Apple iPad in the productivity test: the iPad as a working device

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Thanks to my sponsor airBaltic, I was able to test an Apple iPad of the first generation. Under special conditions: In the airplane. airBaltic provides the equipment to its customers during the flight. I am particularly interested in the following: Is the iPad usable as a working device? And can you use it during a flight, so offline, at least meaningfully?

Apple iPad in Productivity Test: The iPad as a working device ipad

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iPad as a netbook replacement?


For some time I think about whether a tablet PC compared to a netbook is not the more efficient work tool. Too hard is still my 1250 gram heavy netbook, too far away is me while surfing and just when blogging the netbook for a small 10 inch screen. The report is here!

However, my personal requirement for the mobile device is: either iPad or netbook, or laptop. Because even if certainly fields of application for the iPad as a supplement to the notebook offer, for example, in workshops such as the career Bible describes, I find the idea of ​​a good 500 Euro expensive accessory simply absurd.

Just more stress!


Then, as Johnny Häusler so aptly portrays, you're going to be doing something like this: you're dragging two equipment through the area instead of one. For example, blogging on the iPad is anything but prakitkabel. Unfortunately I could not try it, but a detailed explanation is on Spreeblick.

So I was interested in the question: Can I work efficiently with the iPad? The short answer is yes. The longer answer follows immediately.

Better than a netbook?


Basically, I find the iPad handy and better to use than my netbook. Although this runs under Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity, which comes with itself revealing taskliste. However, Ubuntu is still an operating system that is geared towards large screens and resource-consuming PCs - and this is also noticeable in use.

If, for example, I want to read a text on the Internet, the font on the netbook display is usually too small. Although you can zoom the view, but with touchpad and matte buttons is rather impractical - compared to the possibility of drawing the tablet on a tablet with just two fingers to the right size.

Apple iPad in Productivity Test: The iPad as a working device ipad

The best mobile operating system?


By the way: If you now think that the netbook runs with Linux instead of Windows 7, is skewed: With Windows 7, the device is even more unhandler! For 10Zoll screens I consider mobile systems like Android or the iPad and a touch screen for now indispensable.

But there are also problems, as Andreas Göldi on in detail describes: For example, that many apps are still unripe. So the iWork suite is missing footnotes, tracked and table of contents. And as Thomas in a newer article on the iPad 2 executes, it will probably synonymous with Photoshop on the iPad in the foreseeable future nothing.

Ideal: Zwitter between netbook and iPad


Both articles clearly show that the usability of a device stands or falls with its software. For example, Andras Göldi writes: "The apps of the first hour all seem a bit fresh, not to say: knitted with the hot needle."

Therefore, it is no wonder that the handling and writing on the device have their pitfalls. Unfortunately I was only able to test the device under restricted conditions, namely without internet. But statements about the handling are possible!

The performance


You have to admit: Stylish is the device already. The back and forth with the fingers just has something - you feel a bit like Star Trek or Jamens Bond. I also attribute this feeling to part of my success.

For me, there is another, much more decisive advantage: the device weighs only 680 grams, is narrower than any netbook with 1,34 cm and easier to transport. Denau exactly the weight is the reason why I often do not have my netbook with me then.

Of course, self-talking is also battery consumption in the usual frame. Watching a video film, for example, reduces the battery by a good third. One must however say that I have tested the device without Internetanbindung, which reduces the accumulator in accordance with experience many times.

Functional taskliste, few possibilities for adjustment


Practically, the iPad has a taskliste with the one at the bottom of the screen the last opened programs can display. For me an important feature, because I often between different programs back and forth - which on the phone already painfully missed.

What disturbs me, are the very clear setting possibilities. They are, of course, meant to be able to get going without knowing each other. I as a Linux user, however, wish me some opportunities to play around. Apple iPad in Productivity Test: The iPad as a working device ipad

Turnkey keyboard


The hub for any mobile device is and will remain for me, however, the keyboard: And a netbook or tablet must always function as a mobile typewriter. The 10 finger-writing system works rather badly in the first attempt.

Above all, the empty key is rather hard to hit, which leads to constant typing errors. Another tricky point is the lack of umlauts on the German keyboard. They can only be reached by pressing the corresponding vowels longer.

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