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Job profile assistant to the management secretary office manager: 10 requirements in the reality check

Have you always wanted to be an assistant to the management? It may seem like a glamorous job with plenty of time for coffee breaks, but the reality is that it's a lot of hard work. Here are some things you should know before applying for this position.

The cliché of the anteroom kite

There are some very common misconceptions about the roles of a senior executive, executive secretary, or office manager. In fact, many people have very wrong ideas about this interesting and diverse job description.

To name just a few clichés: Some think of the brightly made-up Tippse with red-varnished nails or Mrs. Moneypenny, who longingly looks at James Bond. Or the patient antechamber pearl, the boss's mistress or the terrifying dragons. Others mistakenly believe that this is a position that will make your career a sure-fire success or that it is not a demanding job.

Comparison of cliché and reality

However, the truth is the opposite. Even if the assistant's job seems simple on the outside, it's not always as glamorous as it seems. No job description is so laden with misconceptions as that of the secretary. And in no other profession are clichés and reality so far apart.

In fact, the job of executive assistant is a demanding and important job in the world of work. It requires a high level of competence and responsibility. Therefore, we would like to examine some differences between the requirements for an executive assistant and the image, which should show you how you can prepare for the reality of this demanding job.

More than a nice smile

Overall, the requirements have changed tremendously. Anyone who wants to survive as an assistant to the management today has to be able to do more than smile nicely, look appealing, and put through phone calls. “Ms. Müller, for dictation, please” - hardly anyone has to listen to this saying today. The modern office manager is an all-rounder, far from making coffee and copying files. The typical equipment of earlier days, notepad, typewriter and carbon paper, has long since given way to the most modern devices such as dictation machines, computers and copiers. And it is a job that many men do today.

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A look at current job advertisements shows: In addition to very good IT skills, business background knowledge or, even better, commercial training and foreign languages ​​are required today. You should be able to master at least one of them, whereby confident spoken and written English is almost the standard.

Checklist: What a modern office manager must be able to do today

Because administrative assistants are the backbone of every office. They do a lot of the day-to-day chores so the person in charge can focus on bigger business matters. But there's more to this job than answering phones and sending faxes.

Soft skills are also important: Characteristics such as loyalty, discretion, a sense of duty, ability to work in a team and a sense of order are at the top of the boss's wish list. So she has to be able to find every tiny note and every completed process at any time in response to inquiries from the boss. And even under the greatest time pressure, she should be able to book a business trip or write an important letter. The usual areas of responsibility include:

  • Answer phone calls and
  • Receive visitors and act according to their wishes
  • Take dictations #
  • Working under time pressure
  • Copy reports
  • Dealing with angry customers or suppliers
  • Possibly available at any time of the day

Communication talent like a manager

However, a talent for communication is particularly important: All inquiries from employees, complaints from customers and appointment requests from callers come together on the desk in the anteroom: And the assistant alone has to decide which of them are important - and which to get rid of in a friendly but determined manner. At the same time, she needs pointed antennas in order to anticipate even the smallest wishes of her boss as far as possible: For these tasks she needs a thick skin and sensitivity in equal measure - a constant balancing act!

After all, real managerial qualities such as assertiveness, independence and organizational talent are also required. Because in this job you also have to read balance sheets, write business reports, be familiar with marketing, carry out projects, monitor budgets and delegate work. So it's no wonder that the job title office manager is increasingly being used in job advertisements.

Dream job executive assistant - what you need to know to be successful

The supposed dream job of executive secretary or assistant to the management requires a number of requirements, including your personality, which may surprise you. Here are 10 things you should know about the office manager profession.

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses: Are you a frontline fighter, a perfectionist or especially social? To be successful, you should know your own strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Confident and well-groomed appearance: Even if today there is much more to it than looking good: In the anteroom you are your boss's calling card. This of course also applies to men. Therefore, pay attention to your appearance, your clothes and your manners.
  3. This is how you can cope with any type of boss: Is your boss a slob, a bean counter, a choleric person or a morning grouch? Find out what type of boss you have and be prepared for his quirks - then life will be much easier.
  4. Assess your colleagues correctly: Office managers today also need to be in the Team work to be successful. There are also different types of employees that you should know about.
  5. Time Management: In order to do justice to all tasks, good time management is essential. Learn to set priorities and separate the important from the unimportant.
  6. How to keep things tidy: So that the time management works: Create a good organization system that is simple, in which you can find everything at any time. This is the only way to work efficiently!
  7. Be there for your boss: As an assistant, it is your job to make the boss's job easier. This means that you can stay longer in the evening and put your private wishes on hold for important appointments.
  8. Say no - sometimes to the boss: If the boss has his way, you could be there around the clock - but then you would soon be unable to work. So say no in a friendly, but definitely no, when the boss asks the impossible ..
  9. Kindly get rid of annoying callers: So that the boss can work undisturbed, you have to get rid of annoying phone callers. Ask exactly what the caller wants. And ask to send inquiries by email or letter if necessary.
  10. How to keep a cool head despite stress: Create a stress-relieving balance: sport, culture, meditation. Only if you are balanced will you be able to keep your head free in the long run with a job like this.

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