Construction studies - 4 / 20: Reasonable or not?

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At the high cost, you may be wondering if a postgraduate course is useful at all. The answer is yes, if he gives you exactly what you need. After all, a construction study can convey concrete knowledge, which is applied directly in the workplace.

Postgraduate Studies - 4 / 20: Useful or not? Postgraduate Studies - 4 / 20: Useful or not?

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Why a construction study?


But: Before you go to the selection of the postgraduate course, you should consider exactly why you are looking for a postgraduate degree. It should be considered how personal career planning looks like and whether a construction study is indeed the best and best instrument to achieve the personal goal and the lack of competences.

After all, whether or not a postgraduate course really does make a difference in the labor market ultimately depends on individual career goals. Those who work in Germany and would like to expand their abilities and competences but do not value the (international) name of their degree should look around Germany for a postgraduate course - which is generally cheaper than studying abroad. Who on the other hand in an internationally operating Company wants to start his career in Europe, which is well advised with a study program of a renowned university in Europe.

Study offers in the USA


Courses in the US, on the other hand, are primarily geared towards a local job. Nevertheless, US universities in particular have a very good reputation worldwide due to their long tradition and their extensive alumni networks, which also benefits European companies. Because: In many areas of the private sector, no formal recognition of an American degree is required. It only has to appeal to a potential employer or decide whether the training complies with the requirements of the job in question. Therefore, anyone planning postgraduate studies should inquire in advance in the industry concerned about how the desired degree will be entered into the labor market. Professional associations can help here.

In addition, you should inform yourself about forms, content and access requirements such as foreign languages ​​or professional experience, but also about study places abroad. But also possible consequences should be considered, for example, whether the willingness to accept impairment of private life is present, or whether the financing is clarified.

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Studying Abroad


This is all the more true if you are planning to complete postgraduate studies abroad. Because that too is now very well possible because the recognition of degrees is becoming increasingly easier internationally. However, as European higher education degrees become more and more aligned, you should pay particular attention to the recognition of qualifications in the local labor market. Because even in Germany, for example, numerous postgraduate courses with diploma or university certificate are offered. The latter is nothing more than a university-internal degree, the recognition of which is not always guaranteed even in the German labor market, as such certificates are often only known to local employers. On the other hand, it is better to choose a degree course with a diploma or - in view of recognition abroad - a master's degree.

The internationally accredited master's degree from the Anglo-Saxon master, which has usually passed an accreditation procedure, offers the opportunity to gain wide acceptance on the labor market. However, not all master's degree programs are accredited, and in some places, old study plans are simply recycled instead of new teaching methods and content. Therefore, you should look carefully at the selection (more about this in the course How to find the appropriate construction studies). The database is an overview of the comparability of international courses

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