Career entry and career opportunities as a humanities scholar: Success as a theater scholar

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Humanities scholars still have a hard time on the job market, because the imagination of many employers about their potential uses is low. But more and more generalists are in demand again today. So new opportunities for orchid subjects like theater scholars? Best of HR –®

Here writes for you:

Felicitas Reichenbach is an online editor.


Humanities - Everything and Nothing?

When I started 1998 to study theater studies, the most frequently asked question to me was: What are you doing with it? Today, eleven years later, the most frequently asked question from the same people is: How did you come to the profession? Did not you study theater studies? That sums up the problem of the course very well. Theater science, like most humanities, is everything and nothing. The most important thing is still what you pull out of your studies for yourself and, above all, through which internships and work student jobs you finally decide for one or the other career.

Theater Studies: What is actually being studied?

First and foremost, however, the most important thing for anyone who thinks about pursuing this study path: the degree program is called Theater SCIENCE! Many, many to be precise, studiously ignore this word when enrolling and then get disappointed.

Even in my year, not even half of all freshers have taken the intermediate exam because they have finally decided on a more practice-oriented course of study or training. Anyone who believes that they can attend drama courses, film practice, scenic internships or directing seminars during a theater science degree program is wrong.

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Theory instead of practice reference

It is true that such offers are available at the institutes as a kind of "practical goodness", but by no means make up the majority of the course. The focus at the institutes for theater studies is on imparting theoretical-analytical and historical-critical knowledge of theater.

The students deal with the history, analysis, methodology, theory and aesthetics of all theatrical disciplines. These include drama, music theater, dance, performance, puppet theater and children's and youth theater. As in my place of study in Munich most of the institutes also offer many film studies seminars. After the intermediate exam you finally have the opportunity to specialize in the preferred style of theater.

Where can theater studies be studied?

Theater studies can currently be studied in Germany at the universities of Munich, Berlin (FU), Leipzig, Mainz, Lingen / Ems, Giessen and Bochum - usually with bachelor's or master's degrees. Other universities offer mixed courses such as media and theater studies or focus on eg dance or music theater. The content conveyed differs at the institutes.

Before choosing an institute, you should thoroughly compare the offered seminars and decide on your interests. In any case, one can adjust to the need to read and read a whole lot of scripts and plays from all epochs. My tip: The praxisseminars are very much sought after, so every semester, every semester, is anew to be the fastest. Always worth it!

Armor for the cultural sphere

From my standpoint, I can only say: theater science was my dream study. In addition to a broad knowledge of the history, society, culture and art of the past 500 years, I have also taken the ability to work in a structured and self-responsible manner, to quickly analyze and to compose fluent texts. The career path that you follow after your studies depends on your personal preferences.

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The tools to gain a foothold in the cultural field will definitely be taught during your studies. Acting dramaturgy, film and series dramaturgy, theater education, theater and cultural criticism, press and public relations, publishing or arts and crafts offices are not uncommon. Since theater studies do not have a precise job description, the possibilities are manifold. Where you end up depends - as mentioned above - very much on the internships and student jobs that you do. Only by trying out while working in different branches of theater, film, television, publishing, etc. can you find out in the exclusion process, what fits and what does not.

What will become of theater scholars?

And that has finally become of my five dearest classmates: Journalist at the Süddeutschen, Radio and voice actors, employees at various film festivals, actors and employees of an artist agency. I started my own business right after graduation and now work as a freelance editor for various online magazines, regularly organize fashion events with theatrical elements and am in the chairmanship of a small publishing house.

In the field of theater studies, diversity is the winner. Have fun choosing a career! Because education definitely helps - always!

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