Assessment Center succeed: 5 tips for the application marathon

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If immediately after sending the Casting The invitation to the online assessment beckons begins a race against time for applicants. Many candidates already fail at the first hurdle, because they misjudge the timeline.

Assessment Center Successful: 5 tips for the application marathon online_bewerbung_schreiben_k

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Panic before online assessment


Thomas was amazed not so badly when he filled the application form on the career portal of a large technology company, uploaded his documents and had an answer in his mail receipt after only two hours.

After the opening came the evil awakening: "We invite you to our online assessment, which you can complete within the next three days." Panic-like, Thomas starts to search through the Internet various applicant forums to get something useful about this online assessment Experience.

The application clock is ticking faster and faster


If applicants were able to sit back and relax before waiting for the personnel department to announce, the application clock ticks faster. In all larger organizations, the application processes and the accompanying pre-selection are automated. The applicant details from the online form are matched with the requirements profile.

Those who fit in principle, however, do not have an invitation to the interview or even assessment center in their pockets, but land in the online assessment. This serves as an automated filter to further reduce the number of suitable candidates. Only those who pass this hurdle will enter the next selection stage. This is how the selection process for graduates takes place in many large companies.

How to Master the Application Marathon - 5 Tips:


In athletically paced competitions, it may happen that after submitting the onlineCasting Within two weeks, both online assessment and interview as well as the final assessment center are to be completed - of course, always provided that the applicant was able to qualify each for the next selection stage.

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1. Be prepared for everything


In the case of an application, you should be prepared to accept anything after the sending button has been printed - also in the short term in the online assessment as in the case of Thomas. Unfortunately, not all employers make their selection process transparent beforehand.

Those who are applying in a large organization must basically expect to be shipped within a very short time through a sophisticated selection machine. While there may be some natural talents, there is rarely a master of the sky in procedures such as online assessments, interviews and assessment centers. Candidates who perform well in such procedures have generally also prepared themselves thoroughly.

2. Acting is not a good strategy


While preparing is not meant to fake, tricks or a role to be studied. Blender is likely to exceed the online assessment, but fly in one of the following selections. Candidates are better advised to deal with the requirements for the position, the test methods that are being tested, and their own abilities. In a nutshell: If you are afraid of presentations, you should practice to the Assessment Center.

If one is aware that numerical-logical tests are not one of their own strengths, then these tests should be trained. While it is unlikely that this will mutate into the number-crack, the chances are good to achieve a sufficient level on the basis of a certain routine in the real test. The knowledge about the course of selection procedures and the establishment of a certain routine help to be able to retrieve the performance better even under stress. This is confirmed by the fact that candidates who have already gone through a number of similarly-knitted competitions can benefit from these experiences and tend to improve.

3. Online Assessment


The typical online assessment consists of different tests. These can be distinguished according to personality tests and cognitive performance tests. The latter include, for example, numerical series, linguistic linguistics, or the interpretation of tables and graphs.

Personality tests are aimed at attitudes and inclinations. As a subject you need to evaluate a variety of statements, such as "I get better with people from who

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  • a) realistic or
  • b) are emotional. "

4. This is how you approach personality tests


In personality tests, it is advisable not to break your head long, but to answer as honestly and spontaneously as possible. It's okay to be more positive.

But whoever bows and tries to achieve a supposed ideal result is not a favor. This is not because he is perhaps not happy in the job at all, even if the requirements do not correspond to his own nature. In addition, personality tests are often equipped with lie scales that reveal the extent to which a subject has made untrue statements.

5. This is how you train cognitive performance tests


Focus on cognitive performance tests when preparing for an online assessment. Good results can be achieved by practicing. Cognitive performance tests can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • Intelligence and logic tests independent of the sector. This includes, for example, language and numerical tests as well as interpretation of graphics and tables.
  • concentration tests are used in professional groups where attention and concentration are of crucial importance, such as in the aviation, military, medical or police sectors.
  • knowledge tests are used to assess both specialist knowledge and general knowledge.
  • Other performance tests include various procedures that are very specific to requirements and positions, such as a translation test for foreign language correspondents.

Practice the relevant test procedures specifically for you. This will help you develop a certain test routine that will help you identify patterns and make tests more accurate and quicker.

Consider in advance which tests are representative of your profession or the profile of your requirements for the intended position. Thus an approaching banker in the online assessment will meet other test modules than a technician. Information from applicant forums can provide information on the types of tests that have been used for certain positions.

Information from fellow participants who post concrete test questions and sample solutions on the net should, however, be taken with caution. Employers are, of course, aware of the fact that information is passed on. Modern online assessments now work with automatic item generators. At the same time, the test questions are slightly modified and recombined in each subject, so that supposed pattern solutions are of little use.

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