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Anne M. Schüller's Profile anne-m-schueller_portrait-mit-hutAnne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multiple award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by Business Network LinkedIn.

The graduate in business administration is considered a leading expert in touchpoint management and customer-focused corporate management. She is one of the most sought after speakers in the German-speaking world. For more than 20, she has held leadership roles in sales and marketing for several international service companies, and has received several awards. 2015 was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the German Speakers Association (GSA) for her life's work.

At congresses, conferences, events and corporate events, it holds top-class, rousing and practical keynote and impulse lectures on the topics of corporate organization and leadership in the Next Economy, touchpoint management, customer loyalty and referral marketing. She also conducts power workshops on these topics. Your Touchpoint Institute trains certified Touchpoint Managers. Its customers include the elite of the German, Austrian and Swiss economies. is one of the most important management thinkers. Her bestseller “Touch.Point.Sieg.” is the Trainer Book of the Year 2016. Her bestseller “The Touchpoint Company” was chosen as the Management Book of the Year 2014. Her bestseller “Touchpoints” is the Mittelstandsbuch des Jahres 2012. When it comes to customers, she is one of the most cited experts.

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