{Study} Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Virtual Reality: Top 5 AI trends in the world of work

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Technological developments have always had an influence on an important part of society: work. What will 2017 change in Artifical Intelligence? An overview of the most important trends. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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How Artifical Intelligence changes the world of work - 5 Trends

Whether the replacement of the telegraph by the telephone or the typewriter by the computer: New technologies changed jobs and activities in the past. This will also be the case in the future. In particular Artificial Intelligence (short form AI, or artificial intelligence) is increasingly moving into our private and working life. 2016 was already a year of artificial intelligence:

Self-driving cars, chatbots and the Internet of Things are on the rise. But with what impact on working life and cooperation in Company should be expected in this context? The following five AI trends illustrate what companies and employees can expect in the New Year.

1. Big Data

Data are the gold of the digital age and invaluable for many companies, also 2017. With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, which is based primarily on vast amounts of information, the topic of Big Data will become increasingly important in the future. Alone until the year 2020, the digital universe will grow to approximately 44 Zettabyte (corresponds to: 1.099.511.627.776 Gigabyte). In the coming year, machine learning will already help to combate all these data better.

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What impact does this have on companies and their employees? In some cases, machine learning will not only recommend content that companies and employees need, but above all also foresee their needs and provide information that they have not yet known they need at all. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will make everyday work easier by providing accurate, accurate information.

2. Internet of Things

Currently, more devices are connected to the Internet than there are people on the planet. This shows impressively how big the Internet of Things is already. On the work front, too, miracles can come true. Companies across all industries will increasingly use sensors to collect real-time data that will enable them to identify the needs of their employees and customers.

This scenario ranges from the delayed customer delivery to the control of the office environment, based on the settings of persons and their personal algorithms - all without human intervention. 2017 will be the year of the Internet of Things by introducing the concept to the workplace, and this innovation is so intuitive that it is hardly noticed.

3. Predictive Analytics

2017 will be the year when Predictive Analytics will play a greater role in business decision-making. Nowadays, more and more employees are involved in non-everyday tasks, so that the compilation of certain team leaders is a headache. Network analysis of relevant metadata can simplify this process by accurately identifying the right people for the right project and team, regardless of department, position, or title.

A recent McKinsey study has found that Predictive Analytics can reduce the sales process by 30 percent and increase the conversion rate by up to 10 percent. By selecting amplifiers and drivers over a network, Predictive Analytics also has the benefit of relieving managers from focusing on important things like the strategy and innovation of new business values.

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4. Work graph

Team-based messaging applications in 2016 have driven one or the other to white heat, as communication silos have emerged that made cross-company communication difficult. 2017 will therefore be about consolidating the Social Collaboration area. Because the apps on which companies are currently leaving are inevitably one of the biggest problems faced by companies and employees: fragmentation.

A collaboration hub that integrates all of these separate solutions solves many overriding problems that ESNs, chat-based apps, and document-centric offerings simply can not solve. Because separate solutions also generate their own metadata that are accessible only to specific individuals and teams, their value is limited. A collaborative hub, on the other hand, collects information across the enterprise, makes it visible, discoverable, and memorable - today and in the future. The company's memory is thus strengthened: For example, no change in the workforce is lost. One of the reasons why the so-called WorkGraph is becoming more important and more powerful and intuitive, according to 2017.

5. Interactivity: Voice-first and Virtual Reality

2017 is the year voice-first and virtual reality (VR) companies will infiltrate. Increases in the quality and speed of speech recognition technology have already made it easier and more straightforward to play music, order pizza or check the weather forecast. Now these improvements will make sure that Email- Organize mailboxes, create content and streamline meetings at work. In terms of VR, devices and technology will be improved in the coming year in such a way that major leaps in innovation can be expected.

The idea of ​​using VR for large-scale corporate process improvements is thus becoming more realistic. For example, it is conceivable that AI recommends the merger of 100 stores, three corporate offices and two production facilities in order to increase efficiency. Managers can not just rely on VR to view the new scenario, but also interact with the impact of the changes on customers, employees, and the supply chain to make informed decisions.

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    Big Data, Predictive Analytics & Virtual Reality: Top 5 AI trends in the world of work in 2017 ... via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended M7h0fwG6Ra

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