From the barrack to the stock exchange: Twitter - The success story

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Twitter is getting ready to become the new hype network with 165 millions of users worldwide. For veteran social media hare long an old hat, the founder story behind Twitter is all the more exciting. Because 2006 started in a shabby barrack.

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From the shabby barrack to the stock market


In November 2013 Twitter, for example, "twittering" successfully went to the New York Stock Exchange. The microblogging service has long been one of the most important social networks worldwide, alongside Facebook and YouTube. About 165 Millions of people spend more than 90 millions of status messages every day.

The limitation to only 140 characters is the success secret of the Zwitscher service. Such a rapid success story was not to be expected when Evan Williams 2006 gave birth to the little bird in somewhere in San Francisco with some friends in a shabby barrack.

The founding history of Twitter: company biography and milieus research


Nick Bilton tells in his book "Twitter" the story behind the scenes of the intelligence service - from birth to the present. He has conducted "hundreds of hours of interviews" and "eMails, presentations and newspaper articles "to create a uniquely detailed picture of an unusual start-up.

This is very well done, because Bilton completes his notes with fictional elements to an atmospheric tight narrative thread. "Twitter" reads as exciting as a novel, is equally corporate biography, business crime and environmental studies of West Coast hackers and programmers of the budding 21. Century.

Looking for the business model


The author will take you back to the windowless backyard room near the South Park, where Ev, Noah, Jack and Biz will find new online business models for beer and pizza and reject it until the idea for Twitter is. More random than planned.

The Internet service has long registered a six-digit number of users, as the question of the actual business model is still open. Slowly, Twitter feels like Company to the laws of global players in Internet business.

Modern Beatles: Between Management Mistakes and Family Problems


This is what makes the company likeable, and especially its founders, Ev, Noah, Jack and Biz, to whom Nick Bilton devotes lovingly designed portrait studies. Regardless of whether it is about the initial programming attempts of the founding team ("Rabble often programmed with one hand on the keyboard and scratched the testicles with the other).

Or the self-image of the founders ("modern Beatles, whose instruments were laptops and their music programming languages"). Or to the many "family" misunderstandings, conflicts and hair-raising management mistakes ("internally there was complete chaos"): Bilton is always very close to his with the descriptions

A sensitive history of coincidences, friendship and disappointment


Conclusion: "Twitter" is a wonderful book: Touching, exciting, sometimes with a wink, Nick Bilton describes how Twitter has become one of the most important Internet companies of our time.

Not just any corporate biography, but the empathetic story of coincidences, friendship, big deals and great disappointment. And of course good ideas at the right time in the right place.

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