Apple iPad in the Productivity Test: Consuming or Producing?

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In fact, I've read in numerous blogs again and again that the iPad is well suited to look eg in bed or so films and a little to surf, but is not yet a useful work tool. And that the iPad is just as a consumer device, but not a device for producers, what Apple would be quite so wanted. But there are other opinions.

Apple iPad in the Productivity Test: Consuming or Producing? ipad

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Passengers should only consume


For example, Andreas Göldi, who writes on "Right from the start, Apple signals with the availability of the iWork suite known from the Mac that you want the iPad to be understood as a serious working device."

Yes, what is it? For the needs of an airline like airBaltic, which allowed me as a sponsor to test the device during the flight, the idea of ​​iPad as a pure consumer device is downright ideal:

Since the fall of 2010, airBaltic has been the first airline company in Europe to unload the passengers during the flight. In the businiess class for free, in economy class with 9 Euro surcharge. Headphones cost again here extra.

Unfortunately without internet


But you need the latter, otherwise you can hardly do anything with the devices. Unfortunately, unlike Lufthansa or various American airlines, airBaltic does not even offer the right internet connection.

That's why you can not even check blogging, Twittering or webmail on the loan devices - which was actually in the sense of the inventor. Anyway, the Internet would, if it were the case, probably not cheap: more than 10 Euro Lufthansa wants for it - per hour. A price that I would rather do without!

Apple iPad in the Productivity Test: Consuming or Producing? occupations pictures

Texts can not be taken


But without the Internet, the iPad actually becomes a mere consumer device: I can watch pre-installed films or listen to music. Although it would be theoretically possible to make notes on the go or eMails to write.

Since the iPad does not have either USB or SD card connection, there is no Internet access afterwards, there is no way to get the written texts down. Also not after the landing, because the airline simply has not provided an internet connection.

Filehandling a mean disaster


But also with the Internet would be the iPad rather difficult. Andreas Göldi writes on "Filehandling is a medium disaster in general. You would like to use the iPad as a mobile editing station on the go. Only one is spoiled by the fact that you have to laboriously manually play iTunes on the Mac or PC on the tablet device and then pull down again. It's quicker if you mail yourself the files yourself, but that's not exactly elegant. "

The customer sorrow, the supplier Freud


From the customer side, the big drawback of the iPad is unlike some Android tablets. From the airline's perspective, however, this is probably the big advantage: Any kind of data exchange is a certain safety risk for the device.

Upon request, airBaltic declares: "At the moment we present iPad as entertainment tool, watch latest movies, cartoons and play video games, this is not possible to upload or download information from the third party , "

Newspaper read offline as a business model for publishers?


After all, it should be possible in future to read on the iPad newspapers. airBaltic is already in negotiations with various publishers - but we do not want to say more precisely: "We have discussed different possibilities with publishing houses and we are planning to come up with new offers to our clients."

Videos, music and in the future newspapers will be downloaded manually before the flight starts. I think that's pretty complicated, especially with hourly newspapers. This reveals a comprehensive problem of iPad and co: How to make content that is otherwise only available online, also available offline - eg for reading on the go.

This is a market gap and a business idea! Or do we rather wait until we can really be online everywhere?

Apple iPad in the Productivity Test: Consuming or Producing? ipad

Depending on the angle


In any case, the tip success is very much dependent on the angle at which the iPad stands on the table. There are practical bags for this. My test model did not have such a bag unfortunately, which is why I had big problems to make the ideal writing angle at all.

It is possible that the appropriate problems can be solved with a little practice, an alternative keyboard or just the right angle. And not for nothing, there are also keyboards for the iPad. Or maybe a very good working input helps. In the first attempt, the keyboard with me however durchgefallen. As netbook replacement so simply not to use.

Other opinions


Johny Häusler and Andreas Göldi also write a similar story. Häulser, for example, thinks that tapping on the iPad is possible, but not fun. One of his commentators said it was an advantage not to master the 10 finger system.

And Göldi comes after prolonged use to the conclusion: "Typing is relatively fast, but you can forget the ten-finger system. With two fingers and a look you can get a good speed with a bit of practice. "

iPad as a notepad?


Yes and now? After all, Thomas reports on how the iPad with him thanks to stylus notebook replacement. This is actually one of the few applications I still do with pencil and dead wood, which gets pretty chaotic at the end.

But whether I could write with the iPad my interviews could be in the hustle and bustle and not be afraid to lose all the notes afterwards? I have so my doubts! Perhaps the stylus is a useful keyboard replacement?

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