Application letter - 6 tips: How to convince your documents

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About optimal documents for a Casting can be argued. Not about success: At the latest after the twentieth cancellation applicants realize that more is important than cosmetics. But on what exactly? Six tips for successful application documents. Application documents

Here writes for you:

Maja Skubella Maja_SkubellaMaja Skubella is in the Career and Development Office, Svenja Hofert is responsible for Career Counseling and Application Advice.


Tip 1: Your application documents must be a mirror

Formulating your resume and cover letter is not a "painting thing". It takes time and a precise recap of your practical and theoretical experience. Analyze the job profile and the tasks in detail.

If you are looking for a person, this can also be a good friend, with whom you will always go through your career with a focus on the job profile. Write down the important points. The focus is on your concrete positioning. That's why you build your argumentation framework.

Tip 2: Position your application documents for target groups

Every area, be it marketing, purchasing, logistics, sales or as an assistant to the management needs different skills and soft skills. Think about what skills you should bring to your area.

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Your application documents are about you as a “product” to be advertised. You are the right person because ... Now you collect concrete arguments for your target group.

Tip 3: Your application documents begin with a success-oriented cover letter

First of all, it's about that Company to convey that you are (only) interested in this. Why do you want to work there? After that you have to make it clear to the company that the company needs you exactly. Where can you boast? If, for example, your turnover has increased as a result of your involvement, you have successfully managed employees and have been able to contribute to the success of the company in a project.

On the other hand, it is about successfully completed tasks that fit the ad profile. Also look at your future activities. Have you already done similar work? Think of a logical sequence. If you can not come up with specific facts and figures, convince emotionally in a storytelling cover letter.

Tip 4: Motivate with your cover sheet for further reading

A cover sheet as a “QuickReader” is upstream of your CV. It is intended to motivate the decision maker to continue reading carefully. With this page you can be sure of quick attention.

Your cover page consists of your professional application photo and a short profile. The most important facts are bundled in a snap-point manner. What is really important to the reader? He clearly recognizes your positioning. Limit yourself to five to seven points. The more performance-oriented your job, the more fact-rich you should show your success.

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Tip 5: Curriculum vitae optimization potential - you can get that out of your CV

By omitting or emphasizing, you place emphases in your CV. Present important episodes in a success-oriented way. That sounds a lot more interesting to the decision-maker than if you describe your activities (only) in an objective and task-related manner. Write not only what you have done, but what you have achieved in your CV.

Try to be as specific as possible to the individual categories always with focus on your job profile. Do not underestimate the commitment and leisure activities. Interests are part of your personality. They show for what you have developed passions.

Tip 6: ET CETERA or whatever else you have to consider in the application documents

If you have now prepared your documents perfectly, you must also send them perfectly to your recipient. One of the four variants, eMail, Online form, by mail or in person you will use for yourself.

No matter which way you choose, keep in mind that you can overlook mistakes even when repeated. Give your application to a second or even third person. In addition, set aside your application for 24 hours before you finally send them. I wish you success

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  1. sandra

    Very interesting article, received some good tips here Thank you. Now I can send applications in peace to get an apprenticeship. Many Thanks.

    Greeting Sandra

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Sandra, thank you, we are glad to hear. Good luck with the application.

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