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Applying for 50: 8 Job Search Tips

At the moment, the job market offers the curious situation that many companies, especially in IT, complain about a shortage of skilled workers, but that many qualified older applicants can not find a job. How do you manage to get back into the job?

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Re-entry into the profession with 53

Of cases like these one hears again and again: Elizabeth is 53 years old. The computer scientist has taken a ten-year break for parenting. Now she wants to get back into the job.

So she has two difficulties to overcome: Being over 50 and then getting back into work with a gap in the CV. And now?

8 Tips for Applying 50 +

In fact, workers with 53 and more are far from outdated. I know an IT consultant who works with 70 for a large telecommunications company. So if you are looking for a job in the older generation, you should follow a few tips. An overview.

1. Social Networking: actively using contacts from 20-30 professional years

Anyone who already has 20 or 30 years of professional experience has been able to make a variety of professional contacts during this time. These contacts must now be remembered and actively taken up.

Social networks like Xing or LinkedIn offer countless opportunities to connect with people you've worked with before. Therefore, in the first step you should think about where actually the former boss, the then contact person at the customer or the study colleagues from the training is working today - and to send a nice contact request.

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2. Use your own experience as a competitive advantage

Anyone who, like Elisabeth, is looking for a new job as a returnee should specifically try their previous employers - of course only if the collaboration ended positively. Then the chances are good that the employer will remember you and maybe even an offer. Perhaps the employer will also finance further training that brings outdated knowledge up to date.

The reason: If you as an employer can look forward to a positive, common cooperation in the past, you will gladly fall back on tried and tested employees in the event of a potential staffing.

3. Network cuts gap in the CV

The strategy with the highest chance of success for applicants aged 50+ is and remains the route through contacts and networks. This applies even if the curriculum vitae - as in Elisabeth's example - contains long gaps ..

Older applicants should be much more aware of this competitive advantage. Here it is important for applicants to think, preferably together with an experienced consultant who can classify the relevance of experiences - and then highlight them accordingly.

4. Targeted self-marketing as a successor

Especially executives are statistically retiring later than the average. An 50-aged leader has 15 years and more creative time these days.

This holds many opportunities for the elderly, who in recent years were often considered to be impossible to find. For the 50+ applicants, it depends on the right strategy for self-marketing: Every applicant should ask themselves what criteria a company uses to select an employee and when Casting specifically address it.

5. Score with numbers, data, facts

First and foremost, these criteria include what a potential employee has previously achieved and achieved, what benefits he has given to previous employers and can bring to his own company. It is usually about concrete successes in the hard facts: reduced costs, increased sales, increased profits or other measurable benefits that serve these purposes.

Managers in their 50s in particular have a lot of successes and benefits to offer. It is important to present this in black and white, that is, to prove it, for example in a section “Contributions to business success” or a “Current account”.

6. Apply on the right job market

Another important criterion for the success of applying for the 50 yearlings is the processing of the right market. Approximately 80 percent of vacancies are filled without ever being publicly advertised, especially in leadership positions.

These "hidden jobs" are discovered through a professional speculative application - the so-called target group short application - and used for your own career. This speculative application should represent the manager's key strengths, experiences and, in particular, successes.

7. 50 + as enrichment for the team

But even with a normal application in the open job market, the prospects have become much better. The input from older employees is often considered to be extremely valuable and profitable, especially in the field of staff development of younger colleagues.

Therefore, there are many criteria for the fit of personal skills and required skills with the requirement profile of a job, which are independent of the age of the candidate.

8. Willingness to show lifelong learning

In spite of all these opportunities, the applicant must also critically reflect his own profile of the applicant via 50. Once learned is learned - this sentence has not been valid for a long time. Today, lifelong learning is the order of the day.

A plus for those employees who are ready for it. Older employees assume more responsibility for ongoing qualification and training throughout their working lives in order to maintain their ability to work and increase their ability to work. Even companies recognize the relevance of permanent development and promote it more.

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7 responses to "Applying over 50: 8 tips for finding a job"

  1. Ray says:

    I believe that you have problems from 40, if only because employers are well aware that someone who has already worked for many years will take his new job less seriously because of his experience. What has already brought him his previous commitment? Is the job really everything in life? Is the salary really enough? Young applicants still take their job seriously and believe in sitting on the most important thing in the world. And to promote the career, one likes to give up money and time. That's why many older people only find their way into self-employment.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Ray, an interesting statement - and an honest point of view. Thank you!

  2. View Profile says:

    #Blogpost Applying for 50: Score points with work experience!

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    #Blogpost Applying for 50: Score points with work experience!

  4. Holger Froese says:

    Applying for 50: Score points with work experience! #Canditature

  5. Simone Janson says:

    #Blogpost Applying for 50: Score points with work experience!

  6. Liane Wolffgang says:

    Apply over 50: Score with professional experience !: Monika Garmisch is 53 years old. The computer scientist has a ze ...

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