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We are moved by the idea to make the world of work more human - without constant pressure for efficiency, stress and fear. As Publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® with podcast, eLearning-on-demand offers and news service we share 15 years of experience with our customers (Samsung, Otto, state institutions). By the Top20 female blogger and consultant Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, Wikipedia .
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Michael Moesslang michael-moesslangMichael Moesslang is a lecturer at St. Gallen Business School, BAW and Munich University of Applied Sciences, Top 100 Excellence Trainer, Coach and Author.

Michael Moesslang has authored numerous books, including "Professional Authenticity: Why a Jewel Shines and Kiesel Are Gray" and "How Hitchcock Would Present: Convince the Master of Suspense". Moesslang is an expert in the presentation method "PreSensation®". His conviction: Everyone can become a positive ambassador for himself or his company through personal impact and confident behavior.



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