Martin Theyer

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Martin Theer 74Martin Theyer is the manager of Europe's largest PCB manufacturer, financial expert, book author and lecturer.

Mag. Martin Theyer is a business economist, lecturer and financial expert. He developed the concept of the "tsunami model" of the financial crisis. It is based on his intensive research over several years in the USA, in Switzerland and at the London Business School. The Tsunami Model provides new insights and views on the origins and evolution of financial crises and their long-term impact. Martin Theyer has always been in the "center of events" of the financial worlds. His 12 years with Shell, including three in London, enabled him to better understand and appreciate the international financial markets. From 2006 to 2009, he was Head of Corporate Development at Volksbank AG in Vienna. Today he is Director Strategy Development and Communication at ATundS, Europe's largest PCB manufacturer. In addition, he advises companies on important financial strategy issues. Since 2001 Mag. Martin Theyer gives lectures on corporate governance at the Karl Franzens University in Graz. He is the author of the book "Lost Trust - The Tsunami Model of the Financial Crisis" and blogs to the current events in the financial markets

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