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We have already reported on the cross-pro research period survey in the past. Now the results for 2013 are there. And it turns out that there is little change in the top spots. Behind, however, already.

Chart_Recruiting Canal_Arbeitgebersicht_2013

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Gerhard Kenk kenkGerhard Kenk is editor of Crosswater Systems and is considered the grandfather of the jobblogging scene.


General job exchanges

As already in the year 2012, Stepstone secured the first place in front of Jobware. While Stepstone enjoys a much higher use of both employers and applicants as jobware, there must be a lot of jobware in all other criteria.

These include, for example, the employer ratings of the criteria quality and quantity as well as recommendation and satisfaction and search quality in the candidate assessment.

Shootingstar at 4

In second place, there was a surprise: Jobware had to share with meinestadt.de, which compared to the previous year with a good performance could make a good place.

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And after that comes the fourth place of the shooting star at the general job exchanges in the year 2013: Stellenanzeigen.de The combination of more attention with the applicants, an improved search quality with a well-kept quality on the job site, catapulted job ads.de by four places upwards ,

The winners 2013 at a glance

1. StepStone 2. Jobware 2. Meinestadt.de 4. Stellenanzeigen.de 5. Kalaydo 6. Employment Agency 7. Xing 8. Monster 9. Jobscout24

Special job boards

There was a kind of “palace revolution” at the special job exchanges. Last year's winner, Hotelcareer, had to give up two places and give the top position to Jobvector, who were able to move up these two places. YourFirm was unimpressed by the change in second place.

What are the main differences? Jobvector is not the most used in comparison to the other special jobbures, but the persecutors on the job site can be significantly dependent on the search quality and satisfaction as well as the employers in the quality of the candidates and the recommendation. Hotelcareer sets benchmarks on the employer's quantity and quality as well as on the recommendation. However, the search quality on the applicant side should be improved. For Yourfirm the same applies to the search quality.

The winners 2013 at a glance

1. Jobvector (Science, Life-Science, MINT) 2. Yourfirm (specialists and executives for the middle class) 3. Hotelcareer (hotel and restaurant industry) 4. Absolventa.de 5. Experteer.de 6. Kliniken.de

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job search engine

The job search engines are within “Germany's best job portals” in a special situation because there are not enough employer reviews, but this category is such an important player for the overall market in online recruiting. Therefore, an extra seal of approval is awarded for this.

Kimeta lies after use even ahead of the worst competitor ICJobs. In terms of satisfaction, both are equal. In terms of search quality, ICjobs is even ahead of Kimeta. Gigajob usually shows significantly worse values. For the next year, however, the first three have to dress warmly. Even now, based on the values, it can be foreseen that if the newcomer Indeed reaches the necessary number of applicant reviews, this job search engine can place the first-placed in serious danger.

The winners 2013 at a glance

1. Kimeta 2. iCjobs 3. Gigajob 4. Jobrapido.de 5. Indeed 6. Jobworld 7. Cesar.de 8. Jobturbo.de 9. Jobrobot 10.Jobsuma

The methodology

About 23.000 Applicants and more 1.300 employers have voted through Germany's best job portals up to the 31.8.2013. A total of 54 job portals were tested at 15, on the XNUMX website.

The popularity of a job portal results from the combination of the frequency of use with the satisfaction and the result quality. What is hidden behind these names is explained below. Only job portals that have at least 30 ratings and at least 15 ratings on the employer's site are considered for the overall evaluation.

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How is the result calculated in detail?

  • Frequency of use: In order to calculate the frequency of use of applicants, the job portals correct the Alexa Ranking (www.alexa.com) for the visitors who leave the respective page immediately after being called (bounce rates) as well as the partial use (with 10% of the assumed total usage). used by media portals with (eg the job market at meinestadt.de or Kalaydo). at Company counted the frequency of use in the PROFILO study.
  • Satisfaction: For the calculation of the satisfaction the data of the jobseekers (CrossPro research study, general satisfaction) or the companies (PROFILO study, recommendation rate) are used.
  • Quality of results: To calculate the quality of the results, the information provided by jobseekers (CrossPro-Research: search quality) and companies (PROFILO study, combination of quality and quantity of incoming applications) is used.
  • Weighting: The use of 35 percent, satisfaction with 45 percent and the result quality with 20 percent are included in the rating.
  • Creation of the overall ranking: For the overall ranking, all job portals with more than 30 evaluations are evaluated on the basis of these criteria. This is done on the job side with all job portals that have at least 15 ratings. The overall winners must come under the first 10 in both partrankings to be considered. In general marketing, only the generalist job exchanges go in, because in the other job portals on the one hand the critical quantity is missing and otherwise no apples with pears are to be compared.

Further addressed questions in “Germany's Best Job Portals 2013” ​​and the associated sub-studies:

  1. What are the recruiting channels for employers today and tomorrow?
  2. How do candidates actually look for a (new) job?
  3. What are the job portal selection criteria?
  4. The most used job portals at employers?
  5. Should companies be oriented towards the competition or the applicants?
  6. Where is the industry / competitor switched?
  7. How satisfied are the companies with the job portals used?
  8. Which job portals do applicants use most frequently?
  9. How satisfied are the applicants with the job portals used?
  10. What is the optimal strategy when using job portals?

Further detailed information can be found under http://www.deutschlandsbestejobportale.de

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