Career orientation Job search Application: 6 preparation tips for students and trainees

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School is over and the next phase of life awaits: studies or vocational training. Clever school leavers already deal with their training and study opportunities beforehand, because their careers should not stall later on.

Career orientation Job search Application: 6 preparation tips for students and trainees

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What is asked: the labor market analysis helps

Which job profiles will be particularly in demand over the next few years? Those who get information before they start their training / studies gain a career advantage. Learning popular professions brings innumerable job and career opportunities. Academics and trainees are desperately wanted, but not in all areas. If you really want to lay the foundation for a successful future area, you should therefore plan your training as smartly as possible.

The Look at the labor market analysis shows that digitization will continue to advance steadily over the next few years. Anyone interested in digital professions already has an advantage. Now it is a matter of reconciling your own interests with the career opportunities. This is at least as important as the search for a suitable employer after the end of your studies, the end of your training.

The digital change: these are the opportunities on the job market

The federal government has long recognized that the digital change in full swing is. This also changes the labor market, as many processes can be automated. As a result, classic jobs in which muscle strength and manpower could be eliminated in the future, but new ones could be added that are about brains and smart skills. The new job profiles of digital change include, for example: Feel Good Manager, virtual assistant, content creator and videographer.

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Feel Good Manager - a completely new application of psychological studies

Anyone at one of the most famous universities in Germany, at the University of MannheimIf you want to study psychology, you can work in countless areas of the private sector. One of them is the new one Job of the Feel Good Managerwhich has only become necessary due to digitization and the new team spirit.

More and more companies can take on the position of a Feel Good Manager, because this is where the levers of productivity are turned. Anyone who holds this job ensures that the employees feel comfortable in the company without having to go to the boss or their head of department with every complaint or feeling unwell.

For example, a Feel Good Manager has the following tasks:

  • Organization of joint team / company activities
  • Provision of sports offers for employees
  • Spread a pleasant office atmosphere (for example with free fruit or other snacks)

The future as a virtual assistant: also work in the home office

The secretary in the boss's anteroom or the assistant of an entire team who sit in the office all day are hardly found in many companies. Instead, support in the office with phone calls, scheduling and other tasks is also much smarter.

Virtual assistants are conquering the offices and bring many advantages to a company. Since the assistants mostly work on an independent basis, the company naturally has significantly lower labor costs and can take advantage of tax advantages. But the job description is also particularly interesting for virtual assistants themselves, because they work for several clients at the same time and can act from any location. Working in the home office or on the beach - as long as all tasks are carried out reliably, the workplace does not matter.

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Training as a virtual assistant: Diversity brings excitement and variety to everyday work

In the best case scenario, virtual assistants have a commercial education and are familiar with all office management tools. This includes the common operating systems and tools for organizing the work environment, calendar planning and much more.

Depending on the work environment in which virtual assistants are used, the skill profile can be much more extensive. The digital assistants also support, for example, text creation, image design or video editing.

Content Creator: Word Games Make Money

Almost every company now has its own website that needs to be filled with interesting content. The content creator is needed so that the users always receive fresh input. You are particularly creative when it comes to words and images. The profession of content creator can only be learned to a limited extent, because several skills are required here. Everyone who is enthusiastic about language and who knows how to inspire with language themselves has a good basis for starting a career.

Students of German studies or other linguistic areas often switch to the profession of content creator, because here they can live out their feeling for language like hardly anywhere else. The jobs as a content creator are also suitable for career changers who have an enthusiasm for language and, above all, for effective advertising campaigns.

The apprenticeship / studies are over: this is how you take a step towards professional success

Your studies or training are almost complete and what now? So that the last few years have not been completely in vain and your career can continue without interruption, it is important to be smart. With the following tips, clever trainees and students can make the leap to new employers.

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1st tip: take precautions early

Securing for the future is certainly not the first thing that new graduates focus on when starting their careers. Still, this is a good time to look into this issue. Often the first time you switch from family insurance with the health insurance company to your own coverage. In this case, the parents' previous insurance is not always the best individual solution.

Even if you think further into the future, early coverage can make sense - with certain supplementary insurances or with old-age provision. The earlier contracts are concluded here, the cheaper the tariffs or the more contribution years that come together at the end. In addition, students can still have certain expenses claim against tax before starting your career - such as the contributions for an occupational disability insurance.

It is important to check exactly which hedges make sense early on and how much money is available for them. Many contracts can be started with a low premium and topped up later as income increases.

2. Tip: A question of conscience: What do I want from the future employer?

Everyone gets to know each other a little better during their studies and vocational training. During this period, it quickly becomes clear what your own demands will be on your future professional life.

  • How long do I want to work per day / week?
  • What do I want to earn in my job?
  • Where do I want to work (regionally flexible or regionally rooted)?
  • Which benefits are important to me at my employer (for example free membership in a fitness studio)?

Before you even start looking for an employer, everyone should make a list of these important points. The more precisely the requirements for the employer can be outlined, the easier it will be to choose the new work environment that fits perfectly.

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3rd tip: take a close look at employer profiles

The search can begin with the list of requirements for the new employer. Almost every company now has its own website, which provides insights into the team, the work environment or the corporate philosophy. Maybe friends or acquaintances even have an insider tip from an employer with whom they have had particularly good experience.

4th tip: compile applications with personal handwriting

While the search for a suitable employer is in full swing, one thing should not be missing: the application documents. They should always be made completely and, if possible, in digital and paper form. With the application documents, however, it is not only important that they are complete, but also that they have a personal signature.

Anyone who makes a difference in a company wants to stand out from the crowd and convince with their special skills. That should of course also be in the Casting can be identified. That is why the cover letter is particularly important. A good cover letter has:

  • a relation to the company
  • the names of the people who are responsible for the application
  • a smart length

When writing a cover letter, it is not important to outline the entire training path and what the employer would like to see. Instead, it serves as a door opener to make any new employer curious about their own abilities and to accept the invitation to an interview.

Tip 5: study job advertisements early on

Good organization is everything in career planning. Anyone who knows that their training / studies will end in August of that year, for example, should not start looking for a place of work in August.

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Anyone who studies job advertisements from time to time at the beginning of the year or visits job fairs, for example, can make initial contacts with interesting employers. Many companies already have a lengthy application process that can take several weeks or even months. Therefore, an early application for a job advertisement is an advantage.

6. Tip: Be smart in the conversation, but don't overdo it

If the invitation to the job interview worked, an important step on the new path in life has been taken. The job interview is now about selling yourself well. The line between being smart and arrogant is often fine. Ensure a positive impression in the interview:

  • polite manners
  • Concentration on the most important properties
  • Counter questions to the company representative

Body language is also extremely important. Experience has shown that HR employees are particularly good at reading body language. In order to make a positive impression, your shoulders should never hang, your arms should never be crossed and the hectic pounding and pawing with your feet on the ground should be avoided. Instead, a straight seat with loosely laid arms on your lap appears confident and yet stylish.

A matter of money: Salary issues are a must

Questions about earnings are often taboo for many applicants in the first interview. Wrong, as long as it is presented as skillfully and, above all, smartly. It's good to know your worth and to ask the question of salary. However, this should not happen at the beginning of the conversation, but at the end.

Applicants often get the ball passed and are asked to express their salary expectations. Here it is important to do a little research in advance and perhaps look at the salary structure of the company and compare it with the average salaries of the profession. Experience shows that as a beginner you earn a little less, which should also be taken into account when specifying your salary expectations.

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