way too late

  4. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Salwiczek,
    where I agree with you, is that I have my own perspective, which is probably different from yours. My blog article is also only subjective.
    However, job search for me is mainly in communication - and I see in Xing the disadvantage of the low profile. For me personally, for example, Twitter has proven to be an ideal platform for finding topics and interview partners - and thus generating orders.
    At Xing I have never had comparable successes.
    Of course, that depends on the industry, the people you meet - and your personal preferences or character.
    I will probably post an interview here next week with someone who handles 3 / 4 of their Acquise on Twitter and explains why it works much better for Xing than Xing. As a contrast, I would then look forward to another experience report.

    Simone Janson

  5. Martin Salwiczek

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    you evaluate Xing from your personal point of view and compare it as a communication platform with Facebook or Twitter, so I agree with your criticism. However, if we look at Xing from the perspective of a job-seeker or a willing to intervene, then, according to my experience, it fulfills its purpose. When I was on a job search, I was able to generate several valuable contacts via Xing, each of which played a (more or less large) role in my work. The activities in Xing groups, the visits of posted events - all these functions have contributed to your part.
    From this point of view, I see the innovations as a further step forward, since you can simplify the process of recommending marketing (between employers and jobseekers or self-employed and potential customers) in many respects. And even if many will first object to the new confusion, you will appreciate the benefits in the long run.

  6. Johannes Lenz

    RT @simonejanson: Xing makes on Facebook - my comment, why that helps a little & the changes come way too late

  7. personalmarketing2null

    Hello Mrs. Janson, there are z. For example, the netzwertig blog or blog from linkedinsider. Otherwise also various "classical" media, faz.net, standard.at and others. I also thought it was a joke with the Xing Facebook page. They've even been 2009 (!) Since May and are indeed the official page of Xing. Strange but true :-)

  8. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr. Knabenreich,
    thanks for the hint. You're right, it's probably the size that irritates the users, you have the impression that it's the new Hautptfunktion - and that's not it at Xing, on Facebook.
    In principle, I think that's good too, but it's really too late. Two years ago it would in my opinion have been useful ... Why pay to stay with a FB clone, if you can also change?
    The thing with the Xing page with FB I had not noticed - this is really funny ...

    Who else blogged about this?

  9. personalmarketing2null

    This topic currently seems to dominate the entire blogosphere and to deal with the people. My thoughts:
    Even if you look at the Facebook page of Xing, so are the opinions on the approach to Facebook rather ambiguous. Apart from that, the behavior of Xing on Facebook compared to the "fans" is rather unprofessional. Because so far no one seems to care about the remorseful expressions ...

  10. Holger Froese

    Whether new features save the business network? Xing makes #Business on Facebook
    Commented on Twitter

  11. Simone Janson

    Xing does on Facebook - my comment, why that helps a little & the changes come way too late

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