Let go of bad customers: 6 steps to dream sales

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It is only when you have exhausted the potential of the existing customers that you have recovered your customers that you have lost them, that you are looking for new customers. But not blindling, but targeted. dream

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Create a list of your dream customers

You do not just look in the yellow pages online, who is still fiddling around in your target market, and overpay ones with phone calls and mailings. That would be energy waste.

No, what you do is: You regularly create a list of your dream customers. And ask all your sales staff to create such lists as well. For example, always at the turn of the year.

From the dream to reality

This list shows the companies you would like to work with. They clearly identify the potential of these customers, who they are working with at the moment, and under which conditions it is possible to acquire these customers.

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Do not put this list in a drawer with the words "dream", but discuss it with your colleagues in the office. Regularly: once a month or once a quarter.

You are planning measures to get to these customers and tell you which measures you have already implemented with what success. The colleagues offer you both moral and practical support.

Dream List acquise

As you can see, at the end of the year, you acquired a majority of the clients on the Dream List. Not because dreams automatically come true, but because you are dreaming with a list for you and yours Team create a selective perception.

By focussing on the target customers, you will be much more likely to have the opportunity to get into business with them. So you do not win any new customers, but loud A customers.

Make your goals visible to others

However, you should take note of the following: If your goal is not just dependent on you, then it is of no avail if you visualize your goal in the quiet chamber. Make it visible to everyone involved, tangible, tangible, smellable!

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In our office there is a picture of a thermostat with our new sales target. We are now adjusting to this. Provisionally…

In 6 steps to the dream customer

So how do you manage to cut off a large part of the cake, ie the market potential of your customers? By proceeding as follows:

  1. Set yourself ambitious goals.
  2. Write down the goals.
  3. Visualize the targets.
  4. Make the goals transparent to your team.
  5. Think about the steps you need to achieve your goals.
  6. Get started and stay tuned, even if there are setbacks!

Good thing wants to have time

Important: You can only sell optimally if you use your time wisely. To do this, you have to let go of customers who don't generate enough sales. You will be amazed at what you can then achieve! An increase in sales of 100 percent or more is no longer in the stars or in the black crumbs that give the joint its pungent smell, but is within your reach.

If you can not make it in the planned time frame, then just a few weeks later. Achieving will be your goal. What's the name of it: Good things also want to have some time!

Prioritize your time

What is better from your point of view: per week 20 visits and 19 of them a lucrative conclusion hinbekommen? Or 50 make visits and only achieve ten of these significant sales?

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So! If the answer is as clear to you as for me, you need to prioritize your tour planning and at all times your time use:

  • You devote time and attention to A customers and always make them individual offers according to their needs.
  • But B2 customers should be even more important to you than the A customers. So those customers who might not make any sales at the moment - if they are new customers, you probably do not deserve anything with you - but they have a huge growth potential. For these customers it is necessary to develop a tailor-made offer to exploit their potential as far as possible.
  • This is followed by the B1 customers, who make a lot of sales, but hardly have any additional potential. This is only to secure by submitting a selection from your standard offer.
  • And most importantly, with your new priorities list: Do not waste time with C customers anymore! It is best to get rid of them. You may leave them in your catalog, but you do not dedicate any personal time to them.

Release poor customers

Is this customer classification too final? Of course, you do not have to give up your C customers without replacement, just stop spending too much time - time you have left over for customers who bring you more revenue per time spent. So invest that time in your existing A and B2 customers - or to gain new B2 customers.

Is there not the chance that a C customer will increase their sales if you only pay attention and make a good offer? The simple answer: If a customer really has the potential to become an A customer, then he is not a C customer. But a classic B2 customer. And well worth attention.

If your customers don't change ...

And the “real” C customers? Honestly: If you have been visiting a customer every other week for years and have been pampering him back and front, but his sales have still not increased, what makes you think that will ever change?

My experience in over 20 years of sales is: This kind of customer will never change. You can safely delete it from your list. You have my permission. Sorry, but you just have to be consistent. You do not run a pastoral facility, but you want to complete business for mutual benefit. If that's not the case, let it stay.

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Not only you, but also your customer, can make more sense of spending more than half an hour drinking and chatting with you, although only a tiny part of your offer is interesting to him at all. It might be an advantage for both parties to let go of this business relationship. Both of them do not come up with the idea, or do not bring it over their hearts.

The example of the monkey and the nuts

In my lectures I like to tell you how the Bushmen catch monkeys: They are looking for a tree with a narrow branch hole. In this hole they place a few nuts or a stone. And so that a monkey watches them. Monkeys are terribly curious. As soon as man has withdrawn from the tree, the monkey wipes, grabs the hole, and discovers what is in it. But to watch it properly, he has to get it out. So he clenches his fist around the stone or the nuts - only that is too big to pull them out of the hole again. Now man can walk comfortably and throw a net into the monkey. The monkey sees that there is danger; he tugged at his arm, shrieked and squirmed. But he does not come free.

The reaction of the participants is unanimous: “Boah, he is stupid! If he only had to let go, he would be free! ” Yes exactly. The tricky thing is that we humans can often not do this either. I experience that every day in sales when dealing with C customers. So: let go!

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