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Since the 1980 years, Germany has been using Assessment Center (AC) in the field of personnel selection and development. In the meantime, candidate ACs are experiencing a veritable boom - and with them consultants and coaches. Because both sides, Company like job candidates, upgrade and develop more sophisticated procedures and strategies. Assessment Center

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The purpose of assessment centers

In the search for the best candidate for a position - especially with leadership responsibility - Assessment Centers help HR managers to test and evaluate professional and social skills in stressful situations. Employees of the Company from different departments or external consultants are used.

After all, 27 from 30 DAX companies believe in this process and apply it despite the high time and financial expenses. Uniformity, intercompany quality standards are ensured by the Assessment Center eV; there are also reservations and critical voices about the meaning of assessment centers.

Money printing machine or applicant nightmare?

What many consultancies and coaches have a license to print money is a regular fear for many job seekers. They are scrutinized at least for one or more days, individual interviews and group discussions have to be held, roll games and postal basket exercises have to be completed.

It is no wonder, then, that according to studies, every fourth job seeker can be deterred by this selection process so that he does not even apply. And many who want to face the situation can be prepared especially by coaches.

Can the results be manipulated?

Despite all attempts to develop objective criteria for the assessment of applicants remains a reproach: Many critics complain about the manipulability of the results by the subjects.

This is because the questions of the interviews almost always reveal the character character- istics to which their answers are inferred, and which are positively assessed for the (leadership) position. In addition, experts are in doubt as to whether the strong concentration on the personality of the subjects actually permits certain conclusions to be drawn about their leadership qualities.

Train or read?

Whatever the assessment center is designed for, the focus is always on social behavior, concentration, professional and general knowledge as well as problem solving competence. Points can help you with initiative and creativity, the right mix of planning, control and flexibility; just as crucial are decision-making skills, your behavior in stress situations and your ability to communicate.

An extensive list of requirements - one thing makes them clear: it may be helpful for each application phase; but if you want to prepare yourself for an AC, you will not be able to read the guidebooks because hardly one of the qualities you are looking for can be read.

Thus, the path leads to a preparatory course with a trained expert - we wish you success!

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  1. Püttjer & Schnierda

    In our AC coaching practice - we coach since 20 years! - We even experience it frequently that the department or division manager sends an employee to us, because the first AC went wrong and the second AC now has to work.

    We then coach on behalf of the specialist department, so that the HR experts from the human resources department in the AC are satisfied with the services shown - eg in the employee interview - and then continue the normal work in the department ;-)

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Püttjer & Mr. Schnierda,
      thank you for the insight into the practice. Perhaps you are interested to deepen this once in a guest contribution?
      Simone Janson

  2. Karriere_Messe

    RT @adzunaDE: Assessment Center at the #Jobsuche: Elchte for applicants

  3. Adzuna Germany (adzunaDE)

    Assessment Center for the #Jobsuche: Elchte für Bewerber

  4. Karriere_Messe

    RT @SimoneJanson: Assessment Center for Job Search: Elchte für Bewerber

  5. Simone Janson (SimoneJanson)

    Assessment-Center for job search: Elchte für Bewerber

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