Job description: tidying up coach: sorting, throwing away, mucking out

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Cleaning coach is very interesting job profile: In an increasingly complex professional and working world, people are increasingly looking for orientation, for order in the system - and people who can help them. The clearing out coach in the Süddeutschen

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Orientation in a complex world

The size of the need for order can often be seen at home or in the office, where many people pile things up indiscriminately, not even because they are attached to them, but because regular cleaning out is so difficult in the affluent society.

Throwing away in our throwaway society is difficult for many people. Because you are afraid to part with something that you might need after all. In the figurative sense: Because you are afraid to miss something in the flood of information that collapses every day.

Throwing away is difficult for many people

After all, who doesn't know the commercially very successful books from Werner Tiki Coast Maker's Simplify series? It all started with the bestseller “Simplify your life”, followed by titles about simplifying partnership or life. There are now even books to help entrepreneurs clear out their IT.

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The success of these titles does not come as a surprise: in an increasingly complicated world, most people long for simple solutions: quick tidying up instead of cumbersome sorting out, the simple mobile phone tariff instead of constant price comparisons, holiday packages instead of self-organized holiday trips.

Separate important from unimportant

And since life is otherwise so complicated, any help to simplify is gratefully accepted. Especially because it is about your own four walls, which should offer peace and relaxation at the same time, “simplify” is very important: And at the latest because people are no longer able to get their feet on the floor out of sheer chaos, but usually much earlier, the big hour strikes of the clean-up coach.

In a nutshell, it helps to separate the important and the unimportant, to systematize the important things and to dispose of the unimportant junk. Depending on the extent of the disorder, care by a cleanup coach can take several weeks or even months.

If the right strategy is missing to reach the goal

While those who have a problem motivating themselves to start cleaning up at all, the initial euphoria they feel when tidying up is soon ebbing away at many other customers. Despite good intentions, they always fall into the same trap: After initial success, they stick to individual things, sort them out after a long hesitation rough, but ultimately can not decide to dispose. Often, there is also a call in between or the desire leaves again. The sad result: everything is pushed back together and the chaos is bigger than before.

Such customers lack the right tactics to get to their destination and that's exactly what the cleanup coach is here for: As an outsider, it makes a critical inventory of the situation and then develops goals and the cleanup strategy that leads to those goals with the customer. Together with the customer, for example, he thinks about what has been going on for a long time and what the customer really needs and encourages them to clean out.

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How do cleanup coaches go?

Cleaning professional Clemens Neuhauser, for example, is a trained architect. He came to his job when he was able to separate himself from most of his property when he moved. Although he knows that collecting is in the nature of man, he believes that it is simply important to let go of property in order to free up space. Above all, however, it is important to him that the customer feels comfortable in his apartment after the consultation - and that looks different for everyone. Neuhauser's clients include, for example, students - a target group that you cannot trust to have money for this service. But that is exactly what shows that some people have real needs here.

If necessary, the coach also points out ways to sell unnecessary things or donate to charity - e.g. in the free shop, in clothing stores, at charitable organizations etc. And he also helps to dispose of unnecessary household items and bulky waste at the material yard or to have the things picked up.

With psychology and intuition?

But tidying up is not just an organizational thing that involves creating flea market boxes; The work requires above all a psychological instinct and a lot of experience in dealing with people. Because the inability to keep order and throw things away has usually more profound causes: many are behind the fear of making a consistent, final decision. Often, people are really afraid to part with things because they associate important memories with them. Still others have a hard time understanding that the things they cling to so desperately are useless to them because they may not fit in their changed lives.

The so-called "jerk-jerk action", which is sorted out in one fell swoop, is therefore not suitable for all people equally; Sometimes it actually makes more sense to punch something out every now and then. However, the coach must also not be too yielding, because his customers will come to him with numerous excuses such as "Maybe I can use it again someday".

Prerequisites, education and training

In the still young job profile So far there has been no training or further education and the profession is not protected by law - in principle, anyone can call themselves that. In practice, in addition to a certain aesthetic feeling, organizational skills and a sense of order - if possible, one should have internalized the simplify principle and exemplify it - also knowledge of human nature and psychological experience, if not even a psychological or educational experience, make sense. Because there is quickly the danger that the simple clean-up coaching will turn into a psychological process in which the aim is to sensitively reduce the client's fears. Or, in the worst case, the coach is dealing with a serious mental disorder.

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Formalities for setting up a business in a nutshell You are a freelance clean-up coach. That means you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required.

Opportunities and future prospects

Although the job title is not protected, which always increases the competition, but job profile is still relatively new and unknown. The problem may be initially with these still relatively new ideas to convince customers to use this service.

Important to know: A cleanup coach is not just someone who helps to keep things organized and teaches you to keep them: he helps to throw things overboard that frighten you into thinking about deadlocked attitudes.

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