Assessment Center: 10 Tips for the recruiting day

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As soon as the application process has begun, one is invited with some luck and skill to his first Assessment Center. But what exactly is there waiting for? 10 Tips for successfully using the Recruiting Tag.

Successfully Passing Assessment Center: 10 Tips for the Recruiting Day Assessment Center

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How does an assessment center run?

The Assessment Center is usually a one to three-day event of the potential employer, who uses various tests to assess the personality of the applicant and to assess the suitability for the assessment. Six to twelve candidates try to master different tasks and examinations in different situations, which are analyzed and evaluated by several observers. An assessment center usually runs as follows:

  • In the beginning there is usually an introductory round, which is often continued with a group discussion.
  • This is followed by case studies, competence tests, rolling games, so-called post-basket exercises and a self-presentation.
  • This is usually completed with an interview in which the applicant must answer.
  • The results are then compared with the requirements of the company. The requirements profile is, of course, different from place to place, but in general it can be said that characteristics such as persuasiveness, language skills, teamwork, decision-making and judgment play a decisive role.

10 Tips for a successful recruiting day

When it comes to passing the Assessment Center not only safely but also successfully for your purposes: Here you will find 10 tips for the Assessment Center:

  1. Professional appearance In the sense of "dress to impress", one should attach importance to a suitable style of clothing on this day. If you are not sure what to wear, choose the more elegant alternative. Here is the guiding principle: Dear something over- und underdressed. However, a natural radiance usually also helps to get rid of one or other clothing faux pas.
  2. Take care of your behavior, but do not pretend Also, because an Assessment Center can take a few hours, it is important not to disguise because you need to concentrate on other tasks, and ultimately, observers will notice when you play a role. And remember that in the case of joint activities such as lunch or breaks, applicants should continue to pay attention to their appearance and behavior, as they are also under observation.
  3. Good preparation is half the battle The preparation is the essence of an Assessment Center. The most important company, product and branch data should be available. Also one's own motivation for this job should be clear and express. How does my personality fit into the job in the future job?
  4. Score with good general knowledge A good general knowledge and knowledge of the current day's events is also a prerequisite to leave a good impression at the assessment center.
  5. Prepare yourself specifically For the specific preparation of the individual tests, there are special specialist literature and advice, as well as assessment center seminars or individual individual coaching, which make you fit. A tip: In addition, simply train a few examples with family and friends.
  6. Rested & fit appear In order to successfully master the Assessment Center, which requires a high degree of attention and concentration, you should be ready and fit. So no better party on the eve!
  7. Watching & listening Talking is silver, silence is gold - it is said. And this old adage could also apply to assessment centers. Because an interesting information about a comrade-in-arms or observer was already so many applicants of use - so always be nice ears!
  8. Structured & Analytical work A structured and analytical approach also helps to cope with the usually very complex task. For the individual and group presentations one should necessarily the available equipment such as beamer or flipchart.
  9. Confident, but not dominant The presentation style should always be as individual as possible and the appearance self-confident, but not too dominant. Also think about that Team-Spirit: A group is usually only as strong as its weakest member.
  10. Do not get distracted Do not let the unsettling questions out of the concept, keep you relaxed and above all always matter-of-fact. Always remember, the tasks are to be tested to see how stress-resistant you are. If a task times not work perfectly, no reason for concern. The art is simply to leave the stress and the frustration in the next task simply outside. That impressed and convinced the most.

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