Self-Assessment Self-Assessments Part 1: Help with the Study Selection?

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Self-assessment systems are designed to give study-oriented students a taste for the study and thus make it easier for them to decide for or against a study subject. How does this work in detail?

Self-Assessment Self-Assessments Part 1: Help with the Study Selection?

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What are Self Assessment Centers?

If you are interested in a study, you will get a lot of information and you will be able to quickly find out whether a study course suits you or not. Usually the participation is not tied to the allocation of study places, but there are also subjects in which this is actually the case.

In contrast to assessment centers, which are known from application procedures, one is not observed and judged by an assessor during the online self-assessment, but appraises himself and tests his suitability for a course of study.

How does it work?

In doing so, different personality traits will be reviewed by means of internet-based exercises according to suitability criteria. The students should be able to find out in advance whether the degree of study aimed at and with all of its basic conditions fits into them at all.

The test results are, however, only for one person. By the way, self-assessment procedures are used not only at universities, but also at companies, for the purpose of informing applicants.

HAW navigators under the magnifying glass

This is system that I had looked at for my test somewhat closer, is called HAW navigators - sounds a bit like student solders and in principle it is synonymous:

With its Self-Assessment System, the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg wants to give students a pre-taste for their studies and thus make it easier for them to decide for or against a study subject.

However, in most subjects, participation is actually not voluntary here: Everyone who is looking for a place to study at the HAW apply wants, should first test his "fit" for the degree program. The HAW also wants to keep the number of dropouts low.

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