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Dr. Claudia Pelzer edited the book together with Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke and Karsten Wenzlaff.


Crowdsourcing in tourism: Award from ZEIT and Stiftunglesen {book}

The crowdsourcing report 2012, edited by Claudia Pelzer for the German Crowdsourcing Association and Karsten Wenzlaff and Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke for ikosom.de, has won the book prize of ZEIT ONLINE and the Reading Foundation of the Science Department. I participated as an author and wrote the article “Crowdsourcing for the tourism industry”.

Why is?

The report analyzes the main fields of crowd sourcing in Germany, including topics such as crowdfunding, open innovation, microtasks and liquid democracy. He compares the state of development in Germany with crowdsourcing in other European countries and in the USA. A number of practical examples explain the immediate application strategies for Company , Organizations and individuals, such as journalists and designers.

A number of guest authors have been recruited to bring their perspective to crowdsourcing. The crowdsourcing report is supplemented by an industry directory for the German-speaking region.

What is my contribution about?

In German-speaking countries, there are already some interesting approaches and ideas for using crowdsourcing, especially in tourism marketing. The spectrum ranges from jointly developed marketing and product ideas to the collection of travel and geodata as well as the use of location-based services to interactive real-time travel reports.

In my article, I give an overview of current and future developments such as the exemplary use of spatial data collection projects and location-based services, trends like Collaborative Consumption; I also take a look over the German edge for exciting projects abroad.

About the editors

The crowdsourcing blog is a central information platform for topics such as crowdsourcing, open innovation and future of work. News, interviews and case studies from the industry document current developments and their economic and social impact.

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In the Institute for Communication in Social Media (ikosom), experts from various fields of digital communication work. ikosom deals with topics such as community management, digital fundraising, government 2.0, eParticipation and copyright.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by the publishers
  • Publishers and authors
  • 1. The Rise of Crowdsourcing: Development and Drivers
  • 2. Crowdsourcing categories and expressions
    • 2.1 Microworking and tasks
      • Case: Microtasks
    • 2.2 Collective Knowledge
    • 2.3 Creative Content Marketplaces
    • 2.4 Open Innovation and Ideas
      • Overview Open Innovation Provider
      • Tips for clients
    • 2.5 crowdfunding and crowdinvesting
      • Case: Crowdfunding in the movie
      • Development of crowdfunding in German-speaking countries
      • The current crowdfunding market 2012
      • The current Crowdinvesting market 2012
      • Case: Co-financing models
    • 2.6 commitment and charity
      • Interview with Raul Krauthausen (wheelmap.org)
      • Interview with Hannes Jähnert (onlinevolunteering.org)
  • 3. Crowdsourcing as a business tool
    • 3.1 How is crowdsourcing used in practice?
      • Paid Crowdsourcing
      • (Creative) Contests
      • Unpaid participation
    • 3.2 What are the advantages of using Crowdsourcing?
    • 3.3 What potential pitfalls and risks must be considered?
    • 3.4 Use Cases: How Companies Can Use Crowdsourcing?
      • 3.4.1 crowdsourcing in the agency and creative industries
        • Case: Usability Testing
      • 3.4.2 Crowdsourcing for SEO and SEM
      • 3.4.3 crowdsourcing in the IT and communications industry
      • 3.4.5 Crowdsourcing for the tourism industry
        • Case: Location-based services
      • 3.4.6 How Crowdsourcing supports the research
      • 3.4.7 Crowdsourcing and Journalism - The Intelligence of the Swarm
        • Case: Crowdjournalism
      • 3.4.8 Crowdsourcing as a participatory tool
        • Excursus: Participation and crowdsourcing in art and culture
  • 4. Crowdsourcing and innovative work forms in Germany
  • 5. Crowdsourcing 2012 and beyond ...
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Glossary
  • Partners
  • German Crowdsourcing Association eV
  • Business Directory
    • platforms
    • Experts

Authors of the Crowdsourcing Report

Claudia Pelzer:
Claudia Pelzer is a media economist, has completed an international MBA degree and is currently working on her PhD on crowdsourcing. She works in Cologne as a media consultant, author and blogger, writing studies and organizing industry events. At the end of 2011 she founded the German Crowdsourcing Association (DCV) eV

Karsten Wenzlaff:
Founder of the Institute of Communication in Social Media (ikosom) and is mainly concerned with the topics of crowdfunding, crowding, copyright and journalism 2.0

Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke:
Founder of the Institute for Communication in Social Media (ikosom). The expert for digital fundraising, eParticipation and social media governance imparts his knowledge as author, consultant and seminar leader.

Anu Beck:
Co-founder of betahaus Köln and co-working pioneer. She worked in fashion marketing until she brought 2010 a friend to betahaus for the first time. Anu was immediately sure that she wanted to bring this place to Cologne and began immediately with the construction work. With the betahaus, it offers much more than just a home port for stranded freelancers - namely an innovative work environment and equally an answer to social change.

Simone Janson:
Studied history and linguistics in Germany and Italy, journalist and expert on new forms of digital work at the Institute for Communication in Social Media, lecturers and lecturers at various universities. On their blog Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® illuminates new forms of work with over 50 authors and interviews people worldwide about job profiles and innovative ideas. She has written over 20 books, including “The 110% Lie”, which has been translated into several languages. Your current book “Nackt im Netz” is about social media and digital change.

Konrad Lauten:
Studied social sciences, especially urban sociology. As a user and creator of urban open spaces in Berlin of the 90 and 00 years and product developers for exceptional drinks as well as dealers of ethnobotanical plants, record label and bar owners, often dealing with alternative financing options in social networks of the offline world. After an intensive time as a bar25 catering and bar employee in Berlin and a degree in Agricultural Sciences, transferring these experiences to the opportunities the web offers for fundraising, marketing and consulting. Foundation of Inkubato UG beginning 2010.

Torsten Meyer:
Year 79, has been awarded the Martin Luther University in Halle / S. Business management. During the completion of an international management trainee program, he quickly distinguished his passion for marketing and strategic management. Since 2009, Torsten has been on the road in the Berlin startup environment. With the founding of UI-Check.com he fulfilled his long-running dream of his own business. At UI-Check, he is responsible for business development and the partner area.

Eva Missling:
Managing Director and founder of 12designer.com, the leading European platform for design competitions. 12designer has been on the German market since March 2009, meanwhile 12designer is available in five European languages. Before that, she worked for several years as a strategic consultant for DAX companies.

Sandro Morghen:
Has 13 years of experience in the systematic development of ideas. In the course of his career, which began with the Swiss ideas factory BrainStore, he has led 600 ideas-making projects for around 300 well-known customers in various branches of industry and methodology. Since beginning 20, he has been the co-founder of the yutongo.com Web Startup. yutongo offers ideas crowdsourcing with a novel approach.

Bernd Oswald:
After training as an editor at the German School of Journalism, I worked as head of news / current affairs for süddeutsche.de active. Since 2009 he has been working as an author and trainer for digital journalism. He is one of the authors of the specialist blog onlinejournalismus.de and blogs about politics on the Internet on his PIN blog.

David Röthler:
Study of law; Consultant, adult educator, university lecturer, media journalist; The focus is on participatory media and their use for politics, education, culture and international project work.

Anna Theil:
Anna Theil is responsible for cooperations (institutions, festivals, universities, cities ...) at the crowdfunding platform startnext.de and is responsible for public relations. In addition, she curates the co: funding conferences and workshops that focus on crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. It deals with the question of how crowdfunding and public cultural funding go together.

Dorothea Utzt:
Dorothea Utzt is co-founder and CMO of Streetspotr GmbH and Co. KG. After studying for a degree and studying journalism, she has been advising 2008 Web 2.0-oriented Internet companies in the areas of marketing, PR and strategy and is currently pursuing a PhD on a part-time basis.

Christine Weissenborn:
Christine Weißenborn is a freelance journalist for print / online / radio - and is interested in everything to do with “Entrepreneurship” and “Crowdsourcing”. After studying cultural economics in Passau and Chile, stations including ZDF, the dayspiegel, the time and a traineeship at the Handelsblatt publishing group, she wrote for several years on trade and consumer goods topics for the Handelsblatt.

Markus Winkler:
Markus Winkler, Jenenser and Wahlberliner, has been dedicated to network campaigns and network campaigns for several years. For this he is concerned with the transformation of digital societies, network policy and e-participation. He is project leader at ikosom and works for WWF Germany as Social Media Editor.

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