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Matthias Kolbusa Matthias KolbusaMatthias Kolbusa is a strategy and change expert, entrepreneur, speaker and best-seller author.

Already at the age of 14 years, he founded his own company and developed software products for architects and engineers. After graduating from high school in Nuremberg in the year 1993 Matthias Kolbusa studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. After graduating as a computer scientist in 1999, he worked as a Senior Advisor to CSC Corp. Management consulting. A year later, he moved into management as an interim CIO of the highway Tank and Rast GmbH. As a result, he founded several companies, which he then resold. Three years later, he earned the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Leeds, England.

As a consultant with a focus on implementation, he has been advising companies since 2001, some of which are listed on the DAX. In 2011 published his first book The Strategy Scout. In addition to his writing and consulting work, Matthias Kolbusa works as a lecturer on the topics of management and corporate governance. He is active as a supervisory board and advisory board for several medium-sized companies.

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