Luise Köhler

We are moved by the idea to make the world of work more human - without constant pressure for efficiency, stress and fear. As Publisher Best of HR -® with podcast, eLearning-on-demand offers and news service we share 15 years of experience with our customers (Samsung, Otto, state institutions). By the Top20 female blogger and consultant Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, Wikipedia .
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Luise Köhler Luise_KoehlerLuise Köhler is an online editor at the ABSOLVENTA job exchange.

In her daily work, she deals with the new generation in the labor market - and with the impact on the personnel management of companies. She sees herself as a mediator between employers and young talents: "The key to successful cooperation lies in the common goal. So not all young professionals in hip startups want to take care of projects. Conversely, not all companies have an 9-to-5 job with top pay and company cars. What's important is that both sides know what they want to achieve together and how to shape the common path. "

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