Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources: How to Use Recruiter Bots & Robots

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We are in the age of intelligent "bots". But how can HR managers use artificial intelligence and robots for themselves?

Artificial Human Resource Intelligence: How Recruiters Use Bots & Robots Artificial Human Resource Intelligence: How Recruiters Use Bots & Robots

Here writes for you: Joachim Skura is Thought Leader Human Capital Management at Oracle. Profile

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Artificial intelligence makes life easier for us

In their hit "Mr. Roboto "from 1983 sang Styx:" My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain IBM "In" Progressive Rock "the 1980er was still a vision, but more than 30 years later, the subject of artificial intelligence is more topical than ever.

At the time of Styx, however, most of the people on a robot with AI were from an android in the style of C3PO. However, the technological development has shown that robots do not necessarily have to have human traits or a shape at all to interact in a personal way.

The Age of Intelligent Bots

All the devices, from the speakers in our home (Echo of Amazon) to our cars (Autopilot of Tesla), have intelligent software programs that make life easier for us and allow us to concentrate on more important and interesting things. We are in the age of intelligent "bots".

We are part of a self-service generation that has grown up with Google. It is therefore a very natural development for us that our way of communicating also to other areas. HR managers should consider, for example, the use of chatbots for shared services.

This not only simplifies administrative processes and provides employees with relevant information quickly, but also relieves the HR teams, which can devote themselves to more strategic initiatives such as employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

How to use Recruiter Bots?

When I think about my time with a big bank in Germany, I realize that I had to spend a lot of my working time answering the same simple questions on the phone, instead of concentrating on more important tasks. The work would have been much more productive if the customers / candidates had received the required information quickly and easily from a chatbot on the website or in a mobile app.

The same is true for an HR manager who wants to have an overview of the performance and productivity of an employee or group: using a chatbot, such data can be queried quickly without the HR system being painstakingly searched or lengthy from any subfolder of a Subfolder must be fished. The change to bots represents a fundamental change in the interaction with software.

What do bots bring in management?

A major advantage of AI at the workplace is that software decides without prejudice. The asset manager Deep Knowledge Ventures from Hong Kong caused headlines a few years ago when it gave a rudimentary AI algorithm a place in their board to make investment decisions of an "independent" assessment and a huge amount of data that no human ever could analyze.

In strategic management as well as in operational recruiting - prejudices hinder innovation. I am firmly convinced that this problem can be solved by objectivity in the decision-making of a machine.

Overcome prejudice

Deep Knowledge Ventures provides a good example of one Companythat goes beyond prejudiced thinking when planning the future of the company and its employees. People believe that they can accurately judge other people or predict their actions - many studies prove the opposite.

However, some factors can not be considered by a computer. And that's just as well. "Social Fit" or "Creativity" can currently only be assessed by people. However, in the early stages of recruitment, Bots companies can help enable a large network to find qualified employees.

Change is good

The human brain is so poisoned that it tries to protect us from potential threats. So it is not surprising that many people are afraid of the much-bored job loss due to automation and robots.

Horrorszenarien but I think for greatly exaggerated. It is true that some traditional professions will be omitted. At the same time, new roles will also be created. Such a development already existed with the advent of PCs, when they suddenly suddenly accelerated many processes that were previously executed by people. There is almost no office activity today, which does not require the use of computers.

Progress through simplification

Progress at work ultimately means only an acceleration and simplification of the activities. Given this fact, HR managers should open up to the increasing influence of bots and consider how AI can be deployed in order to find and, above all, to keep more productive and committed employees.

So I would like to say again: "Arigato, Mr. Roboto!" - Thank you for freed us from the chores.

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