[Live] Christoph Lang from Berlin Partner: "21.224 creates new jobs at four-year IT location in Berlin!"

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[Live] Christoph Lang from Berlin Partner:Christoph Lang from Berlin Partner GmbH tells in an interview how Company When founding and settling in Berlin, they are supported by how this funding is financed as a public-private partnership and why Berlin is the ideal IT location.

Christoph Lang is Head of Corporate Communications / PR at Berlin Partner GmbH, the Berlin-based company for business development and location marketing since July.

Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Mr. Lang, what exactly does your company ?.


We support foreign investors in the settlement and accompany Berlin companies in matters of foreign trade, in the area of ​​security and expansion of the city. As a private private partnership, we are supported by more than 160 private companies, operate business support and are entrusted with capital and location marketing by the Berlin Senate

This sounds a bit spongy - do you have an example?


In cooperation with our partners we develop eg communication campaigns, organize events and networks for Berlin. For example, the capital city campaign "be

Berlin ", which was launched in March 2008: The aim is to strengthen the positive image of Berlin as well as to promote the city nationally and internationally - as a place of residence, business location and as a destination for many tourists.

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So do you mainly work to attract more tourists to Berlin?


Also, but not only. The Berlin Senate and Berlin's economy want to raise awareness of Berlin as an industrial metropolis. That's why the capital city campaign "be

Berlin "in cooperation with leading industrial companies in Berlin a new focus on the topic industrial location Berlin. This has recently been decided on 06.09.2010.

Speaking of industrial location: Let us return to business promotion - do you have a few figures?


Yes, of course. In the years 2005 to 2009, 464 companies have moved into the German capital with the support of business development. They created a total of 21.224 new jobs and invested 1,663 billion euros.

How do you finance yourself?


Mostly through private companies: More than 160 Berlin partners support us in the framework of a public-private partnership - so far, in the future there will be more. Also around 20 scientific institutions as well as important associations and foundations support the work of our society. In Germany, a so far unique model of private-public partnership.

What does this model look like?


55 percent of our shares are held by representatives of the private economy (partner for Berlin Holding 45%, IHK 5%, HWK 5%, uvb 5%), our Supervisory Board is majority-owned by entrepreneurs. This structure enables us to think entrepreneurially, to act flexibly on the market and to offer companies the support they need for their commitment in Berlin. Further information on the shareholders, the Supervisory Board and the management can be found at:

And what do you do to promote business?


Within the scope of the 1. January 2010, the extensive consulting and service services of our company and other partners are available to Berlin companies. Consultants in the 12 districts and Berlin partners support companies in all matters related to their business activities so that they can concentrate on the essentials: growth at the location and economic success.

What does such a consultation look like?


We provide, for example, location advice and help with the search for commercial real estate, answers to funding and financing questions, support in mediation and qualification of specialists, discharge by authorities and licensing management, contacts with partners, companies and organizations, information on technology and innovation transfer, Foreign trade promotion to open up new markets abroad as well as support for the site security.

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This sounds a bit more abstract - is that more concrete?


We help companies, Eg finding a suitable location by looking for suitable objects in our real estate portal, organizing sightseeing to accompany the whole up to the conclusion of a purchase or lease contract. We find suitable funding and financing solutions for enterprises, check the fulfillment of promotion criteria and accompany entrepreneurs to finance and technology partners.

We also support companies in finding suitable employees. Our services range from the invitation to tender for the organization of assessment centers to the provision of qualification grants. For several years we have been supporting the http://www.BerlinWebWeek.de the perception and networking of the webbranch nationally and internationally.

After all, we organize joint trade fairs and hold company tours. We are also at your disposal for all questions concerning the European Union.

Business trips? How can you imagine that?


We have traveled with several Berlin startups to Silicon Valley several times and have campaigned for Berlin and gave Berlin startups the opportunity to make new contacts.

What are the startups?


I would like to mention some of the young Berlin companies that participated in the web2.0: Aka-Aki, Chocri, Compuccino, Jovoto, Palabea, Sternwald, Mufin, Smeet.

Do you also offer financial support?


No, we are exclusively consulting. The Investment Bank Berlin IBB is responsible for the start-up promotion. In addition, we generally refer to GRW funding ....

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Not everybody knows this technical jargon - what does GRW mean?


GRW means joint task "improvement of the regional economic structure". In addition there is good information, eg about the investment sum, on the sides of our Business Location Center ,.

Is there any restrictions on the promotion of a company, for example a certain minimum size?


This is always different in the individual case and also quite complicated. However, with IBB funding sponsors, you can preselect the appropriate funding and advice quite quickly, and then you can get specific information:

Are there any industries that you particularly support?


These are our priority sectors in which the Berlin economy is developing particularly dynamically: such as "Services", "Industry, Mobility and Clean Technologies", "Life Sciences" and "Media, ICT and Creative Industries". In these promising industries and growth areas are the strengths of the business location.

How is the goal of your work?


The aim is to convey the strength of the resident companies of the IT industry and the excellent framework conditions of the location to potential customers and investors at home and abroad.

So they also offer a special service for outsourced companies and investors?


Right, we have different so-called service packages. With the Berlin Business Welcome Package, we offer the unique opportunity to test the Berlin location at favorable conditions. As part of the Berlin Business Financing Package, we can compile the appropriate funding and funding solutions. Our Berlin Business Locating Package is aimed at foreign companies wishing to invest for the first time or once again in Berlin with the aim of finding a suitable location in the capital region. In addition, the Berlin Busines Recruiting Package provides the opportunity to assist investors in the search for qualified professionals from the academic, commercial, technical and administrative sectors.



Despite the sharpest global recession since the global economic crisis, the number of successful relocation and expansion projects was still 77, which is about two-thirds of the previous year. However, the projects were significantly smaller, so that in the past year could be acquired for Berlin 2.020 new jobs with a total investment of 139 million euros.

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Photovoltaic manufacturer Evergreen Solar is joining forces and opening a new European headquarters in Berlin. The Polish rail logistics company CTL is also coming to Berlin. The Hong Kong SAR Government opened in March 2009 an Economic and Trade Representative, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, for Central and Eastern Europe on the Spree. With the "Miami Ad School" one of the most renowned advertising schools of the USA decided for Berlin. The Suhrkamp publishing house strengthens with its move the publishing scene in the German capital. Berlin Partner and the Berlin Senate supported the return of the fashion fair "Bread and Butter". Another big success is the establishment of the Berlin Fashion Week as an international fashion event twice a year.

Since the term Service Packages already strongly reminds of a world-famous operating system: In conclusion, you can briefly give a few facts and figures about the IT location Berlin.


Yes gladly:

  • Knapp 5.000 companies with 50.000 employees
  • Around 11,3 billion in sales annually
  • Location of major international companies such as Siemens, IBM, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Oracle, eBay
  • 20 of the 30 largest e-business companies with headquarters or branches in the capital region
  • With 1,4 million DSL connections Europe's largest closed broadband network
  • Greatest potential for specialists in IT and telecommunications in Germany
  • Strong initiatives and networks: We make IT, BITKOM, VPRT, VATM
  • Test market for new applications and services
  • Largest digital communication network in Germany with over 200.000 km fiber optic cable
  • 70 Internetprovider and 160 network operators
  • Around 800 public wireless LAN access in Berlin alone
  • IFA, German Multimedia Award, LinuxTag

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