With naughty application for a dream job - 10 Tips: Success as a social media freak?

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In the social media scene aroused one Casting Looking up, a young woman from Regensburg had sent to the blog manager of Daimler. The sensational thing about it: your application as a social media addict. The discussion: Are such cheeky applications successful - or rather not?

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb.


How is a naughty Casting?

“I'm addicted to social media… yes, I hereby officially confess. Nothing can sweeten my day more than the golden ringing of a new message on Facebook and a hoped-for retweet on one of my highly competent outpourings on Twitter. Yes, it is ... I receive repeated harassment charges for following people on the street. And worst of all: ... My friend now only speaks to me as @Schatzi ... Only the structured use of social media can help me now. I count on your support. "

This is the application that Natascha Müller sent to Daimler's blog manager, Uwe Knaus, for a social media internship. The first published the text on his private blog - and thus sparked a lively discussion about how candid applications can actually be.

Headache crazy and unusual?

The opinions were divided, crazy, unusual, but courageous, honest, and extraordinary were the adjectives with which Miiller's application was considered.

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Here are a few excerpts from the comments made on Twitter about the incident:

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Main thing to notice?

Daimler boss blogger Uwe Knaus himself was initially amused and shocked because he thought the cheeky text did not fit into a company like Daimler.

But then he realized: "At least one thing has reached her: I am dealing with your application for an unusually long time and intensely." In the end, hiring only failed due to the lack of a certificate of enrollment.

Points with bold applications

The case and the reactions show above all one thing: That one can score even in traditional companies with bold applications. That one with this kind of application attention is guaranteed. That sometimes, but not always, can lead to the desired success.

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Because he still does not depend solely on the bold application, but also on whether the factors behind it are right: Who does not bring the necessary qualifications, makes itself with such an application quickly ridiculous.

Apply via Twitter?

Twitter was originally intended as a platform to exchange private messages, so-called tweets, with other users in 140 characters. But companies and HR consultants have long since discovered Twitter for their concerns. Corporate Twittering, so to speak. Reason enough for jobseekers to search for jobs on Twitter. But how does it work and what do you have to consider?

Finding a job successfully in 140 signs - this seems almost unimaginable to many who have never studied Twitter: Because there are no opportunities to comprehensively present themselves and their competences because even the short biography can only be 140 characters long. And job searches can not be set separately, but only post as tweets, which carries the risk that they quickly sink in the mass of tweets. Nevertheless, for example, Sabrina Panknin, spokeswoman for the social media service provider Ethority, has found her dream job via Twitter.

How to find your dream job via social media

Panknin originally came from PR in the “classic” way and has been dealing with social media in general and Twitter in particular for some time. Therefore, she knew that more and more companies and thus also potential employers are using the potential of Twitter. "So it only seemed logical to use social media as part of my professional change," says Panknin.

Among other things, she began to tweet on the topic of PR and social media, posted a job application and noted in her short biography that she is looking for a job. That fell Dr. Benedikt Köhler, Digital Director Strategy and Research at ethority, said: "He contacted me via my XING profile linked on Twitter, I sent my application documents in the traditional way and was then invited to an interview - and got the job," reports Panknin about the outcome history.

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Job search engine for Twitter

In order to make it even easier for entrepreneurs and applicants to find and be found, Alexander Fedossov and Jan Kirchner from the Hamburg-based recruitment consultancy atenta have developed the real-time job search engine jobtweet.de. The core idea behind this is to make current job offers available in real time via a central contact point.

For this purpose, individual job offers and applications can be entered manually and free of charge. The search engine can then search the job searches and profiles of almost 20 million Twitter users.

Even large companies rely on social media

Even though most of Twitter's job vacancies so far come from the IT, media, advertising and PR sectors as well as from the technical field: Experts predict that Twitter will experience high growth rates in the future. Already today, large companies such as the mail order giant Otto or the Deutsche Bahn use Twitter for recruiting candidates.

Some companies even take unusual paths - such as alma mater, a recruitment agency and career counseling for academics: Johannes Lenz, who is responsible for online editorial and marketing, tweets here under the name of the company mascot AlmaMeise information about the job search and gives so charming insights into the work of the personnel consultation. In an extra account, followers will then find current job offers.

Twitter: More than just a practical tool

Because Twitter is much more than a practical tool for HR professionals: "With their involvement on Twitter, companies show that they are innovative in order to be of particular interest to well-trained specialists," explains Thorsten zur Jacobsmühlen, consultant for HR marketing strategies.

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Just like companies, applicants should always keep a close eye on their Twitter image. It is important to always view your activities from the perspective of a potential employer and to check them for your own reputation, as explained to Jacobsmühlen: “The most beautiful contact is of no use if you use your own account for trivialities or even corporate gossip . Something like that scares off all HR personnel.

There are differences depending on the industry

Therefore, the application via Twitter should not only be cheeky, but also active involvement should be recognized - otherwise, despite amusing factor quickly as a steam chatter. In addition, the success factor of such applications varies greatly by industry:

In banks and other conservative companies, they are probably an absolute no-go, in the media, at agencies and other creative industries, they may even be expected. And as you can see, with such a text you can even score in traditional companies - if you get the right department or the right contact person.

10 Tips: How to find a job via Twitter

Twitter is for many still unfamiliar terrain to the job search. We explain how they are successful.

  1. What do you want exactly? First, think about who you want to reach via Twitter and with which strategy you can build a worker brand.
  2. For whom is Twitter interesting? For creative and technical professions, Twitter offers more opportunities for less bankers.
  3. What do potential employers do on social media? Are companies that you would like to work on Twitter? Follow this and try to establish a contact.
  4. Use Twitter to gather information on the Internet: You can collect a lot of information about potential employers from Twitter, eg How open is the company, how do you deal with criticism, how do people think?
  5. Use Twitter to catch the eye in the expanses of the social web: People who only consume are not noticed. That's why you need to stay active all the time to get noticed: spread interesting information, link to your own blog posts, ask questions, engage in dialogue with companies.
  6. Authenticity is key - the golden mean is what matters: Twitter is about showing others who you are: So always be authentic and personal.
  7. Caution Image loss: Even when it comes to authenticity: Always look at your statements from the point of view of potential employers - corporate gossip or anger at the former boss have lost nothing on Twitter.
  8. Interesting people follow: Follow not only your desired company but interesting people and explore who they are following. So you might bump into potential employers you did not know existed.
  9. Use the short biography: Use the 140 characters in the short biography to note just about the most important thing about yourself and your job application, so that any old and new follower can read it.
  10. For more information, please visit this products webpage. This could be useful for other users.

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    In addition, it was an application for an internship and not for an employment in the upper management.
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