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Text comes from the book: “Control taxes. Using the Right Tax Strategy for Wealth and Prosperity ”(2015), Safe Exchange Strategies. With 20 simple basic rules and 4 different strategies for different types of investors ”(2017), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

Here writes for you:

Johann Calin Köber (born January 24, 1956 in Munich) is a German author, speaker, entrepreneur and tax consultant. Köber attended elementary school in Stamford, Connecticut as a child and graduated from high school in Albion in Calhoun County in Michigan in 1973. After returning to Germany, he graduated from high school in Schweinfurt in 1975. He first studied physics and medicine and finished his studies in business administration with a focus on business informatics at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. He then worked in the IT industry for an American IT company in Frankfurt. In 1997 he was appointed tax advisor by the Chamber of Tax Advisors in Nuremberg. He then worked as a tax advisor and entrepreneur. He was best known for his bestseller “Taxes” and his books “The Great Handbook of Foundations”, “Safe Stock Market Strategies” and “Everything You Need to Know About Marriage and Finance”.

Safe stock exchange strategies: earn money with financial investments

To paraphrase Henry Ford, getting rich is easy. You just have to spend less money than you make. Sounds logical right?

How to get rich easily

Just spend less - that sounds a little too easy. Because whoever manages it sees
facing two central challenges: First, how do you not manage to pay everything in the form of taxes and duties? And what to do with the rest of the money? In view of the falling interest rates, it has long been no fun to bet on savings books, fixed-term deposit accounts or call money accounts. Even those who choose the top providers create
usually doesn't even compensate for the inflation rate. That's why
I have been betting on securities for a very long time (and successfully).

Who me
want to emulate, but should first deal with the basics. Because in my opinion too many speculative advisors à
I would like to see "will be a millionaire in four weeks" on the market
give a realistic picture of the stock market with this book.
That’s the problem; The stock exchange is not by chance in Germany
bad repute. Most people in this country get annoyed
Although they are concerned about the low interest rates, they shy away from a change in terms of money. Various price drops have occurred
Burned into the collective memory of the Germans. However, who the
If you look at the situation soberly, you mainly discover the positive aspects.
It is true that theCourses plunged almost into the abyss in 2000 - three quarters
lost the DAX in a short time - the losses of yore were, however
made up for it long ago.

How to find the right stock market strategy

This rollercoaster ride over the past 15 years confirms a pattern that is also characteristic of earlier trading phases
is: After a crisis, theCourses recover again, and who's the nerve
preserved, achieves far higher returns on the stock market than with other forms of investment. I was not familiar with such statistics when I became interested in money and the stock market. Instead, I was already as
little boy realized that I would like to become a millionaire one day.
This "job" seemed absolutely plausible to me, after all, it opens
the paths to many beautiful things.
In other words, my goal was financial
Freedom. With this in mind, I started looking at the recipes
to employ richer people. One of my first realizations
was that the rich do not deposit their money in savings books or overnight money accounts. Rather, they invest it in their companies or look for profitable forms of investment such as stocks. In addition to this first insight, there was a second: It was and was very important
is rich people keeping control of their wealth.
You don't give this to a bank advisor, you decide on it yourself
right strategies.

However, you then have to decide for yourself which strategies suit you or what you want to focus on. Nobody can relieve you of this responsibility. After all, you're already up
the way there; this book is an important first step. You will find different approaches that cover the bandwidth
of the possibilities. This text is intended to help
Assess opportunities and risks of the stock market and be able to invest strategically against this background. Because in the end it exists
The only secret to successful stock market strategies is to make profits with the majority of transactions and minimize losses. Anyone who can do this will almost certainly be financially
To be successful. And that's exactly what I'm about: I want to convey this security to you and show that you can relate to your personal
Know-how. After all, most of them earn from
their money is not so easy for us as that they knock it on the head with ease

Why it is important to be rich

In addition, in recent years it has become more and more open that we even have to be rich if we want to be halfway
Look to the future without worries. After all, we live in one world
with a lot of imponderables and a constant redistribution of
Poor to rich. Financial freedom also means in this situation
personal freedom, and this is very important to me.
However, creating wealth takes strategies. The way
Getting there requires time and know-how as well as perseverance - at least that is what the examples I have considered show. Very clearly
they also make sure that all aspects of money are somehow related. Earnings, consumer behavior, asset structuring, taxes and much more must be optimally coordinated so that a significant wealth accumulation can take place.
A comprehensive financial concept therefore seems important to me, which is one of the reasons why this text is not exclusively dedicated to the stock market and the stock market
appropriate strategies. It also illuminates the surrounding area and
deals with the personal and structural requirements that
the stock market success is a mandatory requirement. Unfortunately, knowing about promising strategies is not enough, you have to
apply (can).

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Lots of public discussions and also numerous conversations in the
private frames therefore revolve around the desire to have money. Almost everyone dreams of being rich. However, in my opinion it doesn't matter whether you want to or not. Much more
we have to get rich, we have no other choice.
This claim may seem a bit far-fetched to you, but unfortunately it has a very serious background.

The pension is not certain

Because the social and economic structures of our society
have changed dramatically over the past few decades. That
The promise of lifelong stability through a good education, a secure job and an adequate pension is less and less valid. Already today, many people need two or three jobs to
to make ends meet. And more and more often, our pension fund payments are insufficient to cover one later
ensure a sufficient level of retirement benefits. There are also other challenges: We are getting older all the time, and with it
the duration of the pension increases dramatically.

The western industrialized countries are hardly adapting their statutory pension systems, however
these changes. The development described intensified
so still. Given this situation, it is hardly surprising
that we hear incessantly about the importance of private supplementary pensions.
But the meager approval rates for Riester, Rürup &
Co., how little the Germans think of these offers. and
In fact, much research shows that their returns tend to be
turn out to be moderate - the low interest rates and various fees
say hello. The question of that Sense The advertised product therefore makes perfect sense, and it doesn't hurt if we look at it
look around for alternatives. Because realistically, be
we have to live more and more often on our savings or on the income from our assets if we do not want to noticeably reduce our standard of living. And this conclusion means nothing else than that we have to be or get rich.

Gut feeling doesn't help

For some of you, this logic may leave a lump in your throat
cause, but the previous lines sound worse than they are.
After all, we usually don't have to break anything over the fence;
and most of them will be at least another decade
Have work ahead of you. During this time there is the opportunity to proceed step-by-step and strategically pursue the accumulation of wealth. Unfortunately, this task presents us with a problem: Such thinking is very abstract, and humans are biological and emotional
only insufficiently adjusted to it. Calculating the long-term development of returns and deriving an investment strategy is not an option
difficult for most of us.

It is therefore very important to switch off your gut instinct and to translate the "I will get rich" resolution into a concrete plan. For this reason, this text not only contains stock market strategies, it is also devoted to the inner attitude,
gives a lot of space to feelings and psychological processes. You're welcome
don't dismiss the soft factors as "fuss", listen to
Read the corresponding chapters again and again to yourself and
think about it, like your previous career as a stock market operator
has run.

Bad financial strategy - counterproductive decisions

Those who deal honestly with themselves are likely to come across numerous situations and decisions that were downright counterproductive. In addition, a closer analysis should usually show
that it was not the wrong strategy that was responsible for the losses, but the lack of or violations of any strategy
once decided. Healthy self-criticism has never hurt anyone. The reassurance of discovering your own mistakes is that you let yourself
avoid in the future, and the imperative of getting rich loses its horror.
In this clarification process, we have to consider another,
keep the important point in mind. Accumulating a fortune is not child's play and there is someone lurking around every corner who wants our money, but we can find the way there ourselves

Nobody tells us how we invest, how much we invest
save or in what period of time it has to happen. We own
So a great deal of freedom, but you have to take responsibility for it
bypass. However, this is exactly where the rabbit lies in the pepper. Our psyche often tends to reject the guilt. Too often we calm down
to us with points beyond our control: “I could
make no profits, the overall market has crashed. "Or:" Me
had to take care of my mother. ”All of these are certainly good ones
Reasons, but they don't help - especially since there are always suitable excuses at hand. Instead, we should focus on things that we can influence. And we have to do it individually
find the right way. This book therefore shows very different strategies. Some hardly require any expenditure of time and others enable or require daily intervention. And because the stock market
is not a one-way street, it deals with ways of rising
how to benefit from falling prices. Fortunately, exist
Ways to benefit from every situation and from every conceivable framework. At what point in time we take which direction depends entirely on ourselves. Each individual has to make this decision. Who on those aspects
concentrated of his fortune, which he can control, drives that
Getting rich ahead. This also loses the word "must" from the
previous paragraphs much of its horror.

Rich people don't have to work for money

Being rich enables us to make a change: we don't have to anymore
work for our money, we let our money work for us. But how can this task be accomplished? In the end
Interest rates are at lows and many properties cost more than they will ever earn. But so should you
Take this opportunity to listen to yourself and look at the asset class that suits you best and that suits you
know best. If you prefer real estate and you have had a good experience with it, stick with it. If you are not sure, analyze the options before investing. I made this decision, my favorite is clearly the stock market. For
it offers me the best and safest way to generate wealth. Many readers like the word safe in connection with the
Stock market seem rather absurd. Stocks are considered speculative and
unsuitable for safe investments - especially in comparison
to the savings account or to fixed-income forms of investment. That these
Classification has its weaknesses, but quickly shows up in one
Behind the scenes of money. So it should be clear to everyone that
(Cash) money is only an appreciation of value. The decision,
that we can buy certain equivalent values ​​for one euro or one dollar rests with the central banks and thus ultimately with the states
or governments.

History has shown this often enough
Attribution didn't always work. Many currencies already
lost their value completely, and even today there is a permanent,
creeping loss of value instead - in the form of inflation. Interest of one percent means with an inflation of two percent
nothing more than an annual depreciation of each banknote and
each coin from one percent. Obviously, cash and savings accounts are not that extremely secure. Can also fall in
who deposits money or gold in the safe deposit box. Because in the case of a bank failure or if the government decides on certain restrictions, access may be denied. Unlikely?
Think of Cyprus, there have even been such measures within the EU. One hundred percent security also exists, by the way
not with bonds. These are based on the promise to repay the borrowed money in a certain period of time and get it
in addition still to interest. Whether this will actually happen remains to be seen
hardly guarantee in advance. This warning applies especially to the
Background of exorbitantly high national debt worldwide. Because the debt by no means only affects the much criticized "southerners".
On the contrary: the USA and Japan in particular have piled up worrying mountains of debt.

The first basic rule: There is no such thing as a safe investment!

What about stocks or other publicly traded securities?
Of course there are dangers. But companies like Siemens or BASF have a longer history than the euro or D-Mark; they have survived crises and world wars. 100
Reichsmarks or a German government bond from 1923 are long gone
Siemens shares, on the other hand, have been traded since 1899 and still represent a value today. The reason for this resilience: While money only represents values ​​and
If a consensus is needed about this appreciation of value, shares represent concrete tangible assets. After all, (almost) every company has them
Buildings, production facilities, goods and much more. Part of it belongs to the shareholder, and it is not so easy for governments
possible to dilute or even confiscate this property.

So security is always relative, regardless of whether it is about the savings book or a share. I did not include gold or other precious metals in this comparison. These do apply
especially in times of crisis as a safe haven, but they have mine
Opinion on a serious disadvantage: They do not bring any
Yield, they don't work for us. In addition, it is difficult to forecast an increase in the value of gold & Co. They will therefore hardly make a significant contribution to wealth creation
Afford. From my point of view, stocks are particularly suitable for creating or increasing your own wealth.

The attitude counts

This is also true
This is because they are very quick, straightforward and inexpensive too
have are. A deposit at a bank and a click of the mouse are enough
off, we already own the desired share. With that she is another
Tangible assets clearly superior. With real estate or art
for example, appraisal, purchase and settlement are very much
more complicated. In addition, there are usually very high transaction costs.
For shares, on the other hand, there is always a clear price, and the valuation is absolutely transparent. We can track supply and demand exactly at all times. Also can be shares
Buy and sell almost anytime, and with just a few euros in fees, we are there.

The framework conditions for stock exchange trading are therefore very good,
Nevertheless, most Germans shy away from stocks & Co.,
and many are frustrated with a lack of success. Above all, false expectations and are responsible for this negative image
an inappropriate attitude. Many of us need one first
Bringing about change. So it is helpful if doing money is fun. This fun can be taken for granted
not just prescribing, but the potential and results of the strategies described in this book are quite impressive. And on this basis, your own often changes too
Awareness. Each of you should also be aware that
neither the creation of a fortune nor the change in one's own attitude can be achieved overnight. who
don't want to give up in frustration anytime soon, should proceed slowly and focus on realistic milestones. With the first successes
- even if it is only successful in learning - the motivation for the further stages grows. In this situation, however, many of you will
encounter certain reservations from those around you.

Asset accumulation: a matter of time

Because a certain aversion to money matters is widespread, and dealing with it is considered a necessary evil by many people. But they prefer to suppress this unpleasant task.
But often we are with far more extreme attitudes
confronted: Money is not only considered gross, but many people
even profoundly believe that they don't have time to worry about their investments. In these situations, however, the question arises to me, what is someone more for?
Wants to earn money beyond personal needs. Who doesn't
If you have a plan for it, you don't need any additional income. Because that
Money will go away anyway. "Things" only grow in
the direction you want if we take care of it. That is true
for potted plants and children as well as for our assets.

Other questions arise from the supposed lack of time: How many hours per day does each person spend on work?
And what is the relationship between expense and income? Let us assume that eight hours a day are annual earnings
of 50.000 euros. So the time investment is enormous, we spend a third of our life at work. Are significantly more effective
Investments. Anyone who has learned to achieve a reasonable return
can generate high income with just a few hours per week or month. And supposedly there is not enough time for that? This argument
seems absurd to me.
The attitudes described lead to the savings in
Stay with the house bank, the advisor selects a few funds, and the bottom line is that you get two or three percent return per year.

The finance license: If you start without knowledge, you make mistakes

But when it comes to investing money, it's the same as when it comes to taxes: if you let the responsibility go, you literally have to pay for it. This is how sustainable and noticeable wealth accumulation is
almost impossible, the two or three percent returns mentioned will hardly suffice. Who his classic sources of income
how salary and co. wants to add long-term and noticeable needs is therefore needed
alternative ways. Strategies are needed to manage your own savings
better to put on. There are, but they require know-how
and the willingness to deal with the topic of money. she
must be willing to sacrifice your time for it. I mention this willingness explicitly because you will be unlikely to be successful if you lack the right attitude to investing. This is also true because it is through
all walks of life are downright chic to flirt with one's own ignorance of mathematics. What literature,
As far as history or music is concerned, most of them are educated citizens, but at the same time many of these people do not have one
Problem with giving the math loser. But anyone who, out of sheer anti-math arrogance, fails to recalculate the supposedly surefire recommendation of their own financial advisor or banker should not be surprised by the red numbers in their own portfolio.

Basically, investing money is no different from driving a car or laying tiles: Anyone who starts without the necessary knowledge makes mistakes. It is not for nothing that we are only allowed to drive with a driver's license on
Sit at the helm, and every craftsman does an apprenticeship for a few years.
The accumulation of assets and the involvement in the stock exchange are also work and require know-how. Unfortunately, the term “passive income” does not apply. The more success or return you strive for,
the more effort is usually required. So you should
Decide at the beginning of your career on the stock market which goals you are aiming for
strive for. In what time frame do you want to save what assets? How much time can you do this per day, per week or per
Month left, and how much can you start with? In addition
Another central set of questions about the activities comes up
The stock exchange - by the way, this also exists in connection with all other transactions: Do you know the risks and do you want them
come in? Answering these questions will determine which financial strategy is right for you.

Analyze your financial behavior

So there is introspection before every transaction and every deal. We have to look inside ourselves and ask ourselves how
we are ticking when it comes to finances. Please be honest with yourself! All
Enthusiasm for a strategy from this book and all exaltation
Goals are of no use if the necessary consistency is lacking in their implementation. The euphoria almost always ends in frustration, and in the end
there is less money left than at the beginning. I would like to emphasize one thing again: I do not give any rating when analyzing the behavior. It is not a question of whether, for example, spending money is "good"
or "bad". In this book I am only showing ways how
You can make a greater fortune with the help of the stock market. and
I draw all conclusions against this background: Is a certain behavior suitable for accumulating wealth? And first of all, it's about finding the right one
Finding a way for yourself. Notes on one's own attitude
and your own relationship to money can be found in your actions over the past few years. This is often where things get both exciting and frustrating.

Have you ever observed and analyzed your financial behavior closely over a period of two years? The income side is usually described quickly, salary
and perhaps capital income can be easily identified. Much more difficult, but also more illuminating, is the look at
expenditure. Because this provides information about how you tick financially. Anyone who does not achieve a savings rate despite reasonable income
And if you also lack the reserves, you are guaranteed to have difficulties building up your wealth and should analyze how it is going
can change this situation. Often there are “corpses in the cellar” on the expenditure side, for example long-term supply contracts
or subscriptions to facilities that have not been used for a long time.

Your personal income and expenditure account

In such cases, it is helpful to write down all the expenses for a year - please on a piece of paper so that it is in black and white
becomes visible - and to be examined very critically. Even if only 50
Allowing you to save euros per month, this step is an important start to a heightened awareness of money. the
Attitude is changing! You can define goals and develop yourself further. Because one thing is very important: if you start small, you have to
don't end up small. And like everything in life, you have to
Learn to deal with money. Unfortunately, the financial know-how comes
far too short in our society, although money plays a central role. Learning units on the basic principles of housekeeping or the mechanisms of money and banking are missing in
the school almost entirely. That is why we are mainly shaped by
what we learn at home and from our immediate environment.

In addition, we rarely question these learned behavior patterns and automatically act in the same way as ours
Surroundings. We can hardly get out of our skin when it comes to money either
out, no matter how the current situation is. A highlight
Incidentally, various studies on lottery winners cast on these mechanisms. If "poor" people win large sums, they flow
mostly 100 percent in consumption, and all the dreams are very
there quickly. Afterwards, these people are poorer than before. It
The strategies for holding a fortune are simply missing.
But it is precisely these that are absolutely necessary if we want financially
become and then remain independent.

The second basic rule: We can learn a lot from the rich!

The mentioned experience is also very much determined by emotional factors, for example fears influence our behavior
in terms of money. Because this influence is huge, this contains
Book its own chapter with a comprehensive insight into the
Stock market psychology.
In this context, it is instructive to take a look at the behavioral patterns of rich people. On the one hand, these are very important
on investing their money. And there is an investment
not from a fancy car or the latest smartphone.
Investing means: investing your own money in such a way that it generates income. On the other hand, the rich structure their money so that one
Asset growth is possible at all. For this they try that
to create optimal framework conditions.

Almost all wealthy
For example, people have companies, corporations or foundations. This can be used, for example, to address the tax
Exploit potential and set costs off significantly better. Where, for example, cars or telephones are a burden on private assets, they reduce the tax burden in the company and thus even have positive effects
Effects. In any case, it is possible to structure a large number of expenses in a tax-optimized manner and thus your personal need for money
to lower. Who only "branches off" as much as he needs to live
and investing the rest, you will usually achieve a substantial increase in wealth very quickly. Becoming financially independent with the help of the stock market - or other investments - therefore requires
the right framework and the right setting. And this includes the entire behavior of each and every one of us with regard to
your own finances. When we change our income and expenses
not optimizing permanently and not knowing the financial mechanisms behind it, the lottery jackpot or stock price explosion also help

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