Application and career in public service: 5 job opportunities at state and municipal level

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The public service offers a variety of job opportunities and career opportunities - you just have to know them. We show 5 job opportunities, how to look at state or municipal institutions apply can.

Application and career in public service: 5 job opportunities at state and municipal level

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Mario Hahn is a freelance editor.


4,7 Millions of employees in the public sector

“Friday from 1 everyone does his thing” - this phrase is often used when it comes to authorities, offices and ministries. The German official mold is generally considered to be in love with the paragraph and somewhat sluggish. It falls under the table how deeply the public service is actually rooted in everyday life.

Officials on public authorities are just one facet of the OeD - as the public service likes to be abbreviated. Example garbage collection or Kita: Both areas are sections of the civil service. And neither the garbage workers nor day care educators have jobs that everyone would like to do. Surprisingly, the number of employees in state and especially municipal institutions.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, just under 2016 million people were employed in the public sector in 4,7. Taking into account the total number of employees in Germany, this corresponds - at least when looking at the data from the Federal Employment Agency - to a share of more than ten percent.

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Career as official mold? 5 professional groups in public service

What career opportunities does the public sector offer today? Even if the status of civil servant is very often considered first, it does not necessarily have to be a “desk job”. Finally fall in the broadest Sense also professional soldiers and temporary soldiers in the field of public service.

1. Officers in public offices - the cliché of the civil service

In the case of public service, it is primarily the case of the clerk, who sits in the office from 8 clock to 15: 30 clock - with coffee and long lunch break. This picture is a stereotype, which still remains in the population. Does this correspond to the reality of the work in the public service? In practice, the concept of the clerk is only part of the truth. Background: The definition is a person who is working on a specific task area. In the public service, for example:

  • In the personnel administration the processing of a branch office
  • the allocation and administration of day-care centers
  • the management of real estate (real estate)
  • the allocation of funding

be. The concept of an employee intentionally leaves open the content of the activity. The latter is outlined in the job description. The task is defined here, which an administrator has to carry out later. Attention: The term "clerk" is not an independent profession, but rather describes the function. In order to be able to be employed as an appointee, special aptitudes must be present which, for example:

  • Accountant
  • Office clerks
  • Verwaltungsfachangestellte

develop within the framework of the actual vocational training. As a rule, clerks only assume responsibility for personnel in exceptional cases - that is, they manage a team in the public sector. The latter functions in the public service are more likely to take over department heads or unit heads and speakers.

2. Academic professions: architects, lawyers and engineers

Civil servants are very often administrative employees or financial experts, who are specially trained for later activities in tax authorities / government departments and ministries. The special feature of the training is the strong focus on the area of ​​public law and tax law. But: The public service must fulfill a wide range of different tasks.

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Typical academic professions in the public sector

The fact that lawyers in the public sector are in good hands is obvious. Laws have to be prepared in ministries and legal questions - for example in the salary or grouping of civil servants - are judged legally. What do architects or engineers do in the public sector? Example Property management: The federal government and the Länder own real estate - ie buildings and land.

These include, for example:

  • Building of public administration
  • Schools and colleges
  • Museums etc.

These properties must be managed, maintained and possibly utilized, for example in the case of a fiscal union. Tasks for which it needs specialists from the relevant fields. And public administration is also increasingly dependent on the use of IT and digitization. At this point, computer scientists are in demand.

Career opportunities for academics

In companies, hard work and know-how pave the way up the career ladder. The clocks tick differently in public service. Aspects such as length of service or the degree and the areas of work also decide here.

For example, positions in higher service can usually only be filled out if an academic qualification is proven. If you are an academic with the idea of ​​entering the public service, you must be aware that in individual cases the degree - whether university or from a university of applied sciences - does not automatically entitle you to the higher service.

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3. Education and training

Not only the administration belongs to the public service - even if it fulfills a considerable part of the ODI in the perception. The education and training departments have been one of the areas of interest in recent years. The latter is primarily aimed at the care of preschool children. Both of these are areas which are subordinate to the countries. Due to this fact, the basic conditions for educators differ considerably from country to country.

This concerns not only the fact that some federal states - such as Saxony - have relied heavily on lateral entrants as a means of countering the shortage of teachers for some years now. The care keys and the equipment of the facilities are also very different.

On the basis of these points, this area can only be delimited very vaguely. In kindergartens, for example, educators (who have been trained in special technical schools or academies and vocational schools) and children's educators with academic degrees. Both are public service workers. Public servants are also teachers in public schools (teachers at private institutions are normal workers) and the staff of the universities.

4. Craft trades in the public sector

Frequently first not associated with the public service craft trades. At the same time, these occupational imagery are just in demand outside the public administration. Any property obtained from:

  • Bund
  • country
  • The municipality

is maintained in its state. The public administration has two options. Either the tenders entrust third parties with these tasks or take over these areas themselves.

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A second example would be the road and highway authorities. These are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the traffic safety obligation - which entails a wide range of different tasks. And the building yards of the municipalities should not be forgotten either. In addition to engineers in the building yard administration, trades / building professions are required here in order to be able to carry out the tasks properly.

A special feature in this context are the existing buildings in some cities. They are usually part of the property administration - for example the Zwingerbauhütte of the Saxon capital Dresden. Here, restorers, stonemasons and sculptors are in demand, whose main tasks are usually maintenance and monument preservation.

5. Police and Bundeswehr

In the widest sense, there are also groups of persons such as:

  • Richter
  • Police officers
  • Members of the Bundeswehr

to the public service. The latter often take on very specific tasks during the service period - for example, within the framework of the supply of troops (logistics), IT or the personnel system.

In order to be able to train its own specialists, the Bundeswehr maintains, for example, its own universities. Of course, prospective trainees with completed vocational training can also enter the team service - which has an impact on the level of recruitment and thus also on salary.

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Conclusion: The public service does not only consist of clerks

The view from the outside on the public service focuses fast on authorities and offices. This usually puts the clerk or head of unit in the center. From the standpoint of job profiles and variety, however, the public service has much more to offer. In demand are academics who can be used in the technical field.

There is also a demand for teachers and educators who take on an important task in the field of care and education - and face new challenges every day. The public service also employs physicians and computer scientists or graduates who come from the humanities - for instance in the federal and provincial archives. Last but not least, the public service is also dependent on craft trades. Without these, many tasks - for example in connection with the management of real estate or road construction and landscape management - would simply not be possible. This makes the public service a superior option for planning your own career.

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