Fashion Disease Burn-Out: A diagnosis that does not exist

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Text comes from: Die Burn-out-Mode: Mediziner. Manager. Mythen. Der Hype und die Realität (2014) by Jörg Steinfeldt, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Stress, problems - burned out. This is how more and more people feel. Diagnosis: Burn-out. But what is burn-out? And what can you do about it?


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Jörg Steinfeldt Jörg SteinfeldtThe lawyer Jörg Steinfeldt is a manager with an international specialist insurer.


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Fashion disease Burn-out

The topic is regularly raised in the media by the media. Trade unionists see a work-related pandemic.

Medics warn of a surface burn of psychological suffering. Politicians want rescue by law. Each of us knows someone who has taken a break with burn-out. Burn-out is in fashion! Are you worried?

A diagnosis that does not exist

Burn-out is defined as a state of marked, even total exhaustion. There is no diagnosis of burnout itself. Burn-out is not recognized as a disease. It is a label that disguises real illnesses, especially depression and anxiety disorders.

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It is not known where it comes from, but in general there are too high demands on performance, where the person concerned is too exhausted without a retreat and compensation.

How does Burn-Out show up?

Burn-out should be expressed in a hodgepodge of physical and individual symptoms, such as dizziness, sleep disorders and infections, headache, stomach and back pain, sugar, heart attack and cancer.

The person concerned does not have the competency to cope with the demand pressure on him. We should all be endangered.

Life is responsibility

Nobody else is responsible for your life, for what you do and leave, than yourself. If you have a lot in mind, if you challenge yourself, that is completely OK. Achieving is a great feeling and a good thing. However, just as you post your successes to your account, you also have to cope with setbacks and crises and deal with crises.

Why is this diffuse phenomenon Burn-out so trendy? Because it is so diffuse. Everyone can have a say. It is difficult to prove and difficult to refute to see on any nuclear spin tomograph. That benefits many.

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Burn-outs as self-sacrificing heroes

Which doctor is already at risk of sending a patient back home? Burn-out is even chic, because burn-outer are not considered failures as pitiful Depressive, but as self-sacrificing heroes.

It is an ideal, socially recognized exit for anyone who can not or will not. Here, self-proclaimed performers and performance refusals meet.

Shiny shops

To this end, physicians constantly invent new diseases and the pharmaceutical industry provides the appropriate pills. Both industries make shiny deals and still everyone ill. All participants are winners, only those who are not involved lose - they may pay.

Are we all ill? Do not let the fogbane burn-out drive you crazy. Do not be so superficial about the subject as many profiteers and alleged sufferers.

Are we all sick?

Of course, there are people who are really sick because they are, for example, depressed or have a phobia. To help you. But can it be that in so few years so many Germans are suddenly mentally ill? Hardly likely.

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We should also have riders who want to retire with burn-out or give up the responsibility for their own doing and leaving. What we do not have is a contagious disease. We are not all sick!

Detect warning signals

Take warning signals from your body. A gripping defect is not a burn-out, but with four gripping defects in three months, your immune system is likely to be in the cellar. Take time for private contacts, for calm and balancing phases. If you can not do it differently, you need to plan and adhere to it.

Listen to your surroundings, your wife or your husband, your children, your friends (even if it is hard for us to admit: the partner is mostly right and children are seismographers!). If they tell you you would not even see you, go inside. Is that correct? Do you want to jeopardize these relationships? For what? What is important to you?

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