Better sell: The thermostat in our heads

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You always reach the sales you need? Every year a reliable increase of three or four percent? Good for you. That means you are on safe footing, solid midfield. But not anymore. Better sell: The thermostat in our minds Better sell 03

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The internal thermostat regulates the turnover


I always find it amazing how many CompanyHow many sellers manage to make exactly the sales they need to survive.

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No less, but no more. They create it under the most difficult market conditions - and even if the market offers huge opportunities. Sales growth remains the same. As uniform as the room temperature.

What is the thermostat effect?


That's what I call the thermostat effect. If you set the thermostat to 21 ° C in winter, this is the room temperature. Yes, clearly: not constantly. They vent and the temperature drops to 18 ° C.

Then the heating is running at full speed until 21 ° C is reached again. When the sun hits the window, the temperature sometimes rises to 24 ° C. Then the thermostat lowers the power of the heater until the temperature settles at 21 ° C again.

Why we always have the same result


The interesting thing is: Such a thermostat is also in our heads! He ensures that our results always stay at the same level. Incidentally, this applies not only in sales, but in all areas of life.

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If a man who has had 30 kg overweight for many years is dietary and 30 kg decreases, then he weighs in 99 percent of the cases one or two years later just as much as at the beginning. At all events, if he does not fundamentally change his nutritional and exercise habits. And that's the least they do.

It is as if an internal thermostat were set to "30 kg overweight". Thousands of dietetics and weight loss products survive in the market, because this effect guarantees a never-ending target group.

Why Lotto millionaires are again broke


The thermostat effect is also the reason why most of the lottery millionaires do not have their profit after two years. Or even get stuck in debt. They have landed a single coup, but they have never learned to deal with money.

Your inner thermostat is not set to "millionaire" but "broke". So they squander the profit. They put him in dubious undertakings and end up with a huge debt mountain.

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We can not get out of our skin


The thermostat effect also works the other way round. A colleague has told me about an interesting lecture, where she was recently.

The lecturer was once a successful businessman, then he has dropped out and become a beggar monk. Meanwhile, he organizes an amalgamation of mendicant monks and gives lectures about it. So much for begging. His head thermostat is clearly still set to "entrepreneurs".

Always below the limit


And now you're going to transfer it! Also, as a seller, you unconsciously do just as much to achieve what you have always achieved. You go to your limit - and then stay there.

I find this highly interesting: If the market situation is critical and all have to struggle, then the sellers are strictly like the Ironman. If the market situation becomes favorable again, they relax. As a result, they always stay on the same level, regardless of what is happening around them. And are not aware of this.

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Precipitation and The Fear of Failure


You set your goals as realistic as possible, maybe even a bit higher, because you want to develop further. But in no case so high that you have to seriously fear to fail at the goal.

And what happens? You reach your goal. Great. But you do not reach any more. How then? You set your pace so that you have a point landing at the end of the year. And if you arrive at your destination sooner? Then celebrate. Give yourself a break. In other words, they stop.

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