Interviewing Body Language - 1 / 2: Why are gestures and facial expressions so important?

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In the application, presentation, and thus also the meeting and examination situation, you will be judged and judged by yourself - namely your opponent and everything you see and hear. The right way to communicate is of crucial importance.


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How well can you body language?

But what does communication really mean? How many languages ​​do you speak? Your mother tongue, one, two or even three foreign languages? What about your body language skills? Consider the following questions:

  • Do you know how to interpret non-verbal signals in dealing with others?
  • Do you understand the nonverbal signs of your counterpart in conversation?
  • Can you convince yourself with your body language, especially in the working world?
  • Do you know your own gait, your handshake and your facial expression?
  • How do you act and react in a difficult negotiating situation, such as a salary negotiation or a job interview?

The key role of body language

Many people do not have this very decisive language, or at least they are very restricted, although one should definitely distinguish between active and passive. Most people are not aware of the fact that there is such a thing as body language - and what a significant, important role they have in contact with others.

In doing so, she plays an absolutely important role in daily communication, in contact with others. No one can escape their effect. We humans present us, our personality and our life setting daily with our body, both private and professional. Christian Morgenstern is credited with the Bonmot: the body is the translator of the soul into the visible.

The whole body speaks

Let us be clear: a message which we want to say and say is only about 20 to 40% verbal, that is to say content, about 33% auditive (this concerns the perception of the nuances of the voice and vocal utterances without words) and to an almost 50% share non-verbal, H. Linguistically body.

From head to toe - the whole body always speaks: the way we sit in a chair or stand in the open air tells us more about us than we do imagine can, maybe even as we are right.

How you are judged in the interview

In the application, presentation and thus also the examination situation, you will be judged and judged by yourself - namely your opponent and everything you hear but also to see.

Also, you will be more perceived than you are likely to imagine (for example, your shoes, as you go, your hair, hands, fingernails, make-up, how well you are shaved, pleasant or obtrusive smell etc.). All of this flows into the decision-making process when it comes to filling a job and has enormous weight.

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