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Text comes from the book: “Me, finally unique: Authentic. Personally. Really. How you become a brand and stay in the memory (2018), My brand: What makes companies authentic, distinctive and successful in the long term ”(2018), published by Münchener Verlagsgruppe (MVG), reprinted with the kind permission of the publisher.

Here writes for you:

Herman Roden is Senior Director Customer Success at Jive Software.

Being authentic as a means to success: you are unique!

What distinguishes a brand? How do you become authentic? How do emotional relationships come about? And how do you create your own personal brand?

Authenticity and emotions are individual

For 25 years now
People ask exactly these questions. Most of the time it is managers who put their heart and soul into it
on her Company hang out and have realized that successful
Brands are a product of authentically lived values ​​- and that of the
Executive floor up to part-time employees. Increasingly, however, private individuals are also looking for my advice. People who see Facebook and Co. not only changed the former rules of the game, but deleted them.

My answer is always the same at first: there are patent solutions
not. Can't even exist, after all, authenticity and
Emotionality everything, just not generalizable. Every person,
regardless of whether you are a student or a top decision maker, you have the opportunity and duty to go your own unique path. This needs
there is courage, hope and trust. On the one hand, it's never been easier
finally give Facebook and Co. all of us platforms on which
we can show ourselves. On the other hand, it's never been harder because
the emphasis is on "all of us". There's a fine line between
Uniqueness and anonymity.

In the digital world, the clocks tick differently and, above all, faster.
I often notice that this hectic pace of the new era is my own gaze
can tarnish. It sounds paradoxical, but the deeper you get into the flood of information
submerge, the more blind the seekers become and the more interchangeable those who want to be heard become. What we need, however, are
People who don't get lost in the gray crowd, but rather make our lives more colorful. In the hustle and bustle and uncertainty, it is precisely these people who inspire us to go our own way.

Every human is unique

I firmly believe that every person can be unique
can. We all have special abilities within us. But we have to
Recognize them in the first step and in the second step also the world
demonstrate. That's what this book is about for me. It is not about rigid guidelines, but rather that you find your own answers. That is why the book will challenge you in a few places. I have exercises
prepared for you and concrete tips from the practice of people,
who are already a successful and, above all, authentic personality brand: Wladimir Klitschko describes his career.
Professor Claus Hipp explains why »This is what I stand for with mine
Names “is much more than an advertising slogan, and social media great Louis Darcis shows why Instagram and Co. should be about more than likes. I am happy that I was able to have such inspiring conversations with eight charismatic people and you
Can pass on learnings in this book. You may be wondering
now why there are eight experts of all people. Simply because I do
I've realized in my 25 years of work experience that there are exactly eight
Are qualities that bind all these people together.

In my first
Book, My Brand, there were seven tools that were my basis for
the creation of an authentic corporate brand. Today,
seven years after it was first published, I am building a bridge to the
Personal branding and focus in this context
including the topic of social media. I will bring you closer to the recipes for success of great personalities and show you how to use them for
be able to implement. Company stories also provide important input, because if I have one in my 25 years of professional experience
Thing learned then it is the fact that the base is more successful
Brands - whether people or corporations - consist of the same ingredients:
Authenticity, emotions and that certain something - that is exactly what will be
we tickle out of you together.

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Step by step to your personality and brand with this self-test:

The result of these eight tools is the BRAND-BUILDING-MODEL © -
the gist of this book. I designed this model because I have something
wanted to create what goes beyond the book. I only know it myself
too good: We quickly forget what we read ten minutes ago, even if we found it somehow plausible. That
BRAND-BUILDING-MODELL © is your constant companion on your
Path to the authentic personality brand, because it brings all eight
Tools that you need on your way together and serves as a reminder: Where do I come from, where do I stand now and where I want to go
me actually? It also shows you where your strengths lie and what
You can still improve. I will help you in each of the
to further develop eight areas of the BRAND-BUILDING-MODEL ©.
The self-assessments of the interviewed experts serve as
Benchmark. But first I would like to introduce you to the model in more detail
and show you what to expect.

In each area, everyone can give themselves one to ten points. Ten points correspond to the ideal ideas presented below. Read
the following brief description for each area, give an initial self-assessment and gradually fill in your BRAND-BUILDINGMODELL ©.

1. Values

Your values ​​are the basis of who you are, your brand. Values ​​are not
negotiable, them spiegeln reflect what you stand for and what you are doing
believe - always and everywhere. That's why successful people define
clear values ​​for themselves and communicate them unequivocally
Outside. In the hectic pace of the digital age, values ​​play a particularly important role
important role because they give us support. In times when nothing but
safe for change, values ​​are the cornerstone of our time.
What do you want to stand for? What is important to you?

I will help you answer these questions. Is there Professor Claus Hipp, because nobody knows better what it means with his name for something important
to vouch, in his case, for the health of our children. It embodies everything that corresponds to my ideal of the tool »values«:
I have clear moral and ethical principles as well as professional demands on myself, which I always embody and which are not open to debate.

2. emotions

Less ratio, more heart. We humans are emotional beings and
should stand by it instead of suppressing it. They are the special ones
Moments in our life that trigger particularly strong feelings in us and that are precisely why we remember them. Be it the first love that
first kiss, but also a tragic death - they are memories,
that shape us for a lifetime. Successful personality brands are
aware of it. More than that, they are masters at it, just like that
to trigger strong emotions in their fellow human beings.
In times of comparison portals and customer reviews on the Internet, an elegant, glossy advertising brochure or a pure one is sufficient
Product promises have not been fulfilled for a long time.

Only if you can trigger something in the heart of your counterpart will you also stay in your head. People who buy a Porsche don't just do it because of the engine power. Football fans want to see more than just their team
Gates; they want to feel passion and solidarity. The slogan
of BVB is therefore not called "real love" for nothing. Head of Marketing Carsten Cramer provides deeper insights into this. For you, the ideal is:
I have a deep connection with my target group and trigger feelings in them.

3. Personal responsibility

The luxury of our time has made us lazy - unfortunately. We must therefore wake up from the illusion that we no longer have to exert ourselves to achieve something really great! Google can do many
Answer our search queries at lightning speed, but it doesn't matter to us
necessarily smarter. Facebook gives us a platform to be with
Communicating with people on the other side of the world brings us together
but certainly not a foreign language. And a nickname on Instagram
does not free us from our morals and the duty to love one's neighbor.

We don't have the right to be lazy, we have a duty to be ours
Recognizing and using potential - and best of all for good
in the world. This takes courage and a good portion of personal responsibility. Because only those who question their actions stay with themselves
himself. Instagram star Louis Darcis knows what it means to go your own unconventional path. He talks about how straight
young people can find the courage to pursue their dreams,
and provides a deep insight into how to live as a self-reliant
Social media awareness really is.

4. Storytelling

How much does the following ideal apply to you?
I take responsibility for my actions - always and everywhere.
Even our ancestors knew: Stories stay in your head, numbers
and facts rather less. That doesn't mean they aren't important, but your high school grade will be forgotten faster than yours
Appearance at the first company party. Why? Quite simply: stories
create areas for identification, they connect us. And we love it
to hear good stories and some to tell.

Some even are
so good that we tell each other again at every class reunion - and
But they never get boring.
What's your story What stories do people tell about
You when you are not in the room? Everyone has a distinctive path they are on. I want to help you
to recognize this in its uniqueness. As support I got
I talked to Wladimir Klitschko about his career. Open minded
and he looks back honestly, but also looks to the future and gives
with it the inspiration that you will soon be where it is already -
with my ideal in the field of stories:
My exciting story stays in the memories of my fellow human beings. She is unmistakably linked to me.

5. Trust

The world in a crisis of confidence? At least that's how many experts see it. There are enough arguments for this, the skepticism
is ubiquitous. Be it to the press or to large corporations from Silicon Valley. Confidence is currently being put to the test
posed. The television presenter Carolin Henseler and
therefore says: The more important and precious is trust.

It creates a decisive advantage in our affluent society. Because
People who trust each other are less likely to compare. Place
do not constantly put yourself to the test. Trust simplifies things -
and in a chaotic world that is a gift. But it comes
not nicely packaged free delivery, you have to work it out. That
starts with yourself - do you trust your own abilities? - and
ends with your counterpart.
You will therefore achieve 10 points if the following ideal is 100
Percent applies to you: I have great confidence in my own abilities and enjoy
great trust from my fellow men.

6. Dynamics

In this book I will refer to the changes in this world as well
the consequences of this come to the fore. Never before
the change came faster. Technical innovations are not a question
generations more, but minutes. Everything is faster and
always faster. If you don't keep up, you'll fall by the wayside. Who yourself
loses himself on the way, runs in the wrong direction.

What matters is
the right balance of innovation and tradition - out of the will to
to develop further, and the courage to preserve what someone else is for
love. Detlef D! Soost underlines this: he is a long-term runner, never full,
always with himself and therefore the ideal cast. His attitude
corresponds to my ideal:
I don't hide from change and I always try
to develop further without losing my principles.

7. Social Web

In my conversations with the experts, one thing became clear: all successful personality brands consider social media to be enormous
important. But most of them really don't like to deal with it. How come? Because social media requires more work than it does on the
at first glance. The internet holds almost limitless
Opportunities ready, but in the last analysis we have to do them too

Fortunately, there are many people who know how
it is working. In chapter Social Web: work smart, not hard I give you
therefore an insight into the Facebook-Algorithm. Ibrahim Evsan, successful digital entrepreneur and an absolute luminary in the field
Social media, supplement this with valuable tips. In my ideal, social media activities are not a nuisance
More work, but normality for a long time. This leads to the following ideal:
I actively use the internet and social media to keep in touch with
to stay with my target group, and constantly maintain my online presence.

8. Positioning

Here we come full circle: Successful personality brands are characterized by the fact that they have all the skills and qualities that they have
own in the individual areas, also carry it authentically to the outside world. Positioning yourself therefore always means focusing
and simplification. I want to help you get to know yourself better. Find out for which competencies, values ​​and ideas
In the last resort, you really want to stand up, and learn how to be honest with you
represents. Some exercises and helpful tips are waiting for you,
that can be implemented immediately.

As a special treat, star chef and TV star Ali Güngörmüs tells about his way to the top
of German TV chefs. His secret recipe: clear words, clear edges and a healthy dose of joie de vivre. For me this tool is
of particular importance, because nothing is more given away than immense
Quality that is not heard. You should be heard because you
finally unique.
My ideal of a successful positioning is:
I know my strengths and weaknesses, have a clear profile and
know my target group.

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