{Replica} Applicants Social Media and Data Protection: 6 Career Trends for Online Applications

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Applicants increasingly use social media and we have long since become accustomed to the lack of data protection. 6 career trends for social media at a glance.

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Important note: This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

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Svenja Hofert hopesSvenja Hofert author and managing director of Teamworks GTQ.


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1. Strong positions for applicants

Some applicants are so in demand that the positive response to speculative applications is already increasing. Ask at the same time Company strengthens who can recommend friends for new hires from their workforce.

The number of applications per tender drops and the opportunity of the individual increases. That automatically leads to higher salaries. Employees are jealous of newly hired specialists who have previously worked freelance and can easily enforce their claims.

2. Network Escape: You can not get me!

As the demand for applicants increases, so does the social networking trend. "You can't get me!" - This is what more and more Xing members are thinking, who are in good hands with their jobs and are tired of being recruited all the time or receiving contact requests from people who have long exceeded the 5.000 contact limit.

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The modern job seeker prefers to go to the more international LinkedIn.com, where collecting contacts in the Xing-collecting manner is unusual. Those who don't need a job at all, but want to maintain vitamin B above all else, migrate to Facebook - interests can be shared much better. And we have all got used to the fact that our data is insecure anyway!

3. Jobs chirped

The online job markets are melting away - instead, companies are increasingly relying on recruiting via Twitter. The companies already know why they rely on Twitter: Those who are active here are better informed and know what is coming tomorrow.

Twitterers are more open - and open-minded people need the companies of the future if they want to stay competitive. Too bad that the odds of Twitter account holders with 8,7% is still relatively low (eCircle study) and many of the new, exciting job offers thus go nowhere.

4. Faster and more special

The trend can no longer be reversed, but has still not reached people's minds: Professions in the tertiary sector are dying and no longer recovering from their precarious wage levels. Simple services, even in earlier academic areas such as support, system administration, some consulting and programming (not development!) Are disappearing from the (German) market. Employees and self-employed have to reposition themselves and switch to the Quaternary sector, where knowledge and creation are in the foreground - something that no computer program can replace.

Head and creative services are becoming more important, but implementation is getting cheaper. Example: While layouts were previously required by designers who have mastered certain programs, layout can be done by almost everyone, thanks to the simplification of programs. Organization and coordination are also increasingly in demand - the number of project management offices is therefore continuing to grow. As efficiency becomes more important, it is here that method knowledge is awarded to points, best certification.

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5. New job profiles

In the course of these trends, new jobs are also emerging, e.g. Twitter coaches and social media managers. A concise comparison shows: Almost 28.000 job offers out of 1,2 million at Kimeta.de are now aimed at experts in social media, and only around 2.000 at system administrators.

At the same time, the requirements are changing not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of marketing, personnel and sales, heavily influenced by the Internet and opportunities offered by neuromarketing, for example.

6. Please bind yourself!

As workers swarm out to find better jobs, companies try to retain and retain their employees. In doing so, they are forced to think more about motivation - which in many companies practically falls by the wayside.

The car, long-time lure number 1, disappears into outmoded service regulations. Iphone and UMTS card offer for a long time no motivation kick more. There is only one thing left to do: Employers have to offer more flexibility in working time and place design - and exciting tasks.

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