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Not just executives need assertiveness. Those who succeed in inspiring others to their goals can achieve them faster and more easily. More important Success Factors that's what confidence and clear rules of the game are.

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Everyone has their own needs, desires and goals. Some of them do better than others. For executives, it is normal everyday life that not all employees pull together and do exactly the same as they are desired - at least not for a long period of time. The reasons for this are diverse.

All too often it happens that employees are hired and thrown into the cold water. Instead of really getting them to work properly, they should simply make it easy - true to the motto: the person was hired as a salesman - then she will also know what is expected of her.

Requirements and expectations

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are afraid of clear job descriptions, indicating the specific tasks that are expected by employees. But how can employees know what exactly belongs to their tasks - and what is not? How can they know who has something to say? And who is not? So there are all too often conflicts because colleagues delegate tasks that they can not delegate to others.

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But also why and how are decisive for all participants. If someone does not know why he has to do something for them exactly in this way, there is a high risk that a task will be given the wrong priority. And if someday everybody does what he thinks is right, the desired result will not necessarily come about.

Personnel selection as success

That is why the goal achievement also depends on the personnel selection. Once a "rotten apple" is employed, it quickly infects the other colleagues.

Because colleagues are increasingly downshifting their commitment when they feel that their weak colleagues are coming comfortably through the workplace without getting any trouble with the management. For example, the dismissal of lower-ranking persons can even be a relief for the entire workforce because they no longer have to deal with them.

We are a company

Statistics document again and again that numerous employees have quit internally. Instead of being consistent now and actually looking after a better job, they still cling to it. Whining and complaining is one thing, acting in a concrete and binding manner is another. But it goes without saying that people with this mindset will not perform at their best in the company. Ideally, the eyes shine with joy when an employee speaks of his employer and “his company” in his free time.

This likelihood increases the more the employee feels that they are part of the whole. Appreciation, recognition, professionalism and fun are decisive factors that cause people to grow beyond themselves in a company. But in fact there are many executives who have no interest that their “subordinates” grow - after all, they could then saw at their chair. And at the latest here it becomes clear that not everyone is suitable for leadership - and that people are not allowed to ascend based on relationships, but on the basis of competence.

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Clear game rules must be defined

Regular employee discussions and clear rules help enormously in the fact that everyone knows what he is. Such discussions must also be used to find out where the employee still needs support in order to reach the agreed targets. After all, grass does not grow faster just because you pull it.

Thus, executives need to help employees through feedback to develop further. Supervisors must also be open to the opinion of the employee. Because employee interviews are not monologues, they are dialogues, with the aim of achieving the business objectives more securely and of higher quality.

How long can the leash be?

Trust is hard for many people. Often executives request this from their employees. But the opposite is the case with a shoe: when an employee feels that his supervisor trusts him and gives him the appropriate room for maneuver, his personality and his commitment grow.

Of course, it is also possible to check and report regularly. But at the latest when the employee asks himself daily when filling out a table, why his boss does not simply pull the numbers from the computer, something is wrong. On the other hand, it also brings back little, if you can give yourself as a leader, the numbers regularly, but not consistently intervene in a bad development immediately helping. Because for coworkers messages are fast harassment, and no assistance for the success.

Way out competitions?

Employee competitions can help achieve a certain goal in the short term. But a bidding alone is not enough, it must also be discussed and trained, how everyone achieves this goal - otherwise such games are fast demotivating. This is why, in a competition, there must not only be one winner, but as many as possible, so that all stakeholders feel that their commitment is worthwhile - and there are real opportunities.

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Thus, goals can not be simply dictated in the style command and obedience, but must be agreed with the employee. It is only if all parties concerned really want to achieve the goal that the goal has a good chance to become a reality.

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