Nelly Kostadinova

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Nelly Kostadinova InernationalizationNelly Kostadinova. Founder of Lingua-World, consultant and speaker.

Originally Nelly Kostadinova comes from Bulgaria. Her career began there as a journalist. After the turn of 1990 she left her old life behind and built up a new existence in Cologne. Seven years later, she founded the translation and interpreting service Lingua-World. She quickly transformed the small agency into an international company. Today, Lingua-World has some 10.000 translators and has a total of 19 stores in Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Rwanda.

With her localization service Lingua-for-growth, Nelly Kostadinova advises 2015 companies on the successful integration of their websites and presences in the global market.

Kostadinova is the economic ambassador of the city of Cologne and has set herself the goal of building bridges with her services - with language. Especially the African continent is close to her heart. It is expanding into developing countries in order to get involved locally and use its knowledge to train local specialists.

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