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In the third part of my series "What should I study?" (See part 1 Economic Psychology and part 2 Sports), I would like to start with the course of studies in economics, which is a good alternative to a law studies course for all those who want to study "something with law".

What should I study: Business law study money_geld_gehalt

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In the following, you will find information about the study contents and professional perspectives after completion of the studies, as well as an appropriate Linktipp with a university database.

The idea behind the study of commercial law is due to the changing economic life. The traditional jurist education in the law school is oriented to the professional image of the universally applicable lawyer (unitary) trained in the judicial profession. It no longer suited to various juridical activities in the company world. Above all, the lack of economic reference in teaching required the formation of a new course of study which combines both economic and legal sciences.

The idea

The idea for the business law degree program was born and in 1993 it was first offered at a few universities of applied sciences in Germany. It should take another six years before 1999 was the first university to include the degree program in their offer. Meanwhile, the degree program has become established and graduates are in numerous Company used in key positions.

Course contents

As is also to be derived from the name, economic law studies are taught both economics and law. Typical lecture subjects include:

  • Economic Private Law and Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • European law
  • Business Administration
  • Steuerrecht
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Economics
  • English for economists
  • contracts
  • Soft skills (rhetoric, presentation)
  • Marketing
  • human Resource management

What to look out for?

When choosing a student, you should pay attention as much as possible to a course of studies that corresponds to the content compilation recommended by the Wirtschaftsjuristischen Hochschulvereinigung. According to this, at least 50% of the lectures should have legal content and at least 25% business and economic contents. The missing percentages are then filled with further legal, economic and especially the above-mentioned soft skills.

Prospects after graduation

Restricting a restriction on the activities after the completion of the studies: Economic jurists can not work as legal or prosecutor or judge, in short, in all areas which require a state spouse. This results in numerous new employment opportunities in other sectors and sectors. These include, for example, jobs

  • in legal departments of small, medium and large enterprises. Here, for example, economic lawyers deal with the drafting of contracts, the preparation and monitoring of mergers and acquisitions (mergers and acquisitions) and assist as legal advisors in business decisions.
  • at law firms, where economic lawyers work, for example, in the field of mediation or insolvency administration.
  • in auditing and tax consulting companies, as well as business consultancy services.
  • With the broad economic and legal knowledge, economists are well prepared for activities such as auditors, company or tax consultants.

In addition, there are of course various other professional perspectives, among others with banks, insurance companies, personnel and financial service providers. The main focus is on how to focus on studying as a student.

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