Why application processes need to be faster, simpler, more mobile: no time to apply!

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HR You are welcome to have applications that can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, thus seamlessly integrating into your own (IT) system both online and offline. What they often forget: Even applicants, and especially the good, have a lot to do and therefore little time for a complicated Bewerbungsprocedere. Why application processes need to be faster, easier, more mobile: no time to apply! bewerben_im_zug1

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With applications, bypass idle times


There are many studies on how people apply: electronically per eMail or online form, traditional with paper, copy shop and folder, perhaps more recently with the Iphone at a career fair. But how exactly does it look when people put together their documents and write their cover letter?

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Last weekend I in the regional train a surprising realization: There are people who write their applications on the train: With a small netbook for the cover letter and a mountain full of copies of certificates and folders armed in a backpack. Maybe he will print the cover letter in the next copy shop and then send everything together directly.

Now, one or the other questions, how good a Casting is that was written so between the door and hinge in a moving train. Personally, I think that's one thing above all else: Efficient. This is someone who knows how to use idle time for meaningful activities. Immediately stop!

Way with impractical application formalities


Why application processes have to become faster, easier, more mobile: no time to apply! apply in trainBut the matter shows something else: that paper applications are actually the last gossip, because for such a kind of mobile application completely useless. And that personnel are doing well to increase the number of applications online and above all with mobile phones and smartphones.

Because above all future high potentials have between above-average study achievements, Nebenjob and social commitment (in order to use a few clichés) not one thing: time. At least not to lose them in the copy shop and then later when sorting their documents. And not to spend hours on the computer while clicking through complicated online forms.

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Get to the target group where it has time!


After all, this target group is usually busy during study and travels a lot. Also abroad. So if you want to reach them, you need to make it easier to get in touch - and that's when people have time: for example when traveling by train. In waiting breaks at the airport, etc. So here with the special mobile phone online tools that you can edit ideally offline and the documents then only can send online - in the event that you are just driving through a radio hole or no hot spot in the Nearby is.

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  2. Simone Janson

    In the blog of the Harvard Businessmanager, a very nice article has now appeared on why online applications from companies like Daimler or BMW are completely inefficient -

  3. Simone Janson

    To my thesis of the complicated #quote RT @KEAL_Berlin like employer MA deter

  4. Simone Janson

    Hello Mr Professor Dr. Göschel,
    well, after all, the post was so useful that you have commented on it ;-)
    Seriously, this is what I wanted to achieve with this rather striking description: A discussion of the processes of application processes.

    "Why go there? What do I offer? What does the recipient want to read? .. "I totally agree with them. Only the thinking about it ideally should take place long before the application process. Then applications could be much more targeted than in the usual mass applications.

    Because it often happens that people write standardized applications, in bulk (they also the mountain of testimonial copies in the above example), which are formally in order, but content does not really fit .... and wonder that it hails rejections. On the other hand, there are HR specialists who sort out bad applications - and, first and foremost, do so for formal reasons ...

    The result is something like this: - but not he ideal employee. Pretty inefficient for both sides.

    As companies have apparently recognized this, they are increasingly trying to attract the good, dedicated people - for example, via Facebook or Twiter. But these are not the ones who sit at home all day waiting for mail but are busy and on the move. That they know what they want and can do, I just foresee with such a target group. But maybe you do not have time for complex application processes?

    All I have to do is remember that some time ago I refused a job offer - it would have been bad for business to spend the time on a decent job :-)

    There are, however, first approaches in companies to simplify the application procedure with mobile technology. But let me remind you of the applicant and not just what is practical for the company.

    Incidentally, I'm not sure you'll be smart about your left - should there be strange applications for professorships on the site or did you just want to point out your service?

    Greetings to the old homeland
    Simone Janson

  5. Simone Janson

    Thank you! RT @gordonthieme Recruiting with a difference. Interesting approach

  6. Gordon Thieme

    Recruiting with a difference. Interesting approach

  7. Michael Gröschel

    This sounds so meaningful that it can only be meant ironically, right?

    Applications, which are written between symbolic dining cars and train toilets, deserve to be disposed of regularly.

    Electronic applications - gladly. But that does not release you from the usual thoughts. Why go there? What do I offer? What does the recipient want to read? And that's exactly what you can not do en passant. So an absolute "no go" to stay in your language coloring.

    Even when applying for professorships you will find amazing -> www.fhprofwerden.de

  8. Simone Janson

    Freshly blogged: Why application processes need to be faster, easier, more mobile: no time to apply ...

  9. Competencepartner

    Why application processes have to become faster, easier, more mobile: no time to apply! ...

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