Applicants vs. Companies in mismatching: 12 tips for applications that arrive!

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Applicants look for jobs, Company are looking for good employees. It could be that simple, but unfortunately it is often not. One reason: it is simply often communicated incorrectly. 12 tips on how to do it better.

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Expert deficit is controversial

Not just our ARD report ”The fairy tale of skilled labor”Has shown that the often propagated high demand for skilled workers is controversial. For years before the show, readers were right to ask: "How can it be that companies constantly complain about an alleged lack of skilled workers, but many well-trained people simply cannot find a job?"

The answer: In reality, the problems are often somewhere else: Companies that complain about a lack of qualified applicants often have to touch their own noses first, because often these employers think in strictly hierarchical structures and offer unattractive jobs in remote locations.

Wanted: The perfect employee

In return, however, it is precisely these companies that are looking for the “perfect” employee who already has 110 percent of the required specialist knowledge, because they do not want to invest in the training and further education of their employees - the fear that the employees will be able to do this with the most painstakingly imparted specialist knowledge immediately hiring from the competition is too deep in their bones.

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Finally, they communicate these semitic ideas in spongy, barely understandable job advertisements, in which team-capable, but please assertive strong candidates are sought, but thanks to the such bullshit bingos are not found. For who is already touched by it? Of course, there are other examples - but they usually do not complain about professional defenses, but are actively doing something about it.

The applicants are also to blame

But I do not just want to employ employer bashing here: the job seekers are not completely innocent of their misery - especially if they lack the necessary experience. I also occasionally experience the inquiries of young university graduates, quite fresh on the labor market, but full of flying ideals head, how it should run in business and how to do it differently; at the same time, from such a viciousness that even I as a rather creative type can understand employers who do not want to adjust them.

However, anyone who thinks that things have to be done differently in a company is quickly frustrated by the reality on the job market, because some nonsensical routine and structure already have their justification. However, what is often lacking is an awareness of pragmatically presenting themselves to potential employers as problem solvers. For exactly this reason, people are hired - but many job seekers in my opinion too rarely clear.

Applicants: How far can you get with frustration?

One of our readers, for example, expressed his ironic displeasure at his hitherto unsuccessful job search as a graduate industrial engineer (manufacturing technology, university of applied sciences) and gave his displeasure free rein.

“With great reports about the alleged engineering emergency, I was promised the blue of the sky. After four years of hard study and three years of “transitional unemployment”, I have to admit that the few warning voices about the shortage of skilled workers greatly understate the situation. As a qualified industrial engineer (production engineering, FH) I have no chance of being hired even with these exploiters! So when I look at the relevant reports today, I feel like ... "

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Please improve the communication

Even if the comment seems a bit frustrated, which is understandable, the applicant shows that he is seriously willing to change something about his situation. However, he is simply not given the opportunity to do so.

What can help here: Communication between applicants and employers urgently needs to be improved. Companies need a basic understanding of what increases their attractiveness in the eyes of qualified specialists. Conversely, applicants would do a little more empathy when empathizing with their bosses' fears and needs.

Better creative than frustrated

Applicants, on the other hand, would do well to convince with ingenuity and qualifications instead of frustration. By the way, our reader did a coaching afterwards and actually found a job. This shows how important the right presentation is.

And the first step should be one thing: noticeable. One must be conspicuous Casting so that it stands out from the crowd of competitors and interests potential employers at all. But it should not attract negative attention, for example due to formal errors or being too private. A tightrope walk that requires ingenuity, courage but also sensitivity.

Assess target person correctly

The recipe for success for a good application is therefore: First of all, get detailed information about the target person and target company - with social media you have an excellent tool for this. And then hit the right note. In this way you can at least assess whether a creative application will arrive in the respective company - or whether the environment is too conservative. For example in the case of a manager in a DAX30 company who received an extremely creative application - and describes his reaction:

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I wasn't really "shocked". On the contrary: I laughed tears first. Then I thought about what might be behind it; Fake application or serious. In retrospect, I have to admit that such an application appeals to me more than standard formulations such as "I am confident that my skills and experience can prove to be a benefit for Soundso AG".

Innovative, communicative applications: 12 tips for copying

But how do you create a corresponding application that not only catches the eye but also significantly improves communication? 12 tips that should be observed.

  • Industry and contact person: Industry and contact person have to be right. Naughty is in creative areas - in the conservative environment, traditional applications are more appropriate.
  • To gather information: So that you do not fall into the fat bowl, you should first gather as much information about the company and the contact person as possible.
  • Formal Correct: Creative or not: The application should contain no spelling mistakes, the salutation should be correct.
  • The sound makes the music: Stay in the language formally correct: Avoid confidences or colloquial language, which is not creative but intrusive!
  • Creative packaging: Many applications are sorted out right away: make sure that the application also looks positively out of the ordinary.
  • Shock effects: A first shock effect - such as the initially negative association with a dependent - may be. Prerequisite: it must fit the industry!
  • Witticism wins: Creative is above all amusing - a person who laughs tears is already a good start!
  • Show commitment: Show self-confidence and commitment - nobody wants a creative application that ends with “I hope for your support”.
  • Private remains private: They can be creative, even provocative: their private life is not part of the application.
  • No sex please! Sex sells - but not in applications! Erotic allusions can be really embarrassing!

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